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For the first time, Razer is relying on anime girl mascots to sell products. Here’s why.

October 1, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee

Razer introduces Razer Adaro Girls, mascots for its Adaro headphone line. We explore how anime girl mascots have helped brands in Japan.Read More

This Cambodian mobile game shows how having local culture in a game can work

October 1, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee

Sok & Sao’s Adventure is about two heroes fighting dengue fever. More than that, it’s also a showcase of how local culture can be used in a game.Read More

17 famous games you didn’t know were made (or partially made) in Singapore (UPDATED!)

October 1, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee | 2 Comments

Did you know Assassin’s Creed games were developed in Singapore? How about Autumn Dynasty, or Pixel People? Find out which famous games have been developed in Singapore.Read More

AFOLI’s The Maze Runner is showing the world how to solve puzzles

September 30, 2014 | Hieu Le Dang | 4 Comments

This game is not about The Maze Runner movie; it’s actually a game for hardcore puzzle fans. If you’re looking for a happy marriage between RPGs and puzzles, this game is for you. Read More

A deeper look at Southeast Asia’s only two unicorns: VNG and Garena

September 30, 2014 | Anh-Minh Do | 2 Comments

VNG and Garena represent the two biggest tech companies out of Southeast Asia. Read More

Your local culture is awesome, but it doesn’t need to be in every game.

September 30, 2014 | J. Sexton | One Comment

Governments have a lot of tools at their disposal to help game developers, but the shoehorn shouldn’t be one of them. Read More

Cherry Credits adds second mobile game to portfolio: Coin Hunter

September 30, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee | One Comment

Did you know Cherry Credits has published its second mobile game? It’s a free-to-play puzzle game called Coin Hunter. Read More

New 3DS hands-on impressions, and what the console means for Nintendo

September 30, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee

New Nintendo 3DS impressions from a hands-on at Tokyo Game Show 2014, plus what we think it means for Nintendo.Read More

Games in Asia is growing up

September 30, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee | 2 Comments

We are changing our direction to better serve the Asian gaming ecosystem, and to be the best source of news for Asian gaming.Read More

How AMD plans to make PC gaming big in India

September 29, 2014 | Rishi Alwani

Ever wondered how the PC gaming market in India is shaping up? We speak to AMD to find out.Read More

Immunition: Game of Cells review: Battleship with a biological twist

September 29, 2014 | Xairylle

What would happen if microrganisms in the human body were pitted against each other in a battle of strategy? Immunition: Game of Cells, that’s what.

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Playstation Home is getting shut down. What does this mean for Asia?

September 29, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee | 2 Comments

The Playstation Home service comes to an end after six years. Do you think this affects Asia at all? Read More

Kungfu Math is challenging Singapore’s boring e-learning landscape

September 27, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee | 2 Comments

Education portal Kungfu Math by Kungfu Interactive is challenging students in Singapore. Find out how it got started doing so.Read More

Card-based board game Dicetiny wants to be Hearthstone for Dungeons & Dragons fans

September 26, 2014 | Mary-Anne Lee | One Comment

Former Archeblade developers are moving on from the fighting game with Dicetiny, a card-based roleplaying board game.Read More

What’s missing from China’s Xbox One launch titles?

September 26, 2014 | C. Custer

A pretty major and popular game genre is missing from China’s Xbox One launch titles. Can you guess which one, and why?Read More

Bayonetta 2 slices into 3rd place on the Japanese sales charts

September 25, 2014 | J. Sexton

One of the last third party exclusives for the Wii U, Bayonetta 2 saw a modestly successful debut in Japan one month ahead of its worldwide release.
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One Vietnamese gamer has brought Hearthstone to Android

September 25, 2014 | Hieu Le Dang | 12 Comments

Vietnamese gamer Khanh Hoang Tran has successfully ported Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone card game to Android.Read More

5 reasons why Sony had the best “booth babes” at TGS

September 25, 2014 | Iain Garner | 7 Comments

Sony’s TGS booth was a massive success, found out how their “booth babes” were the key to that success.Read More