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11-year-old killed over Dota, 16-year-old suspect detained

11-year-old killed over Dota, 16-year-old suspect detained

| February 28, 2014

No matter how angry you are, it’s never right to get violent with other people over a game, let alone take a life.

However, that’s not what happened a few days ago in Malolos, Bulacan in the Philippines when a 16-year-old young man killed an 11-year-old boy.

A report by ABS-CBN News states that the police believe the cause to be related to the hacking of an “online Dota account”. The victim was last seen with the suspect around noon last Sunday, February 23. The suspect initially denied seeing the boy, but his heavily blood-stained shorts and drops of blood leading to his house are currently strong evidence against him.

If game hacking is indeed the cause of the murder, then the game in question could actually be Dota 2. Unlike items in MMORPGs, in-game items in Dota 2 don’t really give a player any advantage aside from looking good. However, some people make money out of selling the rarer items for real money. This is not the first time we’ve heard of game collectibles resulting in violence and murder, but no matter how much the value stolen or lost, it is still not enough reason to take another’s life.

The murder took place in a construction site behind the victim’s house, where he was found with 40 stab wounds on his body. A murder case has already been filed, and because the suspect is still a minor, he will be put under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

We’ve attempted to contact the the Malolos police department for comment but thus far have been unable to reach them.

(Source: ABS-CBN News)

UPDATE 28-02-14: This article has been updated to change the title to better reflect the situation

  • Joshua Clint Amodia

    For hacking account. Fcked

  • Junel Monternel

    for hacking steam :D

  • James Infinity


  • Souheil Monem


  • Richard M Mabbayad

    no have aegis :(

  • Lars Alexandersson

    It was a good bloody game.

  • Trường Hoàng

    Trần Quang Nghĩa

  • Chrisly Guadayo

    First Blood

  • D.j. Silva

    Just a Dota team game here in the philippines

  • Miyumi Much


  • Cyreene Jazreel Julpa

    Those undisciplined gamers are the people that gave DOTA or any computer games a bad impression to other non-gamers that is why most of the players or all of the players are being criticized and degraded.

  • Alvin Mel Flores

    the fuck this Games in Asia, it may be conscientious to post this, but it does more harm to us than good, please take it down.

    • axelq123

      FYI this game is an e sport so it is in entertaining buisness not only for the payer but also for the one watching it many people played this game competetively for the INTERNATIONAL winning price 1.000.000 dollars or more 2nd 750.000 and so on. it means its impossible to take down this game as a ton of people will lose their jobs for this and many people wasted their money on buying this so please if u havent played it or feel the competetive gaming dont post anything. another information. that game is played world wide not only asia and the noob groups in asia are freaking pinoys aka philipines so if u play this the pinoys here will cause trouble so these people who play from pino only ruined peoples reputations

      • Mrhibye

        I believe he’s saying to take the post down not the game, I could be wrong.

        • Tonttuvain

          Dumb… he obviously means that Asia should be taken down…

  • Abes Diven P. Dmzn

    so sad

  • Jimmy Pepito

    kawawa naman

  • Sasan Kord Rostami

    Some trolls need to die , Gj XD

  • Mark Anthony Calilung David

    Mabuti nalang hinde ako marunong mag dota.

  • John Marco Aguilera

    Pls remove trading from Steam pls

  • Francis Briones

    Tanong ko lang?
    -Ano ang natutunan mo sa DOTA kay sa mag-aral?
    -Bakit kailangan mo patayin ng isang bata dahil lang sa isang laro?
    -Mananalo ka na ba ng 1million kung ikaw ng MVP sa DOTA.
    -11 taong gulang na bata patayin ng 16 taong menor de edad ang bakla na naman!
    -Diba gaming is for fun not murder?
    -Diba mag-aral ka dapat kaysa laro ng laro sa DOTA?
    -Wala kang natutunan sa DOTA kundi PATAYAN LANG!
    -Diba dapat ka maging moral character sa isang bata dahil 5 taong kang mas-magulang?
    -Pintay mo ng 11 anyos na bata dahil talo ka? Special yung bata kasi skilled siya kaysa sa iyo!
    -Bakit ginawa mo yung FIRST BLOOD sa bata?


  • Evhony Cuago


  • Jayson Santos

    ahh un pala dahilan kaya pinatay un! gago un nangungupahan lng un mga un, para acount lng pala sa dota 2 puta buti kung i kayayaman nya un! condolence sa family ni mj, sabi nila d naman nakulong un suspect eh, 40 na saksak, inuntog ang ulo sa pader, at binalian ng braso, nakaka awa talaga sinapit nya!

  • Hei Farhan

    This is what we called,killing spreeeeeeeeeee…..

  • Cleon Wong

    Less scrubs online, is k.

  • Emjay Segita

    Mag aral nag naman ang tamang Gawin! Sa daming nag a aral at nakaka graduate ayun nakatambay lahat, San tatambay as comp shop! Khit Maganda tinapos mo as pag aaral as daming Tao nakakatapos at walang trabaho nag aantay Ngaun mappaisip Ka Bakit Ka pa mag aaral, pahihirapan mo LNG magulang mo sa pag babanat ng buto, tapos wala naman manyayari, mas ok pa mag hanap buhay Kana Habang bata Ka palang ng sa ganun may maipon Ka at May maipamana sa magiging anak mo balang araw

  • Bhoz Aron Reyes

    malas dota d na nga ako dodota

  • Joshua Rolan

    aw don’t blame DOTA for that !! :/ it’s not DOTA it’s the hatred of being fucked off.

  • JM Pon

    Heroes of Newerth na kasi kayo…

    • axelq123

      HON sucks

  • Giovanni Calaycay

  • Evan Nathaniel M. Natividad

    because he’s a noob XD

  • Mikko Genato

    Justin Joyas ilang taon ka na?

  • Jestley Estipona

    I’ll stop trashtalking starting from now :3

  • Donato Esparas Queyquep

    Joshua Rolan You are right, Some if not all of those who knew this incident might be blaming DOTA, and to those guys specially Parents, FUCK OFF DotA is a Game alone, do not blame it over a Kids death, blame the addicted Bastard who can’t even handle himself. I fear that the Government might ban DotA/ DotA 2 here in Philippines, I Hope not.

    • axelq123

      IKR its not dota its mainly to steam and pinoys and its good if dota is banned from pinoys they do nothing good to SEA servers and keep ruining all our reputation pls people understand the situation

  • Wawie Noor

    GG EH

  • Vince Lumontad

    They must treated it like Sword Art Online!

  • Sylvester Lao


  • Khel Zacarias

    it is in philippines.

  • Domar Aguirre Carlum


  • Roieder Rivera

    Jessie Encabo dota pa

  • Emmanueluzumakihokage Baguio

    thats true the 16 yearold boy just kill the 11 years old boy because the 11 years old boy hack the acc of the 16 yearold boy

  • Rommel Quinque

    sad life

  • MugiWara D. PiraTes

    Dominic Tabuco naa jud

  • Loyd Vincent Parba


  • LordJhon

    pinoy dota

  • Jessie Encabo

    Roieder Rivera : d pd guro na tnan ui :p

  • Ralph Corpuz

    they say dota 2 will be banned

    • axelq123

      dota 2 banned itself means that all the pro teams : navi alliance,dk,orange,roxkis,and other teams that plays competetive dota 2 as their jobs will have no more income so its a real recognisable job: gaming and its not as easy as u look for those who still dont understand its like soccer many people play it casually and some competetivly and earn money in soccer brazillians rule but in dota sadly they suck

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  • http://asdasdasda DotAoAko

    First Blood! Too bad no buybacks in real life. GGWP

  • Gouldney

    I do this all the time Kappa


      tu tio :^)

  • @Eerx

    GG WP. less nabs makes community better

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