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4 things to remember when trying a new MOBA game

4 things to remember when trying a new MOBA game

| August 11, 2014

The MOBA craze is on. Not just for players, but also for developers, and so we’re seeing a lot of new MOBA games coming out both for PC and mobile. If you’re a MOBA fan who’s feeling adventurous and would like to try out a new title, then that’s great. Whether you’re trying League of Legends (LoL) from Dota 2, or venturing into something newer like Strife or Heroes of the Storm, here are a few things to remember before stepping into that new realm. Keep in mind, however, that this list is for people who are actually open to the possibility of enjoying other MOBA games aside from the one they’re used to. If you’re not that kind of person, you’re probably reading the wrong list.

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1. Stop trying to find your preferred MOBA in it

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Once you step into a new game, I understand that you’re initially armed with the experience you’ve had from previous MOBA games. Your preferred title will somewhat influence what you think of the game because it is, after all, the benchmark of what you enjoy. However, to dismiss a game as bad just because “It’s not LoL” or “It’s not Dota 2” is not only unfair, but also closed-minded. One thing people have to understand when trying out a new MOBA (or basically any new game), is that when most developers make new games, they try to be different. The game can be based on an existing title, but it has to be different in its own sense or it’s going to be nothing but a measly clone.

2. Be open to the possibility that you aren’t part of their target market


Let’s compare MOBA games to MMORPGs. Some MMORPGs have a target-based combat system while others are non-targeted. I personally prefer non-targeted action MMORPGs like Dragon Nest, but that doesn’t mean target-based hardcore MMORPGs like Ragnarok Online suck. It’s just a matter of personal preference. So insisting that the new MOBA you’re trying out should allow you to deny because maybe it’s targeting people who don’t like denies in the first place.

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3. Understand that opinion isn’t fact and vice-versa


This is actually basic common sense, but some people just don’t get it so I’ll say it here: There is no such thing as a wrong opinion. There may be bad logic or reasoning behind it, but it can’t be wrong. Just because you can explain your point with facts does not mean you are correct. So Strife has shared gold and you don’t like it because people can just slack around and still get gold. We get that. But if for some reason someone else likes the idea of shared gold, please don’t try to force them to change their preference solely because you think it’s “wrong”.

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4. You can enjoy multiple MOBA games


Some people have to stick to one game. If it’s Dota 2 then it’s Dota 2, and if it’s LoL then it’s LoL. I’m actually one of those people, although I think I’m willing to make an exception for Strife or Heroes of the Storm. And you know what? It’s okay. It’s not a mortal sin. Dota 2 will not leave me if I try LoL. Heroes won’t refuse to be selected because I hurt their feelings for playing a rival game.

You don’t have to leave your current game for a new one. They’re not girlfriends or boyfriends that will force you to keep one and ditch the other. So if you see a new MOBA you like, feel free to keep it installed and observe as nothing happens as you place the icon beside the LoL icon on your desktop.

Whether you’re finding a new MOBA game, or just looking for an alternative title to play while your favorite MOBA’s servers are down, one important thing to remember is to keep an open mind. If you truly believe that there is only one true MOBA to rule them all, that’s fine. Just don’t be mean to the people who think otherwise.

Here’s one more thing people should be open-minded about:
  • Shut the hell up about whether Dota 2 or League of Legends is better


Dota 2 and League of Legends are both really fun games, but their communities' mutual enmity towards each other is just plain dumb.

  • Eugene Volkenhorst

    read now, forget at play.

  • Billy Chin

    I enjoy more than 10 series.

    Call me Malaysia’s top tester but nobody knows much but I got plentiful of tourney achievements.

  • Calvin Yio

    This article practically voiced out everything I’ve been telling other moba gamers for a very long time.

  • Jaret Nikolai

    I think this should apply to almost every game/for every gamer.

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