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7 things that piss off support players in Dota 2

7 things that piss off support players in Dota 2

| February 19, 2014

If you play support in Dota 2, you’ve probably had your own share of flame and blame about how horribly you play your role. There are a lot of ways that a support player can piss off the rest of the team, but has anyone wondered what pisses off a support player?

1. People who don’t look at the warded map

Wards are very important because they light up the map. With proper placement, you can see the enemy’s movements, which can help set up your own ganks or avoid enemy ganks. I’m sure you’ve heard players complaining about how their supports don’t ward. However, I would also like to point out that that warding will only work if you look at the mini map. So if I warded near the rune area near the river, I expect you to see an enemy walking from the river, into the jungle, and most probably towards your lane to kill you. Warding costs gold. Looking at the map costs you nothing, so in case you aren’t looking then why are you not looking!?

2. People who run out of healing range

One of the duties of the support is to keep the core heroes alive and safe. For example, if you’re injured while laning with an Enchantress or a Witch Doctor and they cast Nature’s Attendance or VooDoo Restoration, that means they’re healing you. Unless you have a good reason, you should NOT leave the healing radius. You can only imagine how frustrating it is when you’re trying to heal a hero and he runs away from you.


3. People who go back and DIE after being saved

Even more frustrating than the previous guy, this one actually dies. In cases when someone has to inevitably die, between the carry and the support, it’s better that the latter goes to his death. So if your support jumps in there and tries to save your behind, don’t let his death be in vain. Go escape and let your support die so you can live, farm, and lay waste to the enemy team later. It’s the same concept of losing the battle to win the war. It’s not stupid and even Na’Vi does it.

4. People who can’t distinguish initiation from harassment

Sometimes, supports stay with the carry during the laning phase so they’re sure the carry is protected and gets farm. Oftentimes, they have to attack the enemy heroes to push them back. This is called harassment, not initiation. The difference between the two is that the previous is meant to zone out and create some space, while the latter is aiming for a kill. If the support is trying to create space for you, the best thing you can do is use that space to farm. It doesn’t always mean for you to jump at the enemy and lose HP, gold, and exp in the process or worse, die.


5. People who don’t understand creep pulling (and has guts to flame)

Supports usually get their farm from assists or jungling. Creep pulling not only helps the support to get farm, but it also keeps the lane from being pushed so far and denies gold and experience from the enemy. Since the enemy creeps are much closer to your own tower, it makes it safer for the carry to farm.

Now I speak from experience when I say that some carriers do not know what pulling is and I get flamed because they ‘don’t have creeps in their lane’ (Exact words: “WTF are you doing taking my creeps, Vengeful!?”). And instead of safely farming behind our tower, they then proceed to leave the lane, enter the jungle, kill the neutral creeps being attacked by our creeps. This, in turn, denies me the mediocre gold and experience I can get outside lane while letting the enemy creeps hit the tower and die ‘unfarmed’ from tower aggro. Can you not!?

6. People who build item duplicates whose effects don’t stack

This is often a communication problem between two supports, but can also happen to cores. There are items that the team only needs one of because their effects don’t stack. Examples include Ring of Basilius, Mekansm, and Pipe. It is very important to notify the team if you’re going for said item or to check if someone else is making it to avoid wasting gold. Remember, supports don’t have the luxury to getting farm so if your pub team ends up having a Viper, a Windrunner, and a Chen, make it clear who’s going to build the Mekansm. Viper can usually farm it faster, but don’t assume that he will.


7. People who are oblivious of what casting delay means

Playing a Lina or a Leshrac support can be tricky if you’re the only one with the stun. Why? Because their stuns have casting animations and delays that are rather easy to avoid. Aside from casting the skill on the ground in advance, timing and positioning are very important. So if you’re a carry laning with these kinds of heroes, don’t flame the player if the casting wasn’t instant. It’s not their fault if you don’t know that attempting to stun a hasted enemy in broad daylight is most probably a bad idea.

Of course, at the end of the day, the support is just as important as any other role on the team. Just because they don’t need farm or experience doesn’t mean they should be blamed for everything. If you’re a support player, what horrible experiences do you have from teammates? Share and discuss it with everyone in the comments section below! You never know if your experience can help educate yet another clueless carry somewhere.

  • Arc.L

    One more thing is that the carries who do not know how to carries the team.
    Supports tries so hard to creates spaces and win early wars but the carries are still either not farmed or do not know how to snowball. Which cause the team fallout during late game eventually throw the game.

    This happens ALOT which piss off support whom already did a great job.

  • je t’aime

    How could you miss this out?

    Carry: “Dude I am killing more than you.”
    Support: “And… I am supporting for you to kill?”
    Carry: “Noob score… Don’t talk!”
    Support: “-.-”

    • GreEn

      i know that feel :)

      • Prinzeum

        very true, and they tell me that i only got 1 kill and 3 deaths while the score is 10-11(ours) and my assist was 10, considering my 1 kill and ten assists that makes it 11 kill in total, see my point, fuck players who are idiots.

        • Nightshielder

          I remember the time I use CM, the retard sniper ( 26/3/11 ) report me for having most death ( 2/7/63 ) and keep boasting how he kill more than me,…

          Fuck reaterded carries

          • hakmer

            if he used sniper, most likely he’s the immature new player who only knowshow to play heroes such as sniper viper drow huskar etc.

      • Michele

        YES me either

    • Unknown

      Some shit player play carry and doesnt know what ‘Teamwork in DotA’ but only know in flaming people

  • Shenk

    hahah the argument of the score on a support makes you feel impotent sometimes

  • Trip

    Yeah, the score situation… like “look at his score it’s 2/7/400, feeded a lot” -.-

  • Red

    The last point surely makes me angry, I play a lot with Jakiro, and its sometimes pretty hard to land the ice path and they start complaining, but they can’t be blamed when they can free farm and don’t last hit well, 5 creeps they farm at most 3… that is really annoying, when you the best as a support but your carry is useless, that really is frustrating, also I agree the people who commented this. I know that feel bro

  • Windyboy

    i am the one who usually using support hero
    and i always meet the one who the fuck keep blaming about support.

  • FrostXan

    *Accidentally misclick and killed one creep* Carry: OMG, noob support, you playing carry or I carry?! Everyone report him!”

    • The man of something.

      If you accidentally killed a creep just say ¨ Sry I really need it to buy wards so you can go and help out other lanes¨. That shows that you have a brain and your teamates will mostly forgive you. :)
      #sneacky lasthiting.

      • bhaal

        the thing is: you shouldnt have to type an excuse just for killing one creep.

        this annoys me so much. carries going all apeshit over 1 creep. especially when they fail to last hit most of the time anyway

        • mostcarriessuck

          dont forget about the “buhuu-support-is-stealing-all-farm-xp-kills-carry” with the “minute-18-is-not-too-late-for-first-item-midas”
          luckily in that game i had the offlane, but its still frustrating if ur tide fighting trilane with 3 stuns and still get more farm than the safelanecarry…

  • lolwhocaresaboutnamesonthiswebsitehonestly

    or “7 things that piss of Dota Players”.. Don’t have to be a support to know those feels.

  • DaMadwan

    How about this? Set up kills all over the map but keep dying and get called noob for diving so that the carry can actually take the kill and go straight back to farming with minimal hp loss. protect the carry, give the farm to the carry, give the kills to the carry. Played a game where this Invoker kept taking kills and did not buy a single fucking disabling item, no eul’s, no hex. Instead, he had a bloody refresher and linken’s while my potm was forced to go for manta and mjoll instead of my normal manta and deso. Almost lost that game due to that invoker’s greed.

    • Prinzeum

      noob player. yes you are.

  • bullzi

    you know what grinds my gears? #5

    • jm

      me too. also when im stacking and they start to go to the camp just to block the camp. gahd. and they wasted some 5 seconds of their time because they are fokkin stupid

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  • Bonzomi

    You forgot “People not realizing how short the casting range of some skills”

    • saw93

      and this “People not realizing skill has cool down”

      • shikyo kira

        that’s why i always notice my teammates that my skills are on cool down (or not enough mana) when they are being ganked, having a war or going to start a war

  • Gwimm

    People who pick 4 carries and expect 1 support to buy everything and blame you if they lose the game because of it while not having helped at all

    • Astonishing

      yeah…I’m lost most of the game this 4 days because of pick from my teammate…I’ve random my hero 1st and got carry hero, and all my team mate also pick carry…so i’ve to repick support..i depend on my carry but I’m alone have to support my team is not enought and the most worse thing, i got the high kill than my carry…

  • Na”vi.Dendi

    Puppey and kuroky noob

    • Na”vi. Xboct

      Na”vi. Xboct

      yeah, both big noobs

      • Na’vi. Funn1k

        you both noobs too

        • Na’vi LightofHeaven

          I’m so much better than all of you combined x2.

    • Maya


      • Maya

        *Accidentally misclick and killed one creep* Carry: OMG, noob support, you playing carry or I carry?! Everyone report him!”

    • kudexbo


  • Bluejay.

    I guess it’s no surprise that whenever I solo pubs that most of my support heroes win rates are above 80% and my carry win rates are below 50%.

    Most of the time nobody wants to play support, and even when I’m playing support, the carries fail at playing.

  • Defense of the Elders

    Everybody wants to win, but nobody wants to play support.
    -Bastion announcer

    • konto plz

      Nobody likes to play support, yet everybody likes to win*

      • Char Aznable

        Indeed, whenever the game starts, I will highlight his through mic.

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    Out of 350 games i played, 345 games I’d play only support. All 350 I’ve never touched carry.

    I’ve always hate it when these words spout out.
    “Noob, ur score says it all”
    “Only a boot? Wtf”
    “Buy smoke, buy ward, buy dust, buy meka, buy courier”
    “Why you dont support me” <—-when he got ganked out of no where.

  • Engie

    Sometimes i think playing support is playing DOTA in hard mode, and playing carry is easy mode. In fact, I have friends that are learning to play DOTA, and these guys always want to play carry, specially the same carry over and over again (See Riki, Spirit Breaker, Shadow Fiend, Legion Commander players).

    Also, these kind of situations that really piss me off happen, let’s say: Huskar is gonna kill a Legion Commander and I as a support Vengeful Spirit must save him. If I go and kill huskar the carry will say “Y U KS”. If im not even near to help him he will say “OMG WHERE WERE U WHEN THEY GANKED ME REPORT”. If I save him and then I die the carry will say “OMG FEEDER NOOB”, If the situation actually goes perfect: I stun huskar, the carry gets the kill and none of us die, maybe he would say “Ks fail LOL”.

    The worst thing that ever happened to me as a support was this: I was one playing as earthshaker. I suddenly see my team has 2 players that only speak spanish (I could understand spanish so that was no big problem, but the server was for english queue). These guys pick Phantom Lancer and Sniper, and say they are going to the same lane (2 carries in the same lane, reminds me of my days as a noob). There was a Timbersaw in my team that said he wanted solo offlane so I said “Ok” and went to trilane with Sniper and Phantom Lancer. I decide to pull and suddenly the Nº5 thing happens (they auto attack the lane and it was the first time they ever saw someone pulling). So these guys feed the lane, don’t know what farming in the jungle is and at the end of everything they say it’s my fault for doing a trilane, FOR DOING A TRILANE where i didn’t even get experience points from lane creeps. Also, this is only one of my many stories as a support player.

    tl;dr: The carries said the loss was my fault for being a support.

    Since 2 weeks ago I decided to never play carry again, because I want to show my friends that playing carry is for pussies.

    I know this comment is very long and it may have some grammar error (english is not my native language, excuse me for that) but there are so much bad things the carry players made to me when I play support and I wanted to let them go.

    • spark

      keep calm and be Cool!carrie me and i’ll support u ^_^

    • Klimber

      I liked your comment, i feel just the same way. Don’t worry about your english, it may be better than even a native speaker.

      I made the same kind of decision some days ago, I will be mainly support for my games from now on.

      And btw, Spanish language players are for South America servers what russians are for europe servers, they generally just suck =/
      Their trademark is that JAJAJA, just as HU3 BR is for those troll brazilian players.
      I’m brazilian as well, and hate both JAJAJA and HU3 BR

  • bonescrusher

    This is what I hate the most “1.People who don’t look at the warded map”,as support player

  • Hakuna Madafaka

    so I’m not the only one being flamed for playing a devoting support

  • Lexeas

    The trick is to pick a support that can semi-carry just fine without needing a ton of farm early game hehe…alch, venge, mirana, drow, etc

    • Char Aznable

      The problem with people is that, when u pick Alchemist, they will say `omg another carry`.

  • Madafaking Pikachu

    when I play as a support, I usally pick a situation when I help a carry ganking and then the carry runs out of skills to cast and he’s out of range to attack(he’s melee) the enemy with a freakin’ low’s impossible for him to catch up..

    support or not, bottom line is to outfarm the enemy and win, right? so I cast FoD on the enemy because it has quite a long range..and he starts flaming like a fucking retard saying (exact words..I haven’t forgotten it..maybe NEVER =.=”)

    Bara: “FUCKING KS!!”
    Lion: “but you were out of range and skills to cast..If I did not killed him, he would’ve got away..”
    If the enemy got away, he’s going to flame me anyway..GOD DAMMED PLAYERS..

    This blog is great for the Support players riding on the FEELS TRAIN.

    • Nyxxx

      I feel you bro but usually I’m a already know that I will have a dagon(always only dagon 1 rest is wards ) and have faced what you have faced…same story…

  • Nerfpitou


  • GundamForever

    fuck carry who cant play carry at all !!!

    • Char Aznable

      I agree.

  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ BUY WARDS

    I once played with someone who picked morphling and went offlane against jakiro, es, and tb. As a support, i thought that if i leave him there, he would die even though i placed wards for him to be aware of.

    But then again as the battle wages, He started attacking TB and uses waveform offensively. he died and bought back (at level 3!!!) tp’ed back and waveform offensively again and died again. And a while blame me for not being there with him when he “SUPPOSEDLY” had the kill on TB with still 3/4 hp. -.-

    The Life of a Support is never an Easy one.


    When I play support, fail carries are fine with me as long as they admit that they failed. But if they put the blame on me even though they suck, I just try my best to outfarm them and carry the game myself with a support. That way they can’t trashtalk.

    • L echt

      no , if the carry is retarded , they will ” WTF , are u carry or support ? report him !! “

  • fitzberg

    poor supports.. come play with me im a spectre player with 65% winrate on that hero. just babysit me and we will win 2 out of 3 games. I wont blame support unless that support steal my farms, I even dont like supports who intentionally give kill to the carries (example : lion doesnt last hit enemy hero because he wants to give the kill to sniper) I think that is unnecessary, it prolong the killing time, giving enemy time to tele and backup. The faster you can kill, the better. Just dont use fOd at 100hP lol , me as carry just need creeps, and you can take the kills too .
    Add me supports ! steam id : arshera
    babysit me :p

    • Emmanuel John Didal

      Srsly man? I FEEL YOU.

    • Char Aznable

      I respect this kind of carry player.

  • Murder8

    Some Random teammate play carry, doesn’t carry the The Team and Blame the Support for no warding or NOT being there. . .

    Play Support, carry the Team to win, sacrifice to save others, and still blame for NOT being there, and Carry get all the credit for Winning the Game…. WHAT?!

  • Sharous

    I assume everyone got those blames often enough and the best way is to ignore/mute.

  • ParticleStyle

    Pulling is actually bad especially when the enemy creeps aren’t far away in the first place. This is because when supports are farming neutral creeps, it will leave the carries unattended and very vulnerable especially when there are two or more enemy heroes on the lane.

    • The man of something.

      Pulling is never bad. But you shold have a ward that scouts for enemy attacks, if its 2v1 the carry just have to play allitle safer so he wont die. even if you dont get the gold from the creeps you can get the xp. And dont forget if you pull a dubble stack your enemylane wont get any xp or gold from a whole creep wave.

    • Char Aznable

      It depends on the situation. If it is bad, why the fuck ALL pro team do it?

    • Amanoo

      The exact contrary is true. If at all possible, the support should stay out of XP range and let the carry get all the XP and money. The support should do their best to simply make the lane as favourable to the carry as possible, and if you can leave the carry alone to stack some creeps, you should definitely do so. That being said, it’s not necessarily the most horrible thing to leech XP from the carry, but in the most favourable situation, the support is just roaming about while the carry is farming to his heart’s content close to his tower. This can rarely be achieved of course and there are enough matches where you simply need to actively babysit the carry if you don’t want him to end up as feed. If it is not necessary to do this, there are probably more useful things the support could be doing instead.

  • SittingDuck

    Guys come on we all know that it is the supports duty to carry the blame as well as the carry in pubs. We are basically the Ghandi’s of the Dota 2 world. We should always ready to turn the other cheek to the flame whilst sacrificing ourselves for the greater good. Be proud, carry is the role for those with low self esteem who feel they have something to prove (remember that we are taller, more handsome, funnier;- think of XBOCT/Puppey, EE-sama/Aui_2000) and try being passive aggressively sarcastic next time they flame you … just like Ghandi would :)

  • Cello_Meister

    Nobody wants to play support, or even know how, so my friends forces me to play support because they don’t even know how to pull >.>

  • sipanu

    nobody know that untill u are a good support u can’t be carry or roamer

  • Miroku Asakura

    OMG dude can i play with you? hahaha i was reading this and i was like”OMG!!! that happens to me every day” because i mostly use Support(Lina is my main dota 2 hero and i can proudly say i am very good with her) and yes the stun is tricky but once you dominated it is a life saver i can say for sure that now my stuns are 100% hits
    and some other problems that sometimes i fight with is the fact that sometimes the support is also the”leader” on the team, if you listen to your support you can win for sure “guys please do not dive stay by tower defend, then win team battle and push” something easy as following your support indications is the key to win

    And someting i HATE is when you are the support and you “carry” your team to win(for carry i mean do your best support things to helo your team” and your team and the other team says “GG carry ” and you are like “WTF? did you see my items? my skills? how i helped you to win? yes the carry got the kills but i helped the team a lot!!!”


    • The man of something.

      Agree, I hate it when the other team(or my team) are like. GG WP carry, when im the one securing all the farm, the towers, set up kills, initiate, secure roshan, Healing all the time. saves my team by sacrifising myself and even making the enemy hero chase me for 30 sec while my team are getting rax. Im not saying give all the creed to me but pls atleast give me something that can keep me going. :P

    • http://yahoo Xqlew

      I like that haha. I play Lina also. And i seldom to play a support lina (of course i can buy wards but not all supporting items). What I did was solo mid or laning to get farmed or kill to drag the game till the time when carry heroes are fat. I like your way and i will salute you because lina support is not easy for me.

  • The man of something.

    Kill stealing is not good, but i hate it when i play support and i pop everything just to keep the enemy at place so the carry have the time to come and help me out with the kill. It sometimes end up with me getting the kill and most of the times the carry says stop ksing you noob. How is it killstealing when i do 80% of the dmg to the hero and then get the kill?

  • http://yahoo Xqlew

    I really hate people put the words like “We need wards” in chat. Sometimes support may have no money or the ward is on cooldown. Come on dude, try to play support and u’ll know how hard we did in a team. In public game, for most of my game onli got a support in team (thats me). Well i can take support, but if u cannot play goood with a carry, no point for you to blame. Be rationale and go play with bots to train ur farming skill.

  • Stefanie

    The people who are dying and then, u go to save them,and they are coming back with 5hp and take the kill.

  • Ayachi

    i’m play in SEA server and my level is 44….
    I’m play support well… but in SEA server… the carry heroes always played by newbie player (expecially Philipine and sometime Indonesian players who always stupid and brainless picking heroes…. that’s make me crazy to play support)
    If i’m play Carry heroes (first pick) no one pick support… no buy courier…. and i’m obliged to buy courier and ward… (what the… i’m play carry hero and buy courier + ward, it’s not different i’m play support with cary heroes…… and if my item not good enough because spend alot money for ward dust ext, i got blame from team….)
    Yeah sometime i meet a good player from Philipine and Indonesian player too…. but it’s very very rare
    We (support’s player) are proud and happy if our carry heroes playing and doing well.

    • Gremory

      I am Indonesian and always play support (rarely touch carry) but its kind of true that carry usually pick by Noob (atleast in the SEA server). I felt the same.
      there are so many Indonesian player who good at the game and nice or not being such a dickhead or something. Its a pity though that you met the noob or the dickhead .So play with us more and see that nice people exist.

    • hakmer

      INDONESIAN PLAYER HERE, YEAH. I must agree too. there are many immature Indonesian player, I’d say immature and not noobs. Their hero pools are usually riki sniper drow huskar viper, or similar to those heroes. Sometimes playing with other indonesians means you’ll have people picking 4 carries and you alone have to support and they complain when usually there are two people doing the supporting and now there’s only one. A lot of Indonesian players are good, but most of them are rude and immature. It’s an age problem I think. You met those people who are just about college age or even highschool and elementary student. It happens man. Even I don’t like most Indo players, no manners. But really, while it’s a plague in indonesian dota 2 community, it’s also a plague that exist all over the SEA server. It’s a cultural thing that people just don’t have manner. One minute you’re waiting for your Daedalus or bkb and then you thought it’s delivered already but then you check your inventory and it’s not there and that was 5 minutes ago. SOMEBODY CANCELED THE COURIER, so you send it again, and then somebody cancel it again. Courier cancelers are people without manners and it’s a plague in SEA server. People just don’t respect other people, that it’s a team game and not just theirs but at least if you’re going daedalus most likely you are carry and you dodnt buy the courier (well sometimes as carry i also buy the courier because no one would, again SEA server). But I really hate it when I’m playing support, and bought the courier, and yet everybody keeps cancelling it. Bought it and cant use it because nobody waits their turn. This pisses me of, and it’s not just indonesians or pinoys, it’s the whole sea server player, most of them just dont have manners, cant wait, cant appreciate other people.

    • Emmanuel John Didal

      Bro, I’m PH player and I know what you feel. :(


        Yeah I really know how u feel bro :(, but i usually play with my friends, and it’s a lot better than solo queuing. If i solo queue, i usually ends up loosing the game because my carries in my team just cannot carry the game, and they end up blaming me(i’m a support). It’s so frustrating

    • jm

      PH support player here. i also hate most player from my country. and when i solo rank; i usually play offlane. damn idiots are way too noisy

  • mickeymouse234

    Now this is why I don’t like playing with random players at a match because they don’t understand my intentions unlike my teammates who understand if I used Laguna Blade on the enemy (I played Lina at that time) who was getting away and they were just praising me for killing the escaping enemy unlike those random carries that I match up with who accuse me of killstealing…

  • Widlička

    3rd is like the worst possible, happened to me at least 5 times today :D and then they have the guts to blmae you for their death :D
    And also the 2-7-13 “feeding” sentence can get me nervous, and especially if the one who is blaming you is a carry with 1-13-4.. actually, these are the only type of players who are blaming others :D

  • Jeix

    I’m currently downloading league of legends because I’m sick and tired of people like the ones you mentioned. In case I discover that the situation is the same in both games, I guess I will return to dota and become a pudge picker, at least I’ll have some reasons to get yelled at.

    • nazgarthe

      alas its the same if not worse in lol i played a jana and they go ape no matter what summoner spells you pick if its heal and clarity where exhaust is there line if heal exhaust where clarity ect ect if you knock the enemy up with your wirlwind and it kills them ks if you dont why didnt you kill them with wirlwind if you heal them mid fight with your ulti saving there life aww so anoying u moved that enemy away

      all the same shit that happens in dota

    • jm

      there are way more noobs in lol. lol. play dota. increase mmr. hope for the best. play your best.

  • IDHein06

    I love being support but carries pisses me off ==
    “Why dont u buy that. U must buy that that bla bla bla”
    And whenever i tried to help people probably said
    “You KS. Report him”
    getting tired of your shit carries

  • Hiroki

    i know how that feel
    i can play carry and support, let me give you guys some tips as a fellow support.
    when you play support and you find someone in pub game that play good as carry with no trash talk ( that carry know how hard it is to be a support ) at the end of the game add him as friend, so that you can play with him anytime you guys on to play dota2
    that’s is from me, if you guys tired of playing with some random guys that don’t even know how to play team. try to add player that good as team, soon you’ll get tons of friend at dota2 that you can play with
    as for me, i always play with 1 of my friend, we do this when we play >>> when he do carry i’ll go support, when i do carry he’ll go support, but sometimes we go tanker when there is support and carry already

  • Kieri

    Everything happened to me so far.

    I died so many times to save those carries, yet got blame on feeding.
    I even initiate the battle so my team can win the war, yet still “What the fuck you are doing? Why don’t you just wait until the enemy initiate first, we can easily counter it”.

    I wards, for seriously, but sometimes I have no gold or the ward is in cool down.
    I jungles, stacking creeps or even building all supporting items, but then..

    Why would you ks me? I’m the carry.
    Well, isn’t carry job supposed to be farming creeps? More gold than killing 1 hero.

    If supports couldn’t kill a hero or even farm in jungles. Where do we get out money?
    Well, assists of course, but with all dusts, wards, couriers, healing items. We need a lottaf gold for it. >__<

    • Amanoo

      Well, ideally it is the carry who should be getting the kills, with the support just getting assists (and getting money out of these assists). But sometimes the carry is unable to do so, and then it is better for the support to get the kill than no one getting it at all. And some supports are just really good at kill stealing. Just imagine a team fight with a scepter Witch Doctor doing his ult. He’s simply going to get kills, whether he wants to or not. He will steal kills, and he just can’t help it. Zeus is also a support, according to DotA (although he is often played as a semi carry). But his ult is just kill steal material. He might just get a triple kill when trying to finish one player off, just because by pure chance there was another fight going on elsewhere. Sometimes you just can’t help it. You just have to live with that. Some heroes simply steal kills, because that’s just what they do.

  • yolo

    to add, when you try to stack up neutral creep, and some wild carry come in disrupt your timing….

  • Petiroi

    I know something even worse than the carry who walks out of the support’s healing range :

    In League of Legends (don’t you dare flaming me, I’m bi-game-ual), there’s a support called Thresh. When you press W he throws his lantern to the ground and it stays here for a few seconds. If an ally click on it, he’ll be pulled back right to Thresh and gain a shield, it’s some kind of a life buoy you see ?

    Now, imagine the rage inside you when your carry is in the middle of a gangbang, you send him your Holy Lantern of Salvation and this fool doesn’t even know what it is and doesn’t click on it ? Do you know how horrible it feels to yell “CLICK THE GODDAMN THINGY !” alone in your room in front of your screen and still nothing happen ? Do you UNDERSTAND how many things you can think when THIS VERY ALLY FLAMES AT YOU afterwards with some “omg Thresh you did nothing and let me die” ?!

    For those who still can’t imagine it, here is a compilation for you :

    • nazgarthe

      yeah been there done that its why i swaped to jana but still run in heal to shove the enemy back and heal my carry then the carry jumps forward out of the heal to try and man fight there tri lane and rages i pushed the enemy away its like dude wtf you where dead if i didnt heal and alive if youd backed the fuck up

  • Grey

    Well, what do you expect from supporting random guys in pub games? Obviously, the result is unexpectedly random.

  • Prinzeum

    As an above average player (ehem..) who knows how to carry a team and farm very well (a lil bit less than the pro ones), i know very well what a support means. A support supports the carry thus the support is making the carry carry the game more easily, well sometimes the carry is not needed why pick magina if you can chen and end the game in 20? right?

  • 22duckys

    Really the best way I find to deal with this is to help out the other team. Commend a support who was flagged by his own team for “sucking” read 3/5/26, and let him know he played it right. It will also lower his chance for Low Priority. As for who I play, I try and play versatile characters who can both support and carry, like windranger and lina. If you don’t know who these heroes are, look for heroes with high damage spells and high damage builds, yet are ranged. Ranged heroes can pretty easily switch from carry to support due to their ability to harass easily.

  • Moh3n

    Hey guys. finish the game fast if u can.maybe u can win early fights with cm but Cm cant do anything after enemy’s BKB :)
    And don’t leave supports in the fight and follow Wolf!!

  • captain peelz

    The best is when my friend (who only plays carries because “support is boring”) says this at the end of every game: “I am surprised that I got so many kills at the end of the game since I was not able to do much in the early game”. Like seriously what the hell that is the literal definition of a carry. i just hate people who play carries then take ALL the credit for a victory and refuse to take ANY blame for a loss.

  • Yung Oden

    2 many feelz in this article! ;__;
    At least one of these things happen in every game for me

  • anon

    could have saved time instead of writing this article and made a facebook post that says “new players are bad at dota”

  • GenericDOTAPlayer

    I have everything here happen to me, you know the feeling you get when you play Disruptor and was able to cage and use your ulti on the entire enemy team, only for your team to take it as a time to run AWAY. and then you lose and your team mates ask you “What did you even do?!”

  • Unknown

    how about when support dont have much gold to buy ward???—->happen when after die to save carry and give the carry all the farm…
    Then team blame ‘noob support no ward!!!!’ where not even a minute or even 30 sec after dying

  • Curious

    For 5th,some carries can’t even last hit inside tower yet flaming at support.Can’t last hit,plays carry. Kappa

  • Emmanuel John Didal

    FUCKING PINOY CARRIES! They always blame me if we lose the game.
    Their reasons be like:


    • KrytonCrypt

      I am a PH Player and I see your point and I can relate to it. Some people are idiotic and goes playing without thinking.

    • jm

      me and my brother are both support players so we have this problem about SEA especially fellow filipino players. i usually play hard support, or if the draft is crappy semi-support/carry. what we do: gank. control the map. stack. farm. gank. control the map. hopefully wins. we actually won one time eventhough our pudge cant land a hook, our slark can even hit his pounce. and our meepo is a mothafuckin feeder who cannot land his net. i play phoenix while he is rubick, fyi.

  • He Who Must Not Be Named

    When you play support and your carry goes into the jungle leaving you alone to hold the lane. Unable to deny and last hit well enough leading to a lag in level and items and the forest carry flames you for having too low a level and having only noob items.

  • Van ExeL*

    Give me mana KTOL :D

    • KrytonCrypt

      This I can relate to.

      • nazgarthe

        aye its not like kotl doesnt USE A HOLLY FUCK TON OF MANA

  • Zberrehh!

    Playing support is harder than playing carry,carries just need to keep farming while supports need to gank other lane,harass the enemy on the carry’s lane,i love playing support buy i usually dont because if i keep getting blamed at for the death of the carry (like when your carry decides to go to the enemy’s jungle to farm) i go insane,as a mid player you get blamed as much as the supports (i hate people who ask for a gank and im only lvl 4 at the beginning of the game especially when playing a lvl dependent hero like invoker).

    • nazgarthe

      oh my rage as an invoker could fill books like when sniper insists he need mid more then feed leaves says you mid then complains when mid now 4-5 levels ahead due to his truely spectaculair feeding (ussaully enemy pudge that had you been there start of lane you could have raped with a cold snap forge spirit build) is to powerfull for you to stop

      or when a lane calls you to help you go up there engage and they imediatly back out you tripple kill the enemy but mid the 4th gets youa dn they flame you for not runing calling you greedy invoker and im like wtf if youd stayed you would have probs each gota kill and the 4th guy would have either died or pissed himself and run for fountain

      • jm

        an avid lich user here. hate it when no one wants to take mid to the point that i will be obliged to take it. and no one really knows how to support: no fokkin wards, no fokkin ganks. damn. its a 1 vs 5 and im using just a fuckin lich.

  • Goat

    Did the whole support thing, bought the courier, bought the flying courier, bought all the wards, carries still scold me not buying dust, or gem for invis. Like, hello? How dare you scold me, when I did all the things for this team to be save and to work well.
    I’m not the only support here, we are 2 in here, why blame on me not buying the item needed? I got no golds left. duh

    • jm

      though sometime. gem IS very very IMPORTANT. when i play support i see to it that we always have gem on our pocket. except when you have carry/carries who play with loths. that’s risky

  • SilentAsparagus

    Imagine this situation. Your carry weaver has been ganked by their whole team.You [having looked at the warded mini-map] are already on your way to help. The gank happens but before he dies I swap him out (I’m pleaying venge) stun the pursuit and be anoying for 10 or so seconds alloving Weaver to flee before I die. Great, job done… But wait, what’s that Weaver? A thank you? No chance. Not even an aknowledgement.

    Surely the most annoying thing for any support.

    • nazgarthe

      nope more anoying is omg venge feeding. YEAH LIKE YOU WHERE GETING OUT ALIVE WITHOUT ME FUCKTARD

      or worse time lapses the fuck back in after like 3 seconds

  • Pushtiwali

    Those carries that relies on invis so much and when they have no items. They’re literally like walking wards..

    invis are for noobs..

  • Amanoo

    Another thing I’d like to add to this list: carries auto attacking their way to victory. Missing almost every last hit because they’re not timing their hits at all, pushing the lane faster than you can pull, and eventually just getting themselves in the lane’s danger zone. If the enemy has a Pudge on that same lane, he’ll get a free opportunity to pull the carry behind his tower, and even without a Pudge it’s just suicidal. I often feel very tempted to leave the lane when this happens, because there is just no way you can support a carry like that. I find such players incredibly frustrating, especially when they don’t even listen to me explaining that they shouldn’t, how last hitting works, and why you do it. If you do listen, well, you may be a noob, but at least you’re trying and I can appreciate that, but there is no helping people who just keep auto attacking.

    Although I do quite like it if it’s the enemy doing the pushing when I’m solo offlane. Easy farm. Sometimes I even get to pull the creep line behind my tower, denying the enemy some farm in the process.

    • nazgarthe

      exception should be made for pushers after easy tower gold like invoker or natures prophet (easily able to push a tower down by level 3-4 with a support)

  • Shadrone

    I don’t understand why people flame on supports, especially those that KNOW the role of a support in the team. Especially when I play a disabling support like CM or Jakiro. They brag about their kills when actually they only get it thanks to my stuns, while their “magnificent carry” doesn’t have disables and cannot chase well early game, like Anti-Mage.

  • CourierROCK!!

    “No Courier, we already lost” —Jick n’ Jills

    So when those shitty carries blame me, I always has my excuse

    PINOY CARRY: WTF, why u steal my EXP, Fuck off my lane.
    // Me : I bought the courier

    // Me : I bought the courier

    // Me : but I bought that god damn courier,

    // Me : WTF, U STUPID Sh** , Do u even have brain? why the fu** u called a courier in middle of clash. u worthless piece of sh**.We r all sick of you. U cant do anything but creepkilling.Go play with bots pls suc**r or just Uninstall DOTA2 and dont bother STEAM again U NOOB

    //Supporter went RAGE

  • CourierROCK!!

    “No Courier, we already lost” —Jick n’ Jills

    So when those shitty carries blame me, I always has my excuse

    [[ I'm Lich , harassing their Riki ]]

    PINOY CARRY: WTF , dont steal my EXP, Fuck off my lane.
    // Me : I bought the courier

    [[ Our wards just dewarded and it was cooling down ]]
    // Me : I bought the courier

    [[ He was raping by 5 men in Dire easy Camp, He died ]]
    [[ I'm Lich,again, used Chainfrost,got Double , we teamwiped tthem ]]
    // Me : but I bought that god damn courier,

    [[ Our Courier killed by tier 2 tower ]]
    // Me : WTF, U STUPID Sh** , Do u even have brain? why the fu** u called a courier in middle of clash. u worthless piece of sh**.We r all sick of you. U cant do anything but creepkilling.Go play with bots pls suc**r or just Uninstall DOTA2 and dont bother STEAM again U NOOB

    //Supporter went RAGE

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  • Sofa King

    Can we please not forget that the same shit happens the other way around? I usually play carry but I also enjoy playing gankers while building support (Such as Ogre Magi building push stick, sheep stick, etc.). When I carry though, I find that at least half of the “supports” don’t know what they are doing. They fight me for last hits, they don’t harass, they sporadically ward and sometimes even in bad spots, they never stack and pull, and worst of all is when they try to build carry. I shit you not, I had a lina who tried to go carry against anti-mage.

    This isn’t even like low tier shit either. This happens pretty much at any level of play besides high tier and up. People who have hundreds or even thousands of matches under their belt and *still cannot support properly*.

    Arguably a carry who can’t do his job right will hurt the team in the late game, but a support who can’t do theirs can be even more brutal because their role is most crucial in the early and mid game.

    • blabla

      dude. lina can solo an anti-mage. heck, any hero, even sd can solo a carry. its just which game to build what. it doesn’t mean a support needs to always go arcane, force staff, euls, etc.

  • Sayzar

    It important to remember that much of what a hard support does during the course of a game is intangible. When the ancient is destroyed and the score board scrolls onto the screen at the end of a game, the position 5 players score board isn’t going to be adorned with impressive numbers like:

    17/4/11, 279 last hits, 700 xp and gold per a min.

    Its not unusual for a hard support player to have a whopping 2/6/22, 52 last hits, and 390 gold per a min. There is no column for “number of wards placed” or “number of neutrals pull/stacked”. This is mostly likely the root of the problems we are all experiencing. Dota 2, doesn’t see fit to record and display all the important things we do throughout the game. I’m not saying the score board should have column for “number of runes protected” or anything like that (it’s somewhat impractical to be honest). I’m simply stating that from the stand point of a new player, it’s easy to form the misconception that a hard support isn’t helping the team. Much of what we do isn’t recorded or as i said before, is intangible. New players wont be able to deduce how pulling a lane, actually helps you farm better. When people form misconceptions like this, it takes lots of experience to overcome them. I’ve seen players flaming support players as high as the 3400 MMR range. I’ve seen people in the 2500 MMR range, not know what I mean when I say “I stacked the ancients, go clear them before the other team does”. Many players in dota 2 don’t understand the support role for these reason. But don’t despair, dota 2 needs us. Besides, its more fun than carry anyway.

  • goddess

    Me for example,play all supports ,even if i only have 300hours i learned them all bcs i like to be a support,the first 20 -30 min is on support to be a killer. My teammates know that i dont steal kills but sometimes i have score like 10 /11/32 and they dont say a word,bcs the map is always warded and everything. But when i play alone,when they are not here,and u get kill ,etc first blood and that,the russians start yelling on u like crazy,and i just hate that. -.-

  • boO

    My courier sometimes states the following as the game starts, ‘Nobody likes to play support, yet everybody likes to win’. This is not necesarily true as I personally love playing support, if appreciated by your teammates ofcourse. The thing that grinds my gears the most is the disrespect from ignorant carry players.

    The first example of this is a game I played a couple of days ago. As the all pick match started up, the picks were made and as so often in pubs I was left to play the only support. Now overall playing with two supports is better because you can divide the items that need to be bought. Well anyways I picked windrunner and the match started, I bought wards and courier and went to the safelane with a Juggy. I noticed how this Juggy wasn’t getting as many last hits as he could’ve but hey, everybody can have a game that doesn’t go perfect. After upgrading the courier as soon as possible with the little gold I had to work with, buying wards and counter wards as much as possible we got to the midgame (I had not died a single time yet thanks to good positioning) when we arrived at the mid/lategame I had bought wards every single time when they were in stock and always carried 4-6 sentries with me because we were playing versus a Weaver which was very farmed and my teammates never bought detection. Things started to go from bad to worse and eventually lost the game. I ended up with a score of 3/3/16, died least from the whole team and the only one with a neutral score (even on my squishy windrunner with only arcanes and a force staff) So after supporting my team for the whole game long, doing everything I could the Juggy ends with ‘Windrunner so noob, report’ <—– This disrespect and ignorance after doing so much for your team makes me so sad sometimes.

    • blabla

      well the only thing i have against windrunners as a fellow support is if the windrunner doesnt know how to double shackle. or at least shackle to a tree.

  • Ian

    So the moral of the story,
    if you want to quit dota for life use a support and find shitty team mates that blame support for EVERything for EVery GAME!
    Your days of quitting DOTA will not be long~

  • SnowBell

    >> Plays Support
    >> Mad plants wards all around map
    >> Stacks for carries
    >> Retarded players blinded to warded maps feeds ganker
    >> Underlvl from being hunted by overlvl ganker
    >> Gets kicked from game for feeding and being underlvl

    And this is why i don’t play support in pub games anymore. =_=

  • Kill CM Report CM

    well after reading so much about supports:
    i met a support CM, i was VOID
    when laning she used abilities to get last hits
    pushing the lane
    Zero Harassment (used abilities only to take last hits)
    never pulled
    and last but not the least
    when jungling she came saying that she is there for protecting me
    and used abilities to get last hits in jungle also

  • blabla

    i’ve read like all the comments thus far in this post, and this is not the first time seeing this post somewhere else. as a fellow support, i can only say this. if you wanna support, don’t expect gratification. don’t expect glory. in fact don’t expect anything. if anything, expect that you go unappreciated, anything but fantastic scores on your score cards, no gold stars for you.

    play support cos its fun. u get to press many keys. you get to do things that are way more fun, way higher mobility, more skills, and the satisfaction that most likely can juke the shit out of their carries and laugh once they become useless in that battle (referencing naix who gets outmaneuvred and left as a creep with no skills left to use).

    so far (i play in SEA) no one accuses me of ksing unless jokingly. the only few things that really piss me off is when i have 4-6 obs wards (because i missed one cycle of warding), and (not just carries) the team sends the >We need wards nonsense. i’ll be like ‘wtf did you just say?’ or just ping madly on the map. That and auto-attacking carries.

    just a tips that i have that i mentioned to my friend ytd, when playing zeus, pls don’t ks. somehow or another, just ulti when u see an engage has been going on for about 3 seconds on the minimap. u don’t even have to look at the fight to confirm your team is winning the fight, or even fighting. the idea i have behind this reasoning is this: your ulti gives sight, gives dmg, could possibly give the opportunity to start an engage because your ulti made it seem possible to have one (meaning suddenly a pair of teammates on another lane is suddenly able to kill that hero on that lane because of the dmg). if they kill, you probably get assist gold. lastly, if your team gets fat, as a support, you will get fat too.

    i think playing support is one of the few roles in dota where if you really have done your job, you can leave the game knowing you did your best and that you can safely proclaim you were the best player in the team :D although not any stat says that. that keeps me going as a support player. cheers to all fellow supports! :D

    • blabla

      sry, just to add, it’s have 4-6 obs wards placed on the map

  • Pud

    i usually play support and people always blame me when i up courier in 3.00 in time and ward eveerytime it respawn in places that enemy alwawys walk…i dont understand why some people blame me when they are taking rune and get gank even when i already signal the place with enemy….but what i really like is that some player, like my friends let me get some gold in lane if i need specific item but of course i never rely on them to tell me which item they are buying cause im always watching at their inventory, other places safe to farm and distance of safe zone. the way i learn support is by playing 1000 hours of supporting in Pub games

  • crappypuppy

    its usually me, whos feeding as a support, so I have noone to blame… ^.^

  • CM fan

    I just started playing the game and want to become a support player. This article and all these comments are scaring me. I think I will just watch DoTA 2 streams instead…

    • Sayzar

      Don’t quit just yet. Being a support player is actually really rewarding. Even though you don’t rack up the kills like a mid or safelane farmer, you actually have a ton of responsibility riding on your shoulders. It’s up to you to keep your carry safe. It’s up to you to set kills properly. It’s up to you to make good ganks on the mid lane. It’s up to you to make sure that the safelane is actually safe for your weak, pathetic carry. You’re the one who needs to keep wards up on the map all game long and make sure you opponents’ wards aren’t spying on your team. Being a support is easily one of the most difficult roles in the game. Being a good support requires that you do all these things without missing a single pull, without forgetting to stack neutral camps, without taking your eyes off the minimap, without missing an opportunity to gank the offlaner. The point I’m getting at is support can be overwhelming, but once you’re a reliable support player it’s amazing the amount of impact you can have on a game. I hope you’re not seriously considering quitting. It true you will will meet people who hate on supports for completely unjust reason, but its worth it in the end, take my word for it.

  • Mio

    It’s really hard play as a support in SEA server >_<

  • Cottonpicker

    This sounds like around 3k mmr, I can tell you, if you solo queue it won’t get better on 4k+.

    What you forgot to mention is:

    - Being a sole support almost every game and being broke because you have to buy everything

    - Prepping a gank/ smoke gank and carry gets overagressive / runs through creepwave, scaring everybody while you are 2 seconds short of getting there, accompanied by mad pinging or flaming

    - “We need wards” spam when you are defending a push or you are so cornered that you can’t go alone. Of course noone comes with you, if you get annoyed with the spam, you finally go out alone and instantly die. That you told them before this will happen doesn’t change their opinion that you’re now feeding

    - People running through camps while you’re stacking or pulling

    - Getting flamed by your carry when he dies, because he is doing insanely stupid shit or going rambo

    - and the classic: getting queued with a 4-stack russian team that only picks farmers, only speaks russian but expects you to follow their level of communication

    Of course it’s not all bad and if you’re doing well, support is a pretty fun role, but it is extremely frustrating how underrated this position is by others. It really is a hard role (of course there are no easy ones), but you basically decide how the early game goes, and most games are decided in the first 10 minutes.

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  • tommy223

    In conclusion, too much selfish carries in this game.

    Sometimes even I picked a carry (kunkka, LC,Slardar etc) I still need to play it as a support for early games simply because no one wants to play it. That’s why since then I always pick semi-carries(Mirana,WK etc) in a all pick match, just in case no one wants to support.

  • Generaldota

    I think we would ask ice frog to ban support heroes for a period of time, then carries will realize how important supports really are in a game.

  • Armando

    Late game scenario
    Carry: “noob! killed so easily. OMG you’re useless as hell”
    Support: “…”

  • GumbyR0b0t

    8) People who run right through a neutral camp as you’re trying to stack it. Don’t want the stack? See if I care.
    9) Other supports that don’t support correctly.
    10) Carries that wont stop pushing a lane.
    12) Other players that refuse to play support on principle. Seriously, don’t insult me core players. You’de be helpless and lost without me.

  • guy

    13) When the carry you’re laning with bot doesn’t know how to position and feeds the lane, then blames you and calls you a noob because you aren’t some sort of god who can kill the 2 players in lane with one spell.

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