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About Us

Asia is big. Its place in the world, even bigger.

Games in Asia is a digital media company dedicated to driving content, events, news, reviews, and everything related to video games and gaming in Asia. It is an offshoot of Tech in Asia, a news site that’s focused on the tech sector and startups.

Game content was originally shared on TiA, but we’ve long felt that Asia needed a dedicated gaming site, so we teamed up with the guys from Gamesaku and GiA was born. We currently have a diverse team with members based all over Asia and even in the US, all united by our passion for, and dedication to the games that Asia is creating and playing right now.

We love to write about everything related to games in Asia—both the games that Asian companies are making and the games that Asian gamers are playing. We love everything from casual mobile games to hardcore esports competitions, and we’re going to cover all of that—and more—here on GiA.

Please bookmark the site and check back often, as it’s still a work in progress and we’ve got some very exciting things planned as our team grows. If you want to get in touch, you can email us or add us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Reviews

Every game we review is scored using the same rubric, with a score of ten representing a perfect game and a score of zero representing the worst game ever. One thing you should know is that we don’t do score inflation; an average game may score a four, five, or six in our rubric; some very good games will get sevens and eights. We realize this is going against the grain a bit as the common practice in gaming media seems to be that anything below an 8 is awful, but we think that having the middle-of-the-road score (five) be truly average will help give you a better idea of which games are the best and how these games compare to each other. (That said, though, these review scores are just our opinions).

If you’re an Asia-based game developer want to get your game reviewed, simply get in touch and let us know. If you’re a game developer who’s not based in Asia and would like to get your game reviewed, you may want to look elsewhere. There are a billion sites about global gaming, but we’re focused on Asia here and we intend to stay that way.

Our Team

maryMary-Anne Lee likes animals and video games, and runs an animal welfare charity when she’s not working. She used to write for IGN Asia and has an on-again-off-again love affair with World of Warcraft.

Mary-Anne is in a committed relationship with Don Sim, CEO of Daylight Studios. She is based in Singapore.

custerCharlie Custer spends his days (and nights) writing about games. Prior to Games in Asia he was an editor at Tech in Asia for several years. He’s also written freelance articles about social issues in China for a variety of outlets, including The Guardian and The Atlantic. His favorite game level of all time is ‘The Milkman Conspiracy’ from Psychonauts.

Charlie is based in the US of A.

thomasThomas Price has been living in Beijing on and off for four years, supporting his arcade and portable gaming habits working as a translator and editor. Now permanently based there, he’s finally assembling a console and PC games collection again, while also covering gaming in China and beyond.

Thomas is based in China.

johnsextonJohn Sexton is an American expat who’s lived in Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. He’s currently writes about the games business in Asia, and is working on a game with his friends and roommates on a game called Ley Line.

John is co-founder and game designer at the studio Neorune. He is based in Malaysia.

iainIain Garner is a Scotsman living and working in China. An avid gamer, he especially loves consoles and is saving up to buy the next gen as well as ship his classic console collection from the UK.

Iain is based in China.

xaiXairylle is a writer and an artist who enjoys games, the Internet, anime, photography, and staying indoors. She is in love with Dota 2—the game, the scene, and everything in between. Before Games in Asia, Xairylle wrote for Back2Gaming and freelanced for multiple sites.

Xairylle is based in the Philippines.

rishiRishi Alwani plays a copious amount of video games. So much so that if you cut him, he’d probably bleed pixels. And when he’s not saving the world (virtually of course), he’s covering India’s growing game development scene.

Rishi previously worked at Square Enix, Disney India, and Milestone Interactive. He is based in India.

hieuAfter graduating from college, Hieu Le Dang started to write about technology trends, startups, and games in Vietnam. He has a great passion with mobile games, and loves experimenting with them on his iOS devices. Hieu also loves helping Vietnamese devs get their games out to the world. He like music, movies and sports.

Hieu is based in Vietnam.