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Anti-Korean sentiment in China: League of Legends fans call World Elite “crossbred dog team”

Anti-Korean sentiment in China: League of Legends fans call World Elite “crossbred dog team”

| July 24, 2014

Some people in China are still pissed that World Elite (WE) won the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Shenzhen League of Legends finals. And it’s not because those people are Edward Gaming (EDG) fans—although that would’ve been better—but rather because World Elite had to rely on Korean players.

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So when the League of Legends week 26 power rankings were posted on the popular Chinese news website, Duowan, and people found out that EDG ranked ahead of WE, fans of both teams had some very nasty words for each other.

comment 1

Trash WE, crossbred Chinese-Korean dog team. Stupid cunt WE. Fuck you.

comment 4

I am a fan of OMG, but the top comments are all talking about WE and EDG. If you ask me which of those two I support, then it’s definitely EDG. Both EDG and OMG are proud Chinese teams displaying their own strength, and will no doubt defeat the mixed trash dog teams like WE. EDG and OMG fans, come upvote!

comment 2

I laughed. WE defeated EDG 2-1 and still placed lower. Hahaha, I peed myself laughing.

comment 3

Namei is the number one ADC? I almost choked laughing. Weixiao is the best, alright? Uzi is also better than Namei.

WE trash, crossbred Chinese-Korean dog team.

comment 7

I laughed, who gave them the courage to say Namei is China’s number one ADC?

comment 6

EDG is all trash, disgusting. To call Namei the number one ADC, where’s Uzi? Styz? Kid?

Come on China, why so serious? Rooting for your favorite team is normal, but this kind of anti-Korean sentiment is becoming unhealthy.

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  • Alvin Jose Eccentric Gaquit

    Why are they complaining? Chinese love the dog meat.

  • Nicholas Nicholas

    what to do… china is always like dis… just accept the fact lol *

  • Jaret Nikolai

    Kind of like in NA where there are some people who complain that NA LCSis no longer NA LCS because of the amount of “non-American” players when in fact the only ones who have the right to complain are honest to goodness Native Americans because everyone else descended from colonists or where brought there willingly/unwillingly. There will always be racial sentiments/stupid hatebreeding when it comes to anything as long as people can’t see other people as just people, not their race or nationality or whatnot.

  • Kelsey

    I feel like you keep translating random fan comments and act like they’re representative of the entire Chinese fan mentality. You need to make this distinction better. This could literally be two people saying this. What about the countless fans who support the Korean players? I feel like they’re slightly under-represented in your translations.

    • Humberto

      @Kelsey nowhere in this article does it imply that this is the majority of the fans, but that doesn’t change that this is a shitty article.

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