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China’s game market took in $13 billion in 2013, PC games generate way more than mobile

China’s game market took in $13 billion in 2013, PC games generate way more than mobile

| December 30, 2013


Ever wonder what China’s video game market is worth? About 83.17 billion RMB ($13 billion), according to China’s GPC, a committee that tracks and oversees the games industry, and gaming site 17173. That’s the total amount the industry brought in in revenues this year, and it represents nearly 40 percent year-on-year growth. China’s games industry is growing like a weed, and here’s the chart to prove it:


Impressive, right? And interestingly, the vast majority of that revenue (64.5 percent, or about $8.7 billion) came from client-based PC games. Browser games took in just over $2 billion, and mobile games generated even less than that (about $1.8 billion, or about 13.5 percent of the industry total). Social games took in less than $1 billion, and console games — unsurprisingly — barely even registered, generating about $15 million in total revenue.

The results may come as a surprise to those who see mobile as the future of gaming, especially in Asia, as they prove that overwhelmingly, China’s paying gamers are still on the PC platform. In fact, if you count browser games as PC games as well (since they often can’t be played easily on mobile devices), then PC games accounted for more than 80 percent of the revenue generated by China’s games industry this year.

And there’s more good news for China’s game industry: domestic developers are getting stronger. While some of China’s gaming revenue was still generated by games developed overseas, domestically-developed games generated $7.8 billion this year, which represents nearly 30 percent year-on-year growth. Here’s another chart:


(via 17173)



  1. Growth rate of China’s domestic developers is lower than the growth rate of overseas developers. For overseas developers, they share in revenue has increased from 3.8b (9.8-6) to 5.2b (13-7.8). That’s a YOY growth of 58%!

  2. Correction, YOY growth rate of 37%. Wondering how the total growth rate is around 40% when both Domestic developers and overseas developers have grown at a smaller pace than the industry!

  3. EuropeanMaster

    shitty Free to Play and browser games. If this is future of PC gaming i say NO THANK YOU !!

  4. numble

    I think your analysis plays down the fact that mobile revenue grew 347% while PC gaming revenue growth was only 10.4%.

  5. C. Custer

    @numble: where did you get that number (347%)? It’s not in the report I read, and I can’t find it elsewhere, either.

  6. numble

    Simple, just look at the 2012 report, linked below. Mobile was only 5.4% of revenue in 2012 and only had 32.4亿 compared to 112.4亿 in 2013. Even if you conservatively assume that it grows just 1/3 as much in 2014 (that would still be more than doubling revenue), it will already be a huge part of the market in 2014. If it grows the same rate or faster than in 2013, then mobile revenue in 2014 will be over half of client-based revenue in 2013. If you want to make a statement about what the future is going to be like, it helps to look at the growth trend, not just the current snapshot of affairs.

  7. numble

    But my initial calculation was wrong–client based gaming revenue grew 18.9%. 10.4% is the amount that client-based PC revenue fell in terms of percentage of the market. It was 74.9% of the market in 2012, but dropped to 64.5% in 2013.

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