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Chinese 16-year-old allegedly murders roommate after losing League of Legends match

Chinese 16-year-old allegedly murders roommate after losing League of Legends match

| May 17, 2014


Games can be a source of joy and an escape, but they can also be an immense frustration. That’s especially true of games like League of Legends, where ragers and toxic teammates can make the experience of a loss even less pleasant. But several days ago, one Chinese student in Chenzhou took an LoL loss way too hard and reacted by doing something that few of us would ever even contemplate: murdering his roommate and friend.

The two boys in question were 16-year-old Liu Kai and his 18-year old roommate Li Bo—both names have been changed to protect their true identities—students and roommates at Chenzhou Vocational Technical College. The two were reportedly friends; one of their teachers told reporters that “they were always hanging out together, and had a good relationship.”

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But on the evening of May 9th, something went wrong. Just after 7 P.M., a member of the dormitory staff noticed blood under the door of Building 6′s room 323 (pictured above sealed with police tape), where they lived. The door was locked, so the employee called the police, who kicked the door in. There, they found Lo Bo’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, and Liu Kai sitting in a corner.

“According to the initial investigation, the incident was sparked by a video game,” the school’s spokesman told reporters. The current understanding of what happened is apparently that Liu was playing League of Legends, and after three consecutive losses, his anger got the better of him and he slashed his roommate with a fruit knife. However, the police have not made any formal announcements or confirmed what happened, beyond the fact that Li Bo was murdered and that his roommate Liu Kai is in custody and accused of committing the crime.

Depressingly, the Chinese-language reporting on the subject comes along with testimony from an “expert” about how children like to imitate what they see while playing violent games in real life. While I agree that exposing young children to violent games isn’t a great idea, as my colleague Xairylle once wrote, blaming real-life violence on MOBA games is ridiculous—your kid isn’t going to wake up one day and start laning.

Li Bo’s death is a tragedy, and if Liu Kai is indeed guilty he will serve his sentence. But blaming League of Legends, or gaming in general, for this case strikes me as baseless.

(via Netease Games/Xiaoxiang Morning News)

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  1. Try dota 2! Lol

    • Jesus christ. I play Dota2 more than LoL but you guys are just making the game look bad.

      Shut up already.

    • madLoLplayers

      Inb4 butthurt League players :)

      • madDOTAplayers

        You’re name is “madLoLplayers” grow up man…

        • Not Anonymous

          I salute you good sir.



          • nope

            Not really though

    • dont you see that a guy killed his grandmother because of dota 2?

    • Adam Cammock

      Both games are equally toxic dude.
      And they’re both completely different apart from the genre being the same

    • Look at related stuff

      Try to scroll up. Teenager allegedly kills his own grandmother because she interrupted his Dota game. Here is a link

      It looks more like they just want to blame games but guys next time you want to kill someone over a game just do it over Hallo Kitty or something like that. Would make a way more fun headline.

    • Logic

      I guess you haven’t heard about the Filipino teenager who killed his grandmother for interrupting his game

  2. Francis Tumibay Its probably just the same

  3. China.

  4. Thats the 3rd case ive heard that crime was involved becoz of gaming in china…. Sigh..

    • Inti

      It’s a fallacy to assume that just because two events happen one after the other they are somehow linked. In this case, it’s not right to assume that the crime was related to gaming just because he was gaming before. But of course, the media does not give a single fuck about logical thinking, and neither does the avarage reader :D

    • Youreamoron

      No the crimes are caused by severe mental problems and anger issues. He just so happened to be gaming when this was triggered.

  5. lol?

  6. LoL CAN BE DANGEROUS THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT XD ANYWAYS WHO HAS BRAUM? I have him already he a badass tank support :D

  7. ^Fuck off. Play dota2

  8. What?!

  9. just play dota

  10. thats why dota 2 is better *grabs popcorn*

    • i love how nobody care abuot your comment,you waste your popcorn

  11. dota 2 sucks

  12. HAHAHA

  13. Worth!

  14. DOTA2 is the best it doesn’t suck…..we don’t want fight….we didn’t even say anything negative about LOL so please stop saying it sucks

  15. DoTa rocks man

  16. LOL

  17. DMel

    Why is this LoL vs Dota? I play both and they’re both really fun.

    Back to the news story, imitating LoL? What?? Since when do you deny allies in League?

  18. Enough LoL here

  19. Jiawei Ee

  20. this news makes me LOL!

  21. well there are cases too that a grandmother was killed because of dota and a kid was killed by his friend because of dota..this is the firstime i saw game in asia post a murder related to lol..

  22. DotA2 and LoL both have assholish, immature players. Doesn’t matter whichever you play, there will be people who do not have the right mentality when it comes to games.

  23. Sure

    DotA 2 players not toxic?
    Reminds me of that time where a DotA 2 animator decided to do a DotA 2 x LoL 3D Animation Crossover using Source Filmmaker.
    And guess what? He got death threats from no other than the DotA 2 community, and what’s even worse was that DotA 2 players just shrugged it off as it happens everytime. Like, what the fuck.

    Conclusion? I’m butthurt and both games are toxic.

  24. Now everyone will blame the game and not the stupidity of some immature people …sigh…

  25. butthurtdotafan

    but but guys dota is so much better :( QQ

  26. getting mad out of LoL ? that shit is for kids wtf ..

  27. John

    I play lol and it makes me want to be a terrorist, murder people, steal lunch money.

    And my upbringing has nothing to do with it

  28. HOLYfuNk

    100% lost promo

  29. not a suprise … i bet the people in the match were not a help either .. i bet they told the kid to go end himself and that they will rape his mom in the match.. the league of legends community is absolutely terrible.. if you ever want a true taste of how human beings treat other human beings.. play this game it actually makes me sick what ppl say to others.. myself included

  30. What!?

  31. Jaydon Harvey Carlo Theriault Isaiah Harvey CJ Hayward

  32. most gamers need to separate their gaming life and reality i saw a news on tv that boy kills his best friend after losing in dota 2

  33. le dota 2 master race XD KILL ALL LEAGUE OF LEGENDS PLAYERS XD

    • Both of the games are fun no need to troll this hard

  34. John Harrington

    Hey Hey, its not matter of fucking LoL or fucking Dota , its matter of fucking CHING CHUNG CHONG Chinese ppl. Go fuck them. Do not downgrade the games we love. Fuck Chinese.

  35. 16/18 is not a child, its a mentally ill individual.

  36. Andy Sulenski

    Once again they want to make the news more popular by making it controversial.
    A new generation that is mostly using the new technology and the old stuck up traditional people who still play with mud for fun.
    Well it caught my attention since i never read news because they exaggerate all the time.
    Like RIGHTNOW.
    So the reason he killed the dude is some FREE to play multiplayer game = 100% reason say the reporters.
    And not maybe bad treatment in school,bad parenting,maybe some stress from the social world and etc. = 0% say the reporters.

    Next time i see a terrorist with a bomb,a rapist on the street with a knife,i will just let them be,since they are not playing video games and therefore not dangerous to society and their chance of killing anyone is 0% according to these reporters.

  37. the real ANAL-yst

    This is because there are no ways for the chinese kids to release their stress. It just comes out as pent up anger.

  38. I think people should stop blaming LOL and other violent games from what these kids done in their lives… Its just a game… Not to take that seriously… If you lost in the game… FINE… But killing for the sake of their frustration??? Duh???

  39. LOL

  40. cenobite

    Put some safety gear while playing LOL, its very dangerous nowadays.

  41. Eduardo

    1 less retard in the planet, still to much live yet…..

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