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Discussion: over your entire life, what single game have you spent the most time playing?

Discussion: over your entire life, what single game have you spent the most time playing?

| March 31, 2014

Over the course of our gaming lives, most of us play hundreds of different games. Some of them barely get a minute or two of our attention, others take hours, days, or weeks. But there are always those few games that can hold our attention for years on end. What single game have you spent the most time playing over the course of your life?


Xairylle: Street Fighter Zero 2. I played this with my cousins everyday every summer during my four years of high school. Aside from Starcraft, this was one game we bonded heavily over. We were playing on an old SNES and the cartridge wasn’t really ours so we tried to make the most out of it every year, though eventually we realized that the original owner didn’t want it back. It was the game I’d play if I wanted quick games with no story lines and puzzles. It was also the game I’d play if I was sad or angry. Just lots of action and lots of Ryu Hoshi. I eventually introduced the game to several younger classmates in college (I was four years older than them) and we’d have mini round-robin tournaments at my place.


Iain: Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (BGII). It was tough to choose between this and Fallout 3 but in the end BGII has to be the winner. If you look at the rest of my colleagues, you will notice a leaning towards multiplayer, but unfortunately I lived in the middle of the British countryside surrounded by aging farmers with dial-up internet speeds. There weren’t a lot of options for me to play multiplayer games. Also, I hate people.

And so it was that I got hooked on Forgotten Realms by the gone-but-not-forgotten developers of Black Isle. I loved the sweeping stories, the myriad of options and the insanely cool characters. I’ve played through most of the Forgotten Realms games at some point but BGII remains my favourite. Why? Because you are the child of the Bhaal, god of murder, that’s why! Screw you Hercules, my dad is literally the god of stabbing people who aren’t expecting it, take Zeus and his sissy lightning bolts and sod off.

It’s a great story and can be played again and again to different effects. The character scripting is amazing and so, so detailed. I have completed this game and its expansion packs at least a dozen times and I have been resisting buying the HD relaunch precisely because I think it will consume my soul. Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!


Charlie: Timesplitters: Future Perfect. If you haven’t heard of Timesplitters (most people haven’t) it was an amazing FPS series for the PS2, created by the guys who made Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark after they formed their own studio. All of the Timesplitters games were good, but Future Perfect, the third and sadly final game in the series, was an absolute masterpiece. My friends in college bought me a used copy of the game for $10, and I’ve never gotten more value out of anything in my life. Between the game’s absolutely hilarious single-player story, its utterly addictive split-screen multiplayer and challenge modes, and its brilliant in-game map editor, I have surely spent thousands of hours in the world of Cortez and his associates.

The game seriously has so much content that it borders on absurd: boatloads of missions of all sorts, 150 different playable characters (seriously), and a number of different map-maker themes that allow you to create virtually infinite levels and then play them with friends. I can still remember the layout of one Egyptian-themed map I designed that was a ton of fun for CTF games, and my friends and I still quote the game’s amusing one-liners at each other on a regular basis (we have most of them memorized from playing through the single-player campaign so many times).


Mary-Anne: Motherfucking World of Warcraft, baby. I can’t log in now to check my /played because I haven’t been active for a while, but I will never forget this game. And let’s just say that when I first checked my /played, which was several years ago now, I already got a shock at how high the number was.

In truth I will probably remember World of Warcraft better than a lot of firsts in my life. I have met friends, boyfriends, and random internet people in that online universe. Better than that, it was the closest thing to escaping into a fantasy world. I’ll never forget the first time I stood on the scorched ground of Hellfire Peninsula and just looked up at an alien sky.

Sure, you can say that MMORPGs are just grindfests, but World of Warcraft was the culmination of a decades-old, huge-ass universe first brought to life in Warcraft and…well…it’s really everything you could have expected the world of Azeroth to be. I shan’t go into sappy detail about the game, but it takes a certain sort of game to keep you playing every day for six hours at a stretch, even when you fail repeatedly at taking down a boss. It wasn’t that I wanted to keep playing with friends, or that I was addicted. There was just nothing better or more entertaining than wandering all of Kalimdor, Outland, Azeroth, Pandaria and Northland on foot. Azeroth will always be my second home.

What single game have you spent the most time playing over the course of your life?

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  • Leo Bien Durana

    Probably CS 1.X, then BF 1942, and TES Series :D

  • Julius Pichay

    Dota 2

  • Reeve Chua

    League of Legends

  • Calvin Yio

    My own life

  • Dominic Tng Poon Yeow

    World of Warcraft. The amount of time I spent was ridiculous. I haven’t found a game beating that record yet. Quit 3 years ago

  • Trïstän Kürl Güsäy Vïllänüëvä

    Kingdoms of Amalur (Reckoning)

  • Jc Maglanque


  • Kyle Ace Cortez Jaum

    League Of Legends, Anime Pirates, Goodgame Galaxy, Goodgame Empire

  • Dyllan Lopez

    Dota 2 with 1532 Hours.

  • Kenneth Pyy

    For now is Hearthstone.

  • Razel Jade Hijastro

    Dota 2

  • Vince Edward San Juan

    Pokemon Y

  • Takeshi E. Yasutoko


  • Daiki Sendo

    Dota 2 :)

  • Tiago Rodrigues Correia Pinto

    COD: MW3

  • Aaron S. Inciso


  • Aaron Nic Satoshii Kun

    TF2 ~

  • Kenneth Gange

    League Of Legends

  • Michael de Belen


  • Din Andrei Palero

    Dota 2

  • JOshua EClipse

    angry birds!

  • Patrick Concepcion

    LoL DOta

  • Alvin Jan Idul Montante


  • Charles Willham

    more like Warcraft 3

  • Mark Jared Urbano


  • Jaco Gagarin Cañete

    dota 2

  • Martin Kyle Wilkerson

    Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z

  • Angelo Estrada


  • Hans Horlacher


  • Stephen Abad

    League of legends, dragon nest

  • Lance Magarillos

    League of Legends and Crossfire

  • Ashley Valle

    Tetris :3

  • Silverhase Moon Lord

    Dragon Nest

  • Nilo Adona Barlizo

    Crossfire and League of Fgts..

  • Nilo Adona Barlizo

    Crossfire and League of Fgts..

  • Trafalgar Law


  • Head Hunter

    dota,dawn of war

  • Youngz Hein


  • Lance Alden Garcia Mendoza


  • Karsteen Bahan Bautista

    Dota 2 and Warcraft three.

  • Jacie Cunanan


  • Benedict Dulay


  • Gabriela Scheid

    World of Warcraft

  • Ian Trinidad … Well see who will not spend more time on this unknown game ;)

  • Ralph Angelo Natagoc

    Warcraft Fozen Throne

  • Sakurai Getsumori

    fuqing disgaea =w=

  • Gyle Maguad

    League of Legends…. Dota 2

  • Lance Protacio

    Flyff was the longest and currently playing Guild Wars 2 since the headstart

  • Ralph Oberio


  • Mukhesh Ravi

    Heroes of Newerth and Dota 2

  • Vbon Rubinos


  • Alem Astoveza

    Grand Chase

  • Alem Astoveza

    and Hello Hero

  • Ræmøn Martinez

    dota 2 and dota

  • Joshtemprr Faze

    Cod Blackops & Graal era
    over 18 hours no stop

  • Daniel

    Any League of Legends players here? :)

  • Dale Ivan P. Navarro

    Dota 2

  • Pretending Ix Art


  • Arjo Dc

    Monster Hunter

  • SeanJames Ruben Roxas Flores

    modern warfare

  • Justin Cloyd Sernal

    Dota 2.

  • Christovher Michael Reeves

    Zombie Raiders In Smartphones/Computers/PC Tablets

  • Rizza Mae Baligad


  • Rhyle Fundal

    Dota, dota 2, LOL, minecraft, flappy bird

  • Lei Rodriguez

    Dota 2

  • Sean Sarmiento


  • Johnlee M. Estela

    urban basketball and dota

  • Joshua Cabague

    borderlands 2

  • Denzel Kurt Mesa

    Heroes of Newerth

  • Jay Delgado

    i would like to say pokemon but they are divided into different versions so for 1 solid game i would have to say ragnarok online

  • Yves Miguel M. Habab

    about 5 years playing macross in Family computer , 1year in international HoN, 2years in SEA HoN and now 3 Years at DotA 2.

  • Jason XD Dacoro

    League Of Legends….Assult Fire

  • MJ Luz Fernandez


  • Jerwin Florendo


  • Ronnie Macaspac


  • Rizky Mahardika


  • ziE

    Warcraft III :)

  • Haha Haha Haha

    Dota and clash of clans

  • Tre Corsanes


  • Vandolph Wayne Porlas Young


  • Andre Amante


  • Vincent Valentine


  • Eleanor Javier


  • IVlarius Cabigting


  • Justin Montoya


  • Lemuel Barretto

    2k14 & Modern Warfare

  • Remar L. Maata

    dota 2

  • Michael Benny Camina Batilo

    DOTA 2

  • Evernal Sue

    football manager/champs manager

  • MhArk Joseph Estigoy

    Resident Evil series!…

  • Luis M. Musni

    Assasin creed

  • Anthony Santos

    Grand Theft Auto

  • Jaypoy Liboon


  • Itzme Coolest

    Sometimes ARMA III sometimes Skyrim V

  • Laurence Divina

    dota and nba 2k14

  • Renz Silungan


  • Arenas Lil’mhaxtah

    Special force dfi,crosd fire ph,modern warfare 3

  • Luis Miguel Constantino

    League of Legends

  • Hassan Mir

    gta 4

  • Leon

    At least 20,000 hours in WoW… and I quit 2 years ago… :[

  • Rommel Aspe


  • Donato Esparas Queyquep

    Dota 2 but now Bioshock Infinite (I Always Play the last part)

  • Dinda Violetz

    ¤INDONISEA hebat bisa gandakan pulsa 2 x¤

    hanya pelanggan_XL_INDOSAT_EXIS~

    ketik AVATARG5(spasi)XA6_kirim ke 3767 _minimal pulsa 5500 ,di gandakan jdi 11000rb_

    ketik AVATARG10(spasi)XA6_kirim ke 3767_minimal pulsa 12000rb di gandakan jdi 24000rb

    aman -100%
    (ingat hurup besar cuntoh”AVATARG5 XA6_kirim ke 3767


  • Junnel Bartolome Malias

    Pink Games

  • Ash Ketchum

    FFX – 100 hours to complete the sphere grid for every single character in the game!

  • Ash Ketchum

    Then again.. if you count the 6 bots I used to run for Ragnarok Online that go on for 24 hours a day for 6 months.. thats 25,920 hours collectively.. okay its RO.

  • Duy Nguyen

    Rockman X4

  • Alejandro LThug CF


  • Anton Maraldo

    DotA 2

  • Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow

    LoL. :D

  • Çlàïdë Jåy Ç. Pìtâlgö

    Cabal and Nw

  • Murasa Kibara


  • Miccollo Miguel Mijares

    Gta V

  • Prince Aquino


  • Manish Sethi

    dota 7580 hrs

  • Manish Sethi

    cs 3480

  • Jude Michael Prado

    SAMP and LOL

  • Syahmu Mugni


  • Edrick Perjes

    League of Legends

  • Nikki Joy L. Paragwuas


  • Minecraft Pro Fourcher

    League Of Legends

  • Minecraft Pro Fourcher

    League Of Legends

  • Kianoosh Javidanmehr

    world of warcraft

  • Nicolas Andrew B. Ison

    DoTa 2

  • Rajo Noel Solano

    Edrick Perjes sinungaling ka

  • Phascal Celefestiv

    Dota 2

  • Rajo Noel Solano

    Roblox,Minecraft and League of Legends

  • Joward Lapeña

    snake – Nokia 3210

  • Danny Boy Guardiario

    Dota 5

  • Danny Boy Guardiario

    Dota 5

  • Dence Uchiha

    LOL xD

  • Steven Chen


  • Denver Eleazar


  • Denver Eleazar

    ang tetris

  • Joaquinne Miguel Dela Cruz

    Dota 2

  • Tammy Gwyneth Geronimo

    cafe land marketlnd

  • Laurence G. Guelos

    DOTA 2

  • Lanz Serrano


  • Russel Futalan

    dragon nest XD

  • Buboi Pascual

    League of Legends PH. XD

  • Lavoj Luab Serotse


  • Denzel V. Tomagos

    Defense of the Ancients

  • Vincent Paul Lubio


  • Johnrey A. Villaro


  • Vince Abas

    Dota 2

  • James Leanda


  • Wacky Comaling

    Dota 2

  • ModCrazy Andre

    dota 1

  • Sobhan Ghanbary


  • Gavin Arthur Caras

    Dota. LoL

  • James


  • Jeanson Ruiz Galupo

    dota 2

  • Jeanson Ruiz Galupo

    dota 2

  • Abes Diven Pecho Dmzn

    Dragon Nest

  • Athrun Zala

    #DragonNestSEA and #Dota2PH

  • Lance Genave


  • Hafiz Ganker


  • Ermia Emerald

    Final fantasy III and IV:the after years

  • Hanif Naufal


  • Hanif Naufal


  • Johnford Niño L. Servan

    Both Dark Souls 1 and 2

  • Johnford Niño L. Servan

    Both Dark Souls 1 and 2

  • Gus Aldrich Ducusin


  • Gus Aldrich Ducusin


  • Dats M Indar

    dota 2

  • Dats M Indar

    dota 2

  • Carlo Jay Lobiano

    League of legends

  • Carlo Jay Lobiano

    League of legends

  • PaTrick ViRay


  • PaTrick ViRay


  • James Ian Diaz


  • James Ian Diaz


  • Chrisly Guadayo

    Dota 2

  • Chrisly Guadayo

    Dota 2

  • Danilo Miguel Bernardo

    Nba 2k14

  • Danilo Miguel Bernardo

    Nba 2k14

  • Benter Peñaflorida Tuvalles

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

  • Benter Peñaflorida Tuvalles

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

  • Daniel Villaflor

    blacklight retribution and my name in that game is AnimeSAOswordart

  • Daniel Villaflor

    blacklight retribution and my name in that game is AnimeSAOswordart

  • Prince Jeremy Royo Vivas


  • Prince Jeremy Royo Vivas


  • Melvin Canoy Llanera

    burat ko

  • Melvin Canoy Llanera

    burat ko

  • Rhomar Clarence Layug Prangan

    warcraft 3 and tetris

  • Rhomar Clarence Layug Prangan

    warcraft 3 and tetris

  • Joshua Curayag

    Dota and tetrus

  • Joshua Curayag

    Dota and tetrus

  • Jm Blor

    league of legend

  • Luke Miguel Guevarra

    NBA 2K

  • Jay Chen

    NBA 2K. . .

  • Francis Andrew Carabuena


  • Daniel Malinao

    COD MW2

  • Laksh Haren Perera


  • Nero Sparda

    dmc 4, persona 3/4 and LoL

  • James Eugene Villocero Dantes


  • Adrian James Hicaro


  • Daniel Cruz


  • 陈侣兴

    command and conquer,call of duty mw4,call of duty mw2,call of duty mw3,counter strike

  • Reinzee L. Castillo


  • Karlos Tadeo

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series

  • Edgardale Zaragoza

    Dota And PinkGames

  • Jerome Gonzales


  • Sidney Russell Mencias


  • Gabriel Daniel Galang

    Dota 2

  • Zakarias Danujatmiko

    magic: the gathering

  • Johncarlo Platon


  • Edmer Caring Ulan-ulan

    cs go and KOA..

  • Brian Dongon Sabanal


  • Jamshaid Akhter

    Data 2

  • Edmar Bolivar


  • Nethanel Gaming

    dota 2

  • Matthew Austin Tio Cuison

    Call of Duty series

  • Jemuel Peter N. Infante

    dota 2 dota1

  • Job Val Pago

    Dota 2 XD

  • Riko A. Francia


  • Rundel Aaron Gayuma

    Dota 2 xD

  • Eiuol Int Lieuqexe


  • Aldrich Fang

    League Of Legends

  • Sukriti Aren Agarwal

    Mario x’D

  • Denzell Zepeda

    Dota 2

  • Frank Jordan

    DOTA 2

  • Ashc Aaron William

    Titanfall & COD Ghosts.

  • Ramon Benedict Flores

    Dota 2

  • Michael Camacho

    dota 2

  • Rainiel Aguda

    Heroes of Newerth

  • Mêh Dį

    @need for speed most wanted 2012

  • Jb Roxas

    HON (Heroes of Newerth) and Quake 3

  • Rainier Robbie Bobiles


  • Allanvincent O Nefalar

    League of legends

  • Mark Andrew Sotoy

    Call of duty 1-3

  • Rajan L Jesoro

    aion free to play()

  • Touhou Konpaku

    dark sider 2

  • Jeremy Delacruz Æ


  • Dela Cruz Joshua

    dota 2

  • Debarghya Das


  • Ken Veneracion


  • Jeboy Chiu


  • Wahini Elejorde Baylosis

    Tekken mostly

  • Bi Mongol Otaku

    dota 2 1050 hours………. still not enough

  • Cold Austin Carmona

    Dota 2

  • Bhoxz’s Mark Soccress


  • Angelo Tolentino

    war craf

  • Anthony Baguio

    dungepn rampage

  • Geno Backyard

    League of Legends

  • Jason Cariaso

    dota 2

  • Arfem Montera Laingo

    dota 1, but dota 2 is catching up :3

  • Clarkjake Bullecer Balagulan

    dota lol dota2

  • Nizar Lasatan

    Dota2 1976 hours

  • Julrhence Javier

    special force

  • Jhirö Kosa Ü

    Crossfire Philippines

  • Chaze Marquez Canta

    League of Legends

  • RuXeph Caine Tumulak


  • Ashly James Madrigalejos

    League of Legends

  • Umi Serrano

    Dota .

  • Shanley Ymor Aguilar

    dota 2

  • Jan Loyd Galleto

    DOTA 2

  • Gian William Ramelb

    Wwe 2k14 & gta v

  • Matthew Casihan

    dota 2 …1500hrs on the record and still counting

  • Noli Santos

    Dota :D

  • Jj Yamateh


  • Jasper Auxilio


  • John Ross Cruz

    Dota 2

  • KN Manzano

    Dota2 & HoN

  • Aron Balines

    League of Legends

  • Manera Dhieter

    DOTA 2

  • Juluis Tadena

    dota 1

  • Tim Gonzales

    dota 2

  • Vanja Jovanovic

    Dota 2

  • Sugi

    I have to say Futures Perfect is probably the best FPS ever made, it maybe could have been esports title too possibly, given right timing and all that. Sadly TS4 probably won’t happen.

  • Jayson

    PS1 Street Fighter Zero 3 – 600+ hours
    PS1 Biohazard 3 – 30+ completions
    PS2 Armored Core 3 – 300+ sorties
    PS2 Biohazard 4 – 20+ completions (+6 on PRO)
    PS3 Biohazard 5 – 300hrs (bfore YLOD)
    PS3 Dead Space 2 – 13 completions (+1 on Hard Core)
    PS4 Need for Speed Rivals – 38 hours (as of August 2014)

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