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Dota movie hits Philippine theaters (no, it’s not Free To Play)

Dota movie hits Philippine theaters (no, it’s not Free To Play)

| April 9, 2014


While waiting for lunch today, I chanced upon a weekly movie guide and saw that one of the titles was Dota (Nakakabaliw). Roughly translated, that means Dota (Drives [You] Crazy).

Thinking (and hoping) that it was some sort of joke, I checked it out and found this trailer. It’s in Filipino (Tagalog), but trust me when I say that you don’t really need subtitles to figure out most of what’s going on.

In case you can’t watch or were perhaps too emotionally scarred by the video, Dota (Nakakabaliw) was summarized by Rappler to be “the destructive story of lives ruined by Dota. A group of teenagers get into a series of misadventures stemming from their obsession with the online game.”

From the video, we can gather that it’s a story of a guy who was so obsessed with the game that he stopped going to school, got into a fight (with a keyboard and CPU tower), hit his head, and became a dazed, crazy (fruit-stealing) boy who was later found by his parents and love interest as he was dancing in the middle of a school gymnasium.

I don’t know anymore.

I could be wrong about some details of the story, but that doesn’t change the fact that the movie trailer is still another poorly-researched and misleading portrayal of Pinoy Dota. I’m no movie critic, but I’m a gamer, and I can tell you that this movie has done a horrible job of portraying gamers as people who throw system units at each other, or use a keyboard as a deadly weapon.

At the end of the day, I sincerely hope that this movie is a joke; that it’s satiric, and that I just reacted too soon to a late April Fool’s prank or something. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go play some actual Dota 2 to calm myself down.

How does Philippine media perceive gaming?
  • The Filipino media’s hate for gaming, and why that’s wrong


The mainstream media seem to favor reporting only negative gaming news, and I fail to understand why.



  1. It’s not yet showing I think

  2. whaaaa’t?

  3. wew…!! anyare :)

  4. crap!

  5. Francisse Joseph

    Too sarcastic

  6. fuck shit,, this video make DotA look like bad

  7. i’m embarassed to say that it’s so terri-bad that it even makes the “Gwapings” look like “The Godfather” by comparison.

  8. its embarrassing Filipino Dota

  9. parang tanga haha

  10. zzzzzz… filipino media hates gaming at all, they created this movie just to discouraged us to any e-sport..

  11. eric james

    I am a filipino. I then can say that, this is true and had happened in some internet shop which cause damage of property. Also as I remembered, there was a teenage kid was killed because of “trashtalk” while playing dota. As an internet cafe owner, I can also say that, Dota is much different from Dota 2. In dota I can say to have more violence than. While Dota 2 is not.

    In time of Dota, my shop is crowded and so noisy. In Dota 2, my shop is in calm and peaceful. Why? Because in Dota, then played 5 versus 5 in a single shop. While in Dota 2, they can play alone or in a team but their opponent is in another place.

    • haha

      @eric james

      Can you link to news articles about the trashtalk incidents?

      >Because in Dota, then played 5 versus 5 in a single shop

      Not necessarily, if there’s internet in the shop, people played online too, Garena, RGC, and other shit.

      > While in Dota 2, they can play alone or in a team but their opponent is in another place.

      They can play LAN in dota2 as well.

    • dota player

      It is very true that there are a lot of incidents that happen where there are fights or someone gets actually killed due to “trashtalking”.

      That being said, the movie (judging from the trailer) portrayed that one can actually be insane by playing dota and that’s just absurd.

  12. im a filipino…….minsan na lng aq mag dodota

  13. Victor Maknae hahaha

  14. Ahahahaha

  15. king ina ang layo ng kwento e hahaha mukang naisingit lng ung dota e

  16. That’s the filipino media. Showing how much they hate video games.

  17. Somebody you used to know

    Don’t worry man. The director who made this is well known for making substandard films.

  18. fuck

  19. This movie is full of bullshit.
    Fuckin’ noob in movie making.

  20. Reu James Faustino Christopher Mar Bayaban XD lol

  21. 1:07 “Don’t move, imma hit you.”

  22. corny

  23. Not real

  24. axelq123

    its time we learned our lesson. teach pinoy dota dont just scream at them and calling them noobs even though they are or it will effects their lives and become extremely violent

  25. this is a very cheap and worst movie ever created..

    If you want others appreciate this kind of movie first choose the right actor/actres.

    Duh?? I will waste my money playing dota rather watching this nonsense movie..

    Very cheap

  26. FuckYouAll

    What the fuck? Fucking tagalogs! You should be sent to jail for doing this. You are making DOTA a horrible thing!

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