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Eedoo CT-510 Has Sold “Several Thousand” Units Since April Launch

Eedoo CT-510 Has Sold “Several Thousand” Units Since April Launch

| September 12, 2012


Although cynical, I am always curious about Eedoo’s CT-510 game console, er home entertainment device, sorry: “living room workout computer.” I got in touch recently with an Eedoo rep to ask how the CT-510 was selling, and also what plans were for the iSec, the true game console the company had originally been planning, which I was told last spring was still in the works.

Eedoo marketing director Agnes Yuan didn’t comment directly on sales numbers, but referred me to a few Chinese media reports that included them, like this one from late July which reports the CT-510 has sold “several thousand” units including “more than one hundred” from its Beijing-based experience store. It cites Eedoo CEO Jack Luo as saying that he expects the device to have some “tens of thousands” of units by the end of its first fiscal year (March 31, 2013).

That’s most definitely a modest goal for a device that cost $15 million in R&D alone, and although it’s difficult to find a fair direct comparison, it’s worth noting that Microsoft’s Kinect motion gaming device sold over 8 million units (worldwide) in its first 60 days. Jack Luo has expressed a lot of confidence in the Eedoo team, but he also told Hexun Tech that “in the past, there have been other strong and powerful companies that have released similar products [to the CT-510], but they all quickly vanished without a trace in the marketplace.”

I for one am still not clear on how Eedoo plans to avoid that fate itself.

As to the fate of the gaming-focused iSec console, Ms. Yuan commented directly:

iSec is just a name and isn’t important, and we are indeed continuing R&D on new products. Details will be announced publicly after the products are released.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on how the CT-510 is doing when we get more information.


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