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Female DotA 2 SEA League now accepting registrations

Female DotA 2 SEA League now accepting registrations

| November 13, 2013

You might say female gamers are rare, but they —we —definitely exist. It is the goal of Female DotA 2 to provide a platform and community where female gamers can grow in both skill and character so they can eventually partake in various competitions without having to be segregated by gender. The website, which is still in beta, is currently run by five people (full disclosure: I’m one of them).

As part of Female DotA 2’s website beta, it will be hosting the Female DotA 2 SEA League (FSL), an all-female Dota 2 league starting November 16, 2013. The league is open to all Southeast Asian female teams. That means no guy teams and no mixed teams are allowed. Each team may register up to eight members and all games will be played on the Singapore server unless both teams agree to host it on another server. There are no prizes at the moment, but interested teams can register online via the official Female DotA 2 SEA League registration page.

For updates and more information, head over to the official Female DotA 2 website or check the Facebook page and Twitter account.

  • Vixx

    Will be a fun event! Hope some teams outside Singapore enter. I know of 1 Australian team already :P.

  • Aikk

    i really hope there will be a lan finals in the future! :)

  • jzmrz

    This is awesome! Anyone planning to cast this? Updates on the match results etc?

  • axizlight

    This is good. I hope female teams in DotA 2 will grow continuously. Too bad I don’t have a team. :) haha!

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