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Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay trailer has left us none the wiser

Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay trailer has left us none the wiser

| February 11, 2014

If it feels like a long time since you first heard about Final Fantasy XV, that’s because it has been. It was eight years ago that Final Fantasy versus XIII was first announced and the game has only recently resurfaced as Final Fantasy XV.

To put this into a personal context, that’s two years longer than my brother has been alive and I hadn’t even started university yet. That’s a hell of a long time.

But, things are finally beginning to heat up, and it looks like we are going to get to see the most reclusive of Final Fantasies at last. Most importantly, we have a trailer to help with the hype and to give us a glimpse at how the game will play.

YouTube Preview Image

Unfortunately after watching this trailer I still have no idea how Final Fantasy XV will actually work. Is Square Enix going for a Devil May Cry (DMC) style action game or is this just some really awesome-looking Active Time Battle (ATB); the system we saw in Final Fantasy XIII and its successors? I just don’t know.

Look at the section where they are fighting the massive sword wielding beast. That looks too choreographed to be free for all action, but it is obviously part of the “gameplay” section. What about the battle with the police? It looks too action-packed to be ATB but too clunky to be free flowing DMC style combat. Honestly, I am stumped.

I still don’t really know what to expect from this title but I am intrigued because I love the setting and I love the plot. You are a prince in a crime family that controls the city, oh and you have a big sword and use magic. Sold!

Oh, and before anyone gets excited about the 2.22 date at the end, that is the date the PS4 is launched in Japan, not the date that the game is released.

  • Jeremy

    Even though Sony is branding this a “new” trailer, most of the footage is actually pretty old and from half a year ago. It seems like the game will be an action-oriented RPG with probably a few quicktime events and cover shooter influences. The ATB battle stystem isn’t going to be used here, I think it’s going to be similar to DMC with some Kingdom Hearts influences thrown in.

    Kotaku aggregated most of the info on the game a while ago:

    • Iain Garner

      Hey thanks for the source. It still doesn’t look like free-flow action to me though, however it could just be clunky… for some reason I am having flashbacks to The Bouncer *Shudder*.

  • Jomar Romuar

    best game ever awooooooooooo

  • Kumo

    “Is Square Enix going for a Devil May Cry (DMC) style action game”
    did you seriously just refer this as DMC style action game or just refer this as Hack and Slash category?lol

  • xino

    the combat is real time, like Tales series game.
    the part with Boss and you sword clashing, being choreography is probably QTE or just pressing correct button prompts on screen. It was removed to make the trailer flashier.
    You have 2 characters to help you, when you press example L1, the guy with gun shoots anyone as an assist. Pressing example R2, the big guy will assist you with his sword.

    this will be my first Final Fantasy game, i hate turn based RPG:/

    just remember the battle with first boss Metal Gear Ray in Metal Gear Rising.

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      I feel sad cause I like turn based RPGs

  • Kevin

    ok, you date back to Final Fantasy XV for 5 years when its been longer, you also claim to still have no idea when it was explained time and time again its reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts action base.

    and i dont know why you’re clarifying to people that 2.22 date was the date for the ps4 launch. Yes we know, the 2.22 campaign didn’t even show Final Fantasy XV, all it featured was the ps4 console and its fans.

    I don’t know what you mean by “clunky” either.

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