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Flappy Bird has flapped its way to your PC

Flappy Bird has flapped its way to your PC

| February 4, 2014

If you want to play Flappy Bird and have no access to a smart phone for some reason, don’t worry, as you can now play Flappy Bird on your browser. Yes, the tapping sensation that invaded smart phones like a storm over the weekend is now available to play on your PC’s browser any time.

So what’s the difference? Nothing, really. Other than clicking your mouse instead of tapping the screen, it’s basically the same game —frustrations and all. You can also play the game via Facebook in case you —I don’t know —want to have the Facebook chat bar accessible while you flap through pipes?

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Flappy Bird is a mobile game that entails being a pixellated bird, flapping, and trying not to hit pipes. It's stupid, frustrating, impossible, and addictive as all hell.

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Ballsy Bird

Yet another bird games, but what makes Ballsy Bird stand out?

  • Xavier Austine Molina


  • Martin Nguyen Ngoc

    How to play on PC: Keep smashing your head.

  • Judel Lazaro


  • Akø Shïï Paølø


  • Enrico Ingalla

    Fuck this game

  • Tre Corsanes

    oh no you dont you little bastard

  • Andrew Wilkie

    Garbage rehash game.


    Nice game, great review, regards.

  • Ashley

    Wow this is nice article. and already i play flappy bird game for this site and also i got some metals.

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