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  1. Richard Billot

    Your game modern war on iPhone is a rip off I have sent 64 complaints about hackers and scams with you company and not one issue has be resolved. I spent 1,100.00 in one month and can not even get these problems fixed always the same lie and it takes over a week to get an answer. It has cheated me out of gold and it has hackers in my game and nothing. I am writing you in hopes you can fix. If not I am starting a class action suit against the company, I have over 30 people I asked just today I have never met all ready to join and I am sure I can get hundreds. All I want is for my issues to be corrected and you would never her from me again. It is not the money I know what I spend and could care less but I do not like cheaters or thieves. All I want is the gold I was cheated out of returned and game fixed. And I am not talking about tons. But your support team does not even reply. I have kept every email and response.

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