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Happy Labor Day! We’re having a Lego The Hobbit game and swag bag giveaway

Happy Labor Day! We’re having a Lego The Hobbit game and swag bag giveaway

| May 1, 2014

This article almost just needs its title. In celebration of today’s holiday, we’re giving away a Playstation 3 copy of Lego The Hobbit, a silver tankard with the game’s logo, a t-shirt (size S) modelled after Bilbo Baggins’ minifig in Lego The Hobbit, and a neat Lego The Hobbit drawstring bag (all pictured above).

All you have to do to win is to leave a comment on this article telling us why you deserve to win. Make sure that you respond with your real name and a legitimate email address because we’ll be contacting you via email.

This giveaway is open to anyone who can collect the swag bag in Singapore and will close at 11:59 P.M. on May 2, 2014, Friday. Only one winner will be selected, so get creative!

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Lego The Hobbit is a Lego game based on The Hobbit movies, as you may have guessed, but don’t you go running into the stores to see if Bard the Bowman, heir of Dale, strikes Smaug with the last black arrow just yet.

  • Kerry K. (schoolfood)

    My name is Kerry and I am currently doing an Internship in Japan.
    I came across your site a couple of weeks ago because I became interested in the Japanese Gaming-Scene.
    So, all I do at work now is checking your mobile-phone game reviews, try them out myself, read about the Chinese League of Legends scene and, what I enjoy the most, is to read the [WTF] and [Opinion] articles.
    Unfortunately, I have only played with Lego when I was very young and I never watched the Hobbit, but I will still say I deserve to win (hopefully the T-shirt) because I want to surprise my girlfriend and do something good for her because she is actually a big fan of both Lego and the Hobbit.
    This is my first time participating in these kinds of giveaways, anyways, keep up the good work!

  • Chelsea

    My husband and I will be visiting Singapore for the first time in May.
    We both love this blog and work in IT/games so maybe it would be fun to get a coffee and talk about the industry too!

  • Welly S

    I have a lot of fond memories as a child playing with Lego sets and was glad when they started releasing the Lego video games series (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman series, etc.). It’s even better that the games are not terrible and quite fun to play.

    I absolutely love the Hobbit – read all the books and watched the 2 movies released so far and absolutely can’t wait for the final one later this year – and was overjoyed when I first heard the news that they will be adding The Hobbit to the Lego video games series. Really can’t wait to play the game!

  • Ma. Clarice Lao

    G – Getting to win this
    A – Awesome prize is one of
    M – My birthday wishes and I
    E – Ensure you that this
    S – Swag Bag giveaway will be very much appreciated.
    I – I deserve to win because i have
    N – Not yet tried playing this game
    A – And having the silver tankard is
    S – so cool.
    I – I am also a huge fan of Lego
    A – And this would be a perfect collection.

    Ma. clarice Lao
    [email protected]

  • Joey Lim

    Met one of my best friend from Denmark on the net because of LOTR. After that, we had a number of adventure like talking comics, game and etc. Will love to send one of the item to her as a gift.

  • Leon

    I believe I deserve to win this because I have been a long time fans of LEGO since the 90s when it wasn’t popular in Asia region. My first set was going to be the POLICE STATION since I loved playing it at my neighbour house very much but I didn’t get the chance to buy it. However, I already own a RED INDIAN set. Instead, after playing the POLICE STATION set at my neighbour’s house, I bought the COWBOY Set since that’s the only large set that was sold in my town. Nevertheless, I bought a small set – POLICE MOTORCYCLE as a way to cheer me up on not being able to buy the POLICE SET. Then 10 years later, I bought 2 Christmas sets off eBay and I am really happy with it. It has this maroon or dark red colour bricks and it looks really nice. I am truly glad I went back to buying LEGO once again, and it’s definitely impressive to see the range of availability for LEGO in my town to double if not triple than before.

    While I prefer CITY sets, the only way to enjoy LEGO in gaming is to play games such as LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Batman 2 : DC Super Heroes and of course how could I forget LEGO Island, the first LEGO game for me.

    I certainly believe by playing LEGO The Hobbit, I could continue to be not just a LEGO toys lover but a LEGO games lover as well. With this, I can be a full-rounded LEGO fans.

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