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Happy New Year from Games in Asia!

Happy New Year from Games in Asia!

| December 31, 2013

2013 is dying, and 2014 is upon us! We’re taking December 31st and January 1st off to revel, reload, and get ourselves pumped up for the new year, which is sure to be Games in Asia‘s best year ever. But just because the site is a little quiet right now doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to enjoy! Check out these posts and catch up on any of what you missed during the holiday rush.

  • The best games of 2013


2013 was a great year for gaming. But what games emerged at the absolute top of the heap? Here are our picks.

  • The best Asian games of 2013


What were our favorite Asian games this year? Here's our list. (We checked it twice).

  • Our most-anticipated games in 2014


2013 was a great year, but 2014 could be even better. Here are the games we're most looking forward to playing this year!

  • Our predictions for gaming in 2014


What's coming to the world of gaming in 2014? We fire up our crystal ball and make our predictions!

  • China declares Battlefield 4 illegal


There will be no more Battlefield fun in China; the country's Ministry of Culture has declared the game illegal.

  • The rise and fall of Mark Kern: how one man may have doomed Firefall and The9 (UPDATED)


Red 5 CEO Mark Kern was removed from his position just before the holidays. But why? What did he do and where has it left Red 5, The9, and Firefall?

  • Strife review: NOT another LoL or Dota clone


The latest second generation MOBA game by S2 Game and Asiasoft has finally entered closed beta. Here's what we think.

  • Razer Deathstalker Ultimate review: sleek and deadly like its namesake


Is the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard the one for you? Read on to find out what we thought of it.

  • 5 reasons you should try League of Legends if you’ve never played a MOBA game before


MOBA games are challenging, complex, and have a reputation for being pretty unforgiving. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try them even if you're a noob.

  • What goes on behind closed doors at Ubisoft Singapore?


Find out what working in Ubisoft Singapore is like as we go behind the scenes.

  • NBA 2k14 review: taking full advantage of next-gen


NBA 2K14 is certainly quite an introduction to next-gen gaming. Check out what we thought of the game.

Still bored? Check out our Youtube channel. We’ve got some cool stuff on there already, but be sure to subscribe because there’s much more coming in the new year!

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