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Heroes of the Storm will soon hit four Southeast Asian countries

Heroes of the Storm will soon hit four Southeast Asian countries

| April 29, 2014

It may have been long in coming, but Heroes of the Storm is finally on Asia’s shores—and we cannot be more excited. Asiasoft and its subsidiaries will be bringing Heroes of the Storm to four Southeast Asian countries:Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, though it has yet to announce a specific launch date.

Asiasoft will be handling operations and marketing for Heroes of the Storm in Thailand and Singapore, while subsidiaries CiB Net Station Sdn. Bhd. and Level Up! Inc. will be responsible for Malaysia and Philippines respectively. The game has also recently made its way to China, where it will be published by Netease.

(See: Netease will publish Heroes of the Storm in China, beta signups have begun)

Although often dubbed as a MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm’s official genre is a “brawler”. The game has received mixed reactions from MOBA fans because of basic MOBA ideas and mechanics such as items, gold, and in-game roles being removed from its gameplay.

As expected of a game once called Blizzard All-Stars, Heroes of the Storm brings together a multitude of popular Blizzard characters such as Kerrigan, Tassadar, Diablo, Tyrael, Tyrande, and Illidan, to name a few. Heroes of the Storm is currently in alpha and is still being developed both for PC and Mac platforms.

There have been no details regarding release dates, launches, or events yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Joshua Carl Manigos


  • Martin Ng

    This might be the only blizzard game that I do not care.

  • Andre Lawas

    Thank god it’s not garena managing this or else our wallets would be empty for sure.

  • Gerald Borromeo

    maganda kaya to? :p

  • Renz Armada


  • Yves Bondoc

    yess :)) and btw yung nag sabing garena mag handle hoy blizzard ang gumawa nitong game at mas sure ako mas gahamal sa pera ang blizzard masyado kayong nag mamarunong

  • An Nguyen

    no Vietnam! Lol!

  • Joshua Dela Rama Mijares

    Id rather play us server than ph.

  • Watot Angelo Limen

    nope nope nope…..that’s a lame game

  • Nar Chisu


  • Syakir Salmi

    woot cant wait f2p right?

  • Alvin Beh

    Yes its f2p… but you can purchase skins and mounts in game.

  • Earl Javar

    This will be just like dota2.
    Releases dota2
    Closed beta
    No players
    Became open beta

  • Vince Tuyay

    when it will be release..

  • Ako C Jawo

    NICE (y)

  • Zahn Xandre

    Shaun Lim

  • Seth Santos


  • Kyle Edward Jazmin Padilla

    Yes Yes Yes ! Excited To Play that.

  • Antonius Dwi

    woot!! there is no indonesia?

  • Nizar Lasatan

    heroes of the noob

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