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Indonesia’s Touchten clones Flappy Bird

Indonesia’s Touchten clones Flappy Bird

| February 9, 2014

Flappy Bird, the surprisingly difficult (and surprisingly successful) mobile game from Vietnam, has taken the world by storm. And though Flappy Bird itself has been criticized for taking some of its art rather directly from Super Mario Brothers, Indonesia’s Touchten has taken the copy-catting a step further, releasing a game called Amazing Cupid that’s an obvious copy of Flappy Bird.

The game does have one unique twist, in that it allows to you send a secret valentine message to friends that they can unlock only by beating your high score in the game. It’s an interesting idea, although with a game as frustrating as Flappy Bird and its copies are, I have to wonder how many secret messages will go perpetually unread.

Still, it’s a bit of a shame to see a big and respectable company like Touchten trying to steal the thunder of Vietnam’s very-much-indie .GEARS. That said, Flappy Bird isn’t particularly unique itself, and copies were probably inevitable given its success.

UPDATE 10-2-2014: Touchten’s CEO tells me that the company got permission from .GEARS to make a derivative game.

  • Andrew Wilkie

    …and Flappy Bird just cloned Helicopter…& deserves no credit.

  • Ario Luki

    This same company Touchten say before they don’t copy games:

    So it is a big lie now.

    Do they get some fund from VC company Cyberagent? Now looks like japanese companies easily get fooled, its a big joke.

    • Anton Soeharyo

      Hi Ario Luki,

      I am amused by your maturity,
      and by the depth of your analysis, regarding the “Japanese company/VC” I am very much appalled by your intelligence.

      Couple of facts for you to ponder and grow up with:

      Copy Cat = you steal people’s work
      Game mechanics = cannot be copyrighted
      And did you even read the article? Or you cannot read at all?

      hence game mechanics cannot be “copy cat”-ed as it is considered “public domain”

      Plus, I personally asked @Dongatory (twitter handle of Flappy Bird creator) that I want to create similar game, and he said okay (because he is cool like that)

      so before you blabber anything on public forum, for people to see your level of IQ
      please, do us a favor…

      nobody like what you are writing and the way you wrote it..
      If you have a problem, get off your keyboard, and off the chair and leave your lonely room,
      and come visit our office at Thamrin City, and we can chat about this all day long..

      if you want to, please email me at my website, and we can arrange a time to meet.
      I am cool like that


      Anton Soeharyo

      • Arthur Rahmat

        I don’t understand why you need to be so angry and butthurt about one single comment. Attacking someone’s intelligent just because they posted an opinion(on the internet). Touchten is one of the most respected game company in Indonesia, as a CEO you should know better than to act like a second-rate troll. Perhaps Mr. Ario Luki is having a problem with his intelligence, but your response to his comment is downright embarrassing, shame on you man. Where’s your PR team BTW? They are not doing their job right, if you’re here on the internet and replying to a negative comment like a troll on the basement.

        • Anton Soeharyo

          Hi Arthur Rahmat,

          ini salah saya, dan saya sudah kelewatan..
          Ini opini saya disaat saya marah dan kesal,
          tapi saya tahu ini bukan alasan, dan saya sadar betapa kekanak-kanakan komen saya diatas, setelah saya melihat komentar anda, terimakasih..

          in English:

          This is my fault, I have already crossed the line..
          This is my own opinion, and one that was made when I was angered,
          But having said that, I know it does not justify my action, and I realized how childish my comment was , you made me realised it, I am grateful that you made me “woke up”..

          I wish that you and all could forgive me for my stupidity..

          I do not mean to hurt anyone..

          Thank you for reading

          Have a good day

          Anton Soeharyo

      • Arlo Luki

        Hey, if you’re so angry at me then why you’re not angry at the original reporter for this artciel:

        “Indonesia’s Touchten has taken the copy-catting a step further, releasing a game called Amazing Cupid that’s an obvious copy of Flappy Bird.”

        The reporter is the first one that said Touchten is a copycat and said your game is an “obvious copy”, not me!!

        You say I’m in “lonely room” and to visit your office in Thamrin City, means to say I am poor and you have expensive office. Yes you have lots of money, dont need to boast about it.

        • Anton Soeharyo

          Hi Ario Luki,

          Saya minta maaf sebesar-besarnya,
          saya khilaf, dan saya bersalah…
          menyesal saya berkata-kata seperti anak kecil diatas..

          Saya tidak kenal anda, dan anda pun tidak kenal saya..
          saya kesal karena fakta itu.. seandainya kita berteman, mungkin hal-hal seperti ini tidak akan terjadi, dan mungkin dunia akan menjadi lebih baik karena itu..

          Sangat saya sesali kata-kata saya diatas..
          mohon maaf sedalam-dalamnya,

          Bukan tujuan saya menyakiti siapapun..
          saya disakiti, maka saya mengatakan hal-hal yang tidak pantas..
          seharusnya saya bisa lebih baik dari ini..

          maafkan yah.. Jikalau berkenan, maukah anda meng email saya, dan kita ketemuan sambil anda main-main ke kantor kami, sebagai teman?

          In English:
          Hi Ario Luki,

          I seek your kind forgiveness,
          What I did was wrong, and was an act of complete stupidity when I was angry..

          I regret saying things that sounded childish..

          I don’t know you, and you dont know me,
          I hated this fact, because it leads to our quarrel in the first place,
          IF only we are friends, maybe this won’t happen in the first place..
          and maybe the world could be a better place

          I regret my strong and inappropriate words above,
          I deeply apologize..

          It was not my intention to hurt anyone’s feeling
          I was hurt, that is why I said those inappropriate words..
          I knew I could be the better man..

          Ario, I am really sorry, If you would like it, could you please email me, so that I could ask you to take the tour to our office, and get to know each other?
          And perhaps If I am lucky, I could be your friend?

          Thank you!

          Anton Soeharyo

  • Aron Calma

    i love helicopter man Andrew Wilkie

  • Aron Calma

    teh game i mean

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