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Konami Sets Up Shop in Singapore, Hungry for Talent

Konami Sets Up Shop in Singapore, Hungry for Talent

| December 14, 2012

Gaming and entertainment giant Konami has recently set up a base in Singapore and is fanatically looking for talented game developers and artists to join its new team.

I was told by the managing director of Konami Singapore, Michio Takahashi, that the office is set up “to create friendly competition” among Konami’s U.S and China offices. But Takahashi remains tight-lipped on what that exactly means. (Perhaps I should have met him for beers instead of coffee!)

So what could he mean here exactly? Given that the Singapore office is acting like a game production house (as they are hiring devs and artists), team Singapore is likely to develop or localize games from Japan and promote them in the U.S. and China markets.

While Konami is active in Southeast Asia, it seems that its preferred non-smartphone platform for mobile games is TMG’s Kotagames — which some Japanese developers tell us is hot right now. So far Konami has already launched Hisho Collection Mall Empire and Sengoku Collection Samurai Fantasy (in open beta) on Kotagames. The result has been pretty good, says Takahashi. But of course there is always room for improvement and Konami is working closely with the folks at TMG to improve its Kotagames platform.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure most of you guys reading this have played Konami’s games. Think back to Contra on Nintendo Gameboy, Winning Eleven, and Dance Dance Revolution in the video game arcade. Classic!


Contra image credit: Coolrom

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  1. Danny Bik

    Hi. Must be singaporean? Where to apply for job at Konami Singapore?

  2. Hi Danny,

    You can visit the site here for more information.

  3. Interested applicants can check out our openings at

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