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Poll: Chinese gamers overwhelmingly prefer PS4 to Xbox One

Poll: Chinese gamers overwhelmingly prefer PS4 to Xbox One

| July 14, 2014


Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Xbox One in China, but if an online poll at Netease Games is any indication, China’s gamers may be more interested in Sony’s offerings.

As of this writing, more than 5,000 gamers have voted in the poll, which asked gamers which they would choose: the Xbox One, the PS4, the PS Vita and Vita TV, both systems, or unauthorized (and hacked) gray market imports. Nearly 60% of respondents chose the PS4, and less than 11% chose the Xbox One—fewer than chose the unauthorized gray market imports option!

china-console-preferences graph

Now, to be fair, this is just an online poll, and its sample is probably not a fair representation of China’s gaming market. The audience could also be biased in favor of the PS4; it’s probably posted elsewhere too, but I found it in an article that mentions Sony in the title. The Xbox One is also discussed in the article itself, but the Sony headline might be attracting more Playstation fans than Xbox fans.

But other polls and comment threads on the Chinese web that I’ve come across suggest the same thing: China’s more excited for the PS4 than it is for the Xbox One, even though the PS4 seems to be significantly further from release. That could be tough news for Microsoft, which is already behind in the console battle in other major markets.

(via Netease Games)



  1. They overwhelmingly prefer Islands from other states

  2. they overwhelmingly prefer islands from other nation , greedy </3

  3. I don’t hate Chinese people, its their government i hate . Always bullying its neighbors its about time when these nations she bullies will fcuked em up..

    • cumlo makeup

      Who’s truly a bully in the world? First let’s define bullying… do we agree that bullying is the act of aggression which causes harm whether psychological, financial or bodily harm? Now let’s take for eg. USA in the past 10 years, did USA after INVADING Iraq or Afghanistan leave those countries in a better psychological, financial or less deaths than in 2004. Well current situation as of July 2014 those countries after being bullied/invaded/aggression against are now in a worse situation that in 2004. There’s no innovation, lack of jobs, business stagnation, increased religious hate, civil war, no peace, increased suffering, fear of being killed on a daily basis, etc. Please Google past and present of situation in Iraq/Afghanistan. Now compare China. .. compare China in the region to its neighbours eg. Indonesia, South Korea, Australia or Vietnam. All mentioned countries have higher salaries, Greater GDP, no deaths, peace in region, people live in peace, strong sense of law and morality, stable and greater ASEAN pact (a bond or unity in business and military, etc), innovation and growth. Now if you can compare and comprehend the actual truth rather than listen to mass media hype, use your pocket money go visit these places and witness the people with your own eyes. You will know the asiatic countries desire and live in peace. Trust information firsthand not hyped media (which tries to stir up trouble like a gossip!)

      • Aaron Taggart

        “bullying is the act of aggression which causes harm whether psychological, financial or bodily harm?”

        That is a horrible definition of bullying… So all contact sports are bullying, any sort of self defense is bullying, I wouldn’t consider someone going on a shooting rampage bullying either, would you?

  4. medman

    So, what we’re saying is Chinese gamers feel the same way gamers all over the world feel about the PS4. Got it.

    • The PS4 has had record breaking sales all over the world, expect it to sell like hot cakes in China as well.

  5. Leon

    CNN, Mainstream News Media >> that side. Don’t bring too many politics into gaming website.

  6. mikeslemonadefromn4g

    As if this was any suprised outside the X1 camp. X1 camp is too stupid to figure out and analyze trends.

  7. bobs

    Trends ? You mean internet lies and propaganda. Xbox one camp to smart to give a fuck…and too busy pkaying thr best games to care. You pony propaganda fruitcakes can worry about your trends while we play better games. There is obe trend you should watch pony fruitcake and that is sonys inevitable bankruptcy.

    • Time for your crazy pills. You’re clearly mentally ill and delusional.

  8. asegbhar

    Please, this is nonsense. A poll of 5000 people, one that could have been easily rigged, is going to decide for people? I’ll believe the Chinese give an “overwhelming” shit when they don’t outright hate Japanese people. I certainly won’t take a poll of 5000 seriously when they have more gamers than the US has citizens (the largest, and by far most important gaming market).

    We ALL need to wait until they both get released, it could really go either way. In the end I’m not going to be stupid enough to cling to a useless number as if more sales actually reflects quality. More sales often means heard mentality. Bring on September, let’s see what happens when we damn near double the market.

    • Justyn

      I tend to disagree with you, I think that the Xbox brand’s only strength is its American Market… How often last gen did you hear about the Xbox brand dominating world wide sales? It didn’t.. it destroyed the ps3 in the USA, but it was the exact opposite everywhere else. The Xbox 360 struggled to gain any momentum anywhere other than the USA. I doubt this generation will change matters any.. Infact the reason why the PS4 is so far ahead, is the fact that it is selling 3x’s more in Europe and other places, compared to selling almost the exact same amount of consoles in the US now.

      And… for anyone wandering.. I own both systems, I am not bias.. I am a gamer. I am the real winner when both sides compete to bring out the best new exclusive franchises.. I cannot wait for the future, but I don’t foresee the xbox coming from behind any time soon. I think PS4 will continue to rock worldwide, and while the xbox might even out in the USA.. by the time it does… the PS4 will still be out pacing it 3:1 everywhere else, which might just trend back to the US, and make the PS4 jump ahead because of the sheer amount of players.

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