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Report: Foxconn using forced student labor to build Sony’s PS4

Report: Foxconn using forced student labor to build Sony’s PS4

| October 10, 2013


If reports in the Chinese press are to be believed, Sony’s next-gen games console may be being assembled using some very outdated labor practices. According to Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, thousands of students from an IT engineering program at the Xi’an Institute of Technology are being forced to work at Foxconn’s Yantai plant assembling the Sony Playstation 4. Students have been told if they refuse to participate, they lose six course credits, which effectively means they will not be able to graduate.

Officially, the program is considered an “internship” and it is publicly recognized and promoted by the school. But students have said that once they got to Foxconn, they were assigned to jobs that had no relation whatsoever to their fields of study, including grunt work like distribution and shipping. One student, for example, majored in finance and accounting but has been assigned to a job that entails glueing together parts of Sony’s Playstation 4. Another was assigned to a job that entails peeling of the PS4′s protective plastic and putting stickers on it. Still another, a computer science major, puts the PS4′s various cords and the instruction manual into the console’s box. Moreover, students say that their working hours are exactly the same as regular workers. The only difference is that unlike the workers, the students aren’t there voluntarily.

Foxconn told the Oriental Daily that its workers are all voluntary and that it has no interest in preventing them from leaving work if they choose to. The Xi’an Institute of Technology declined to comment on whether the university had received an agent’s fee for providing student labor to the Foxconn plant and did not directly answer questions about whether or not the internship program was forced, but stressed that it was legal and that it was “mainly about making students learn about society and experience life.”

Foxconn's Yantai plant, which has also previously admitted to hiring underage workers.

Foxconn’s Yantai plant, which has also previously admitted to hiring underage workers.

This is not the first time Foxconn has been involved in a controversial and apparently compulsory internship program. In fact, a story involving Foxconn and this exact same college (the Xi’an Institute of Technology) emerged last year, too. In the media reporting on that scandal, a school official told the press that the school was paid 100 RMB per student (about $16) for each student intern it provided. The school has not commented on whether or not it was paid by Foxconn this time around, but if it was paid according to that fee scale, it likely netted somewhere in the area of $16,000 from the program.

Whether or not this kind of “internship” is technically legal, it definitely makes you feel a little icky about the launch of the upcoming PS4. It looks like an exciting console, but when people start unboxing them later this fall, I’ll be wondering how many of those consoles were packaged and shipped by students who were essentially forced to work long hours with no real alternatives.

Update 10/10: I’ve removed a reference to the students not being paid, as it’s not entirely clear how they are compensated. I’ve also added some information about Foxconn offering per-student kickbacks to schools in previous cases like this.

(Oriental Daily via Tencent Games)



  1. Talk about bad timing. Sony better sort the “issue” out — they don’t need this publicity for next month’s launch.

    • ReRe

      Yeah, this story is not about BAD PR. Poor little Sony, how dare people find out about this exploitation.

      • Not Just Sony These Companies also use Foxxonn

        Acer Inc.
        Apple Inc.
        Motorola Mobility

        • Michelle S

          Only 10% of Xbox One components are assembled at Foxconn.

          • Dan

            The demand and pre-orders for the next gen PS4 console is unprecedented, it is the hottest product this Christmas, it is sold out in most countries due to huge pent up demand and Sony are trying to build as many as they can.

          • D

            50% Apple
            15% Nintendo
            10% Microsoft
            15% Sony

            The rest are 10%

          • DJ

            Wow Dan, such a short memory. Microsoft and Sony both got railed on for these same sales tactics with the launch of the xbox 360 and ps3. Artificially inflated demand based on purposeful short supply to create press, pretty sure they learned a thing or two from DeBeers.

          • Jo

            Source, or stat pulled outta your ass? Bill Gates is a fake; ‘charitable’ terrorist that wants depopulations and vaccines 3rd world countries then pretends to care about the consumer while designed a big overpriced piece of underpowered shit with Cloud power.

          • dave

            I live in the UK and missed the pre-order deadline, the PS4 demand is huge here, spoken to major shops and they said they have had so much interest in the PS4 they cannot guarantee delivery before 2014! Expect it is the same in most games playing countries. But the student labour thing is not Sony’s fault, it is something that rampant throughour the rntire tech industry.

          • Dende

            10% is 10% they are subject to the bad publicity too. This article is biased.

          • John

            And only 99.9% of ALL your information from xbone will be sold to the government! Such a bloody irrelevant comment Michelle! 1% / 10% / 100% it don’t matter! ALL major corporations do shit like this, so trying to say that xbox is not as bad cuz its only 10% is just pure stupidity and hypocrisy!!

        • Yeah but do those companies also get free-forced labor from students? It could just be Sony that has a contract with Fucks-con-artist to get slaves.

          • D

            The deal is with The university and Foxconn, Foxconn decided who “interns where” they needed more workers at the Sony place, or maybe the jobs there didnt require much experience so they put them there.

            They can easily put these students at Microsoft or Nintendo products whenever they feel they need more workers there

          • ninja

            Look at this PS4 fucking apologist fanboy

            > The deal is with The university and Foxconn, Foxconn decided who “interns where” they needed more workers at the Sony place, or maybe the jobs there didnt require much experience so they put them there.

            Blah Blah Blah Slavery is okay. Fucking go die scumbag.

          • T

            sounds like ninja just magically see that d said slavery is okay.
            while its not definite, what d said is a very likely scenario. its not common for clients like sony to have any say in many of foxconn aspect of employment and methods.

      • Sasha

        Bad PR is what stops these practices. Unless you’re planning on flying to Xi’an and shutting down this factory with your own two hands.

        • Michelle S

          I don’t think anybody wants these rabid video game apologists at their doorstep because one man shut down the world!

        • This company has Bad PR since it started up. Didn’t do crap.

        • Actually the bad PR does nothing because the avg brainwashed Murican pretends but doesn’t give two shits

        • Kyle

          Chuck, we need Chuck Norris.

      • This is FUD against Sony

        “The fact that this is gaining traction as a PRO XBOX ONE article is maddenning.

        They both use Foxconn, they both do the same thing. Foxconn using forced student labor is a more appropriate title. Foxconn using forced labor (Foxconn makes consoles for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, and more) Is an accurate title”

    • doowangle

      Let these Chinese rats suffer. Their country uses them like slaves to gain a unfair advantage when it comes to manufacturing. If their people are so weak that they will not demand their own freedoms and willfully game the system for a few extra rice balls, then they deserve to live like yellow rats.

      • modestfaust

        I can hardly tell if you’re being serious or not, but I think it’s important to realize their circumstance might not be something they chose. You’ve likely been given more opportunities in your life than these people will ever have in theirs. Yet you choose to squander your time making hateful comments you surely wouldn’t make in public, comments you probably don’t fully believe in.

        Please go do something useful.


      • ninja

        Dear Doowagle

        Shut the fuck you racist piece of shit.

        A non racist individual.

        • Deer noon racist individed,

          Thank you for your letter last month, I reed it with hole harted enjoyed smile.

          Have you ever been so far as to even want to be more like?

          We’ll we here at Apple think so too, so without waiting for your permission, we’re going to deport you to north korea.

          Steve Jobs.

          • Drewmeister

            I fancy myself as more of an afternoon racist.

          • Navik

            …The *HELL* does “Have you ever been so far as to even want to be more like?” even mean?!

            Also, “Steve Jobs”, how are you writing this from beyond the grave, anyway?

          • Colton Turnbo

            @ Navik, iCloud

        • cboushell

          Where in his comment is there any thing that is racist? The only things that someone could ignorantly claim to be racist would be his use of the word “yellow” which is the term used to identify the skin color of those from some countries in that part of the world or the mentioning of rice. If you believe that is what makes him racist than you have exposed that you are ignorant to such a level that it’s beyond belief. It’s like saying that identifying a caucasian as white is racist, …come on, are you really so …, I’m at a loss for words. If you were to actually take the time you obviously need to comprehend the words you read on your computers screen you would see that the word is not being used in a way pertaining to skin color or race at all. Like many other word “yellow” has multiple meanings, I’m sure this is news to you. The way that “yellow” was used in this comment has nothing to do with color, instead it is describing someone living cowardly, or being a coward. I hope you have learned something today. Now onto the rice comment, sorry to tell you but yes rice is a staple(another word with multiple meanings) in the diet of the Chinese. So if to have the thought of a Chinese person eating rice is racist, you would have everyone believe that the thought of an Italian eating pasta is racist. How about someone thinking of an American eating an apple pie, could that somehow be racist in your mind? I could go on and on but I unfortunately don’t have the time.

          Good day,

          • fail ttoll apologist is fail

            Actually, he is a racist considering he refers to Chinese as”yellow skinned rats” and says they “deserve to die”in previous comments. Gj wasting your time writing that monster of a comment only to defend a racist hillbilly troll tho.

      • USA father

        My teenage son will hate me forever if I don’t get him a PS4 this holiday season, so I for one am glad they are taking every measure to make sure us in the States gets enough PS4 stock this holiday, I don’t want to dissapoint my son.

    • doowangle

      I will order 3 more ps4′s because I have no respect for the weak Chinese rats who refuse to demand their own freedom. Let them suffer for the unfair advantage that their country gets over western countries. They want to undercut the worlds prices, fine. Let them pay for it with years of their life.

      • Not a Retard

        Do you know anything about North Korea? You think people there want to get oppressed? It’s because they can’t. Please, if you are not well-educated enough to understand such simple reasons, please refrain from embarrassing yourself by making such ridiculous statement.

      • That’s funny cuz you’re prolly the avg joe du,bass Murican that so falsely believes theyre free while they increasingly get paid less, lose jobs, eat GMO drive thru lab shit cuz they’re fat and lazy, drive suburban tanks on blood oil, govt shut down and doesn’t give a shit about u never had u fuckin peasant

    • Truth

      $0N¥ PauperStation4 is the product to avoid at all cost. Everything $0N¥ needs to be avoided at all cost, because they are a pauperbrand for low IQ paupers that act like stupid lemmings.

      • Falcon D. Stormvoice

        Someone is kwanky that not a damn soul wants a Xbox One that costs an extra hundred dollars for no reason.

    • Bill

      You people act like this is the first time you heard a company in China doing this. It’s standard practice for them and how they do things. Not sure what to say but to get over it cause your never going to change their style and way of thinking.

      • Navik

        It may be standard practice for them, sure, but they’d certainly respond if you manned up and voted with your wallet. Also not sure why I should “get over” being upset about people being forced into what is, in essence, slave labor.

    • djnforce9

      I question whether this is even Sony’s fault at all. I guess it depends on whether they knew this was happening and how they now respond to it. The last thing they need is negative PR from being associated with what borders on slave labour when their next big console is about a month from launch. People who are highly sensitive to these types of world issues will likely refuse to buy their system over this and in the worse case, claim that people who DO buy it condone what Foxconn has done (which is not true of course).

    • Hello?


      Is that you?!

    • Drew

      Thats the original source

      “So, the Chinese article doesnt mention PS4. Who inserted PS4 into this article?”

      Microsoft paying for FUD. Its despicable. This site is now on my list of blatant Microsoft shil sites to ignore

      • It is obviously Apple that inserted this statement, trying to blame Sony for what they have been doing for years. The problems is that consumers like me in the west don’t care, I’m guilty of it, I live in England and I’ve bought the latest iPhones and Samsung phones every year, and I have pre-ordered the PS4. Nobody in the west cares, as long they get their latest piece of tech, and PS4 is the most wanted gadget this Christmas.

  2. john

    The only thing that will change these practices, if people stop buying electronics assembled by this company. But we know that will never happen as Americans can’t possibly survive without a PS4.

    • Paul

      This American can

      • Josh

        You probably never intended to buy one to begin with. It should be noted that all gaming consoles are manufactured by this company, as well as many PC accessories and other electronics. Unless you’re willing to give up electronics entirely chances are you’ll buy something made by Foxconn at some point.

        • Sasha

          True, but I at least made a point of buying them used.

          • Dtyr

            And what point is that?

          • ninja

            Buying used gives no money to the original maker. It’s not quite boycotting but it’s better than giving foxconn money.

          • Dtyr

            That’s great and all, but that hurts more honest employees than the ones signing the papers to have this work done in China. It’s the little guy that gets laid off.

      • Please throw away any products you own by the following companies who also use FoxConn

        Acer Inc.
        Apple Inc.
        Motorola Mobility

        • Brilliant – throw away perfectly good electronics and after you realize how much you really liked your printer/pc/game system/smartphone/mp3 player, buy another one and give more profits to possibly unethical companies!

      • Mike

        You morons do understand no one is forcing these students to stay right?Sure if they quite they won’t graduate.This has been going on forever,blame the Chinese government for not having better labor laws.

        • Hmm, a life of poverty toiling fields in the countryside OR forced slavery… DECISIONS DECISIONS.

          • Steve

            I would rather be free in the fields then slave in a factory.

        • Not a Retard

          Pretty sure you’ve never gone through university, so you won’t ever understand the rationale of an intelligent university student. But imagine, you’re studying so hard to become an teacher/accountant/lawyer/engineer/mathematician (which I assume you’ll never be able to become knowing you’d rather not be a slave for a year and not graduate than to persevere through the pain), would you risk your future just because of a year of volunteer work?

          • What’s the point of going to university in a country where it just results in becoming a slave?

            Perhaps they use the word “education” and “university” differently in China?

          • Jo

            Yes it’s totally rational to require soul devouring, unpaid and unrelated work for a known corrupt sweatshop. I know, we’ll call it ‘volunteer’ work. Your rationale of thinking you actually got intelligent through your overpriced institution is clearly irrational.

    • Spackle Demon

      Here are the arguments listed here so far:

      1. OMG this is horrible.

      Solution: Do not buy anything that is made in China or other countries with even more so concerning labor practices.

      2. They deserve it for their willingness to be victimized by a country that is noncompetitive.

      Solution: Our willingness to buy products from a country that is supposedly noncompetitive is the only hing that renders them as a competitive labor market. By buying their products you legitimize the same practices that you find noncompetitive and ensure that other countries (with labor practices you would supposedly be more proud of) don’t get a dime.

      So basically, whether your offended by this because you’re a rational human being or not offended by it because you’re a sociopath who thinks people deserve to suffer, THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO NOT BUY.

  3. Just a guy

    This changes nothing, PS4 unpacking will be as glorious as ever when the day comes. It is important for young people to get work and some life experience!

    • Dude what the hell?

      Dude what the hell is wrong with you? You are a terrible human being. If your mother raised you, I hope she’s ashamed of how you turned out.

      • I hope you never had fun opening packages for any of these products:

        Not Just Sony These Companies also use Foxxonn

        Acer Inc.
        Apple Inc.
        Motorola Mobility

      • Mr.Schenobelen

        People like you are the reason why children these days are so spoiled and lazy.

    • Vile.

    • This is disgusting. What you see here is bordering on slavery. Sure young people can get out and get some work experience, and they can get paid for it just like anyone else. This isn’t called “providing life experience” it’s called “exploitation”.

      • Its been happening for a long time and you have been supporting it by buying products from these companies:

        Not Just Sony These Companies also use Foxxonn

        Acer Inc.
        Apple Inc.
        Motorola Mobility

    • cthwholhu

      Nice try, Foxconn PR department.

      • as grorious as ever

    • Nohbdy

      Well, aren’t we retarded?

    • Another Guy

      Success troll

  4. Microsoft have contracts with Foxconn too.


      WHat the FECK does MSoft have to do with this… you’re a troll pure and simple

      • Ryan

        This isn’t(shouldn’t be) really an article on the PS4. Sure that is what the were working on that day. But lots of companies use Foxconn. The PS4 or anything else isn’t the problem. Foxconn is the problem.

        Acer Inc. (Taiwan)[39] (United States)[7]
        Apple Inc. (United States)[40]
        Cisco (United States)[41]
        Dell (United States)[42]
        Google (United States)[43]
        Hewlett-Packard (United States)[44]
        Microsoft (United States)[45]
        Motorola Mobility (United States)[42]
        Nintendo (Japan)[46]
        Nokia (Finland)[40][47]
        Sony (Japan)[8]
        Toshiba (Japan) [48]
        Vizio (United States)[49]

        • Sirius

          This article is specifically about the PS4. And judging from what I’ve read from the other comments in here, Microsoft are not using Foxconn to manufacture their machine, and afaik there was no unpaid labour involved in the making of Nintendo’s machine.

          Foxconn is fine (I guess…), but the article is highlighting people NOT getting paid for their work or suffering severe consequences for not participating in an unpaid internship that is irrelevant to their studies.

          Please take the fanboy bullshit somewhere else.

          • matt

            “judging from what I’ve read from the other comments in here, Microsoft are not using Foxconn to manufacture their machine”

            nice logic. some guy on the internet said it; must be true.

            we also are living in the matrix.

          • Dtyr

            These aren’t Sony manufacturing plants. They may not have been aware of what exactly is going on and may have already been in the process of correcting the bad PR.

            That said.. Many other companies producing many other electronics have been in the same hot water before. You may have just not noticed.

      • Not Just Sony These Companies also use Foxxonn

        Acer Inc.
        Apple Inc.
        Motorola Mobility

    • Samantha

      Xbox One’s aren’t being assembled by an unpaid labor force.

      • Doesn't Matter

        People love to point the finer at Apple for these kind of practices, and now Sony too. Microsoft likely has products being assembled by Foxconn and other such factories too. It’s not Apple’s problem, it’s not Sony’s problem, it’s not Microsoft’s problem. It’s the entire tech industry’s problem

        • Steve

          Nice how you say likely. Almost like you wish so that Sony doesn’t look so bad. Are you their PR by any chance?

          • Tony

            Nice how you shove that stick farther up your ass. Almost like you wish Sony looks bad. Are you a dumbshit by chance?

            In other news: it’s a travesty, but it’s not only Sony. It would be like pointing the finger at Hitler and ignoring all the other willing genocidal Nazis.

            Sony should make a move and no longer do business with Foxconn, but it’s up to them and all the other manufacturers who use Foxconn. I was going to say that Sony will no longer receive any of my money, but considering who else uses Foxconn it’s something that the entire public needs to get aggravated about enough to cause companies to change. So, money.

      • Ryan

        Microsoft also uses Foxconn.

        Acer Inc. (Taiwan)[39] (United States)[7]
        Apple Inc. (United States)[40]
        Cisco (United States)[41]
        Dell (United States)[42]
        Google (United States)[43]
        Hewlett-Packard (United States)[44]
        Microsoft (United States)[45]
        Motorola Mobility (United States)[42]
        Nintendo (Japan)[46]
        Nokia (Finland)[40][47]
        Sony (Japan)[8]
        Toshiba (Japan) [48]
        Vizio (United States)[49]

      • Citation Needed

        How do you know? Have you been to the factory?

        Do you think that just because you haven’t heard anything about it yet? (Did you know that PS4 was being assembled by unpaid labor before reading about it here just now?)

        It’s great if that’s true, but we have no evidence one way or the other.

        Foxconn is one of the manufacturers of the Xbox One, after all, and this article is almost entirely about Foxconn — it only mentions the PS4 in one place, and never says anything about Sony being involved. It seems rather unlikely that Foxconn would use unpaid student labor for only one of their clients.

  5. Josie Plunkett

    They have this in the U.S. too. It’s called an internship. Before that, we called it indentured servitude.

    • Ryan

      Normally with an internship you work doing something that you will do once you get a job. Not things that have nothing to do with your major. Wife is currently going to school to be a RN. She interns at hospitals and works with RN’s. She doesn’t work with the janitors.

    • Mice

      How many tech interns do you know who do internships in this manner? Lawyers don’t do internships with rapists.

    • Citation Needed

      I went to an American engineering school. Engineering internships in the U.S. are completely different from indentured servitude.

      1. Internships were not required for graduation (though I’ve heard that some other schools might require them).

      2. You are not assigned to one specific company by the university. You can go anywhere in the world where a company will hire you.

      3. While I’m sure unpaid engineering internships exist, I never heard of anyone doing one (nor can I imagine why you would, since you have a choice). You make pretty good money.

      4. Internships are normal jobs with normal hours. You’re not forced to work 11-hour days.

      It’s an insult to bond slaves to compare them to American engineering interns.

  6. Anthony

    Don’t know what they’re all upset about. I would give anything to be able to peel those protective stickers off all day even if I’m not getting paid. I’ve done a lot more for a lot less.

    • Onthony

      You’ve done more for less… than nothing?

      • ManApe

        He didn’t get 6 college credits.

  7. I don’t think Sony is doing anything wrong. Asian culture rewards hard work. Sony is no stranger to hard work, they make the best consoles around. No one comes close.

    Sony has too many pre-orders they had to work with FOXCONN to push the consoles out.The LAST THING Sony wants is to upset their loyal customers. This factory will ensure that we all get PS4′s on time and without shortages. There will be shortages, PS4 is selling like hot pancakes. This will just alleviate the congestion.

    Sony is just being responsible and smart.

    • Poor loyal customers might have to wait to buy their unnecessary entertainment device… boohoo. Sounds like some entitled BS to me. And PS4s aren’t selling like hotcakes, buddy. They aren’t even out yet. And if you point to preorders, I will direct you to the difference between preorders and consoles sold for all 3 companies. Either you’re a blind corporate loyalist, which is pathetic because Sony cares about you about as much as they care about these people and their unpaid labor, or you’re just a cruel human being. Or both.

      • Izzy

        It’s not Sony’s fault. A lot of companies work with Foxconn. The problem is, in this article, Sony was caught in the crossfire. Had this been Xbox One and not the PS4, the same thing would be said, just with the opposite competitor.

    • Navik

      Yes, in this case, they’re rewarding hard work with…nothing at all. Hard work from unpaid interns literally forced into doing it.

      Screw Foxconn, and screw you, you slave-labor apologist. You are a horrible human being.


    Americans are just envious, since CHina has jobs.

    While Americans don’t

    • Citation Needed

      “Jobs” usually involve being paid. I don’t think any Americans are upset about not having to do unpaid labor.

    • Ahh yes the joys of unpaid forced labor and factory jobs are a cornerstone of urban Chinese living: imagine the luxury of waking up to the fresh, smoke-stacked air of unregulated industry to face the daily commutes of train stampedes and endless gridlocks to work long hours of hard, thankless labor, likely with children. By children I mean mostly boys as girls are becoming undesirable due to the State’s generous 1 child policy. I mean, seriously? A ‘Peoples Republic’ that censors information with no regulated industry and complete disregard for ethics and morality, and home to filth like Foxxcon? The Chinese people deserve much better, but like America they need to step up and stop believing the bullshit spewed by their government.

  9. JesusLovesU

    All these jackie chans need to appreciate the jobs they STOLE from us.

    Ungrateful SOBS. Americans would love these jobs, most of my buddies love Playstation and would love nothing more than to work for them.

    These chinnese are living the dream, while we starve to death thanks to OBAMA,

    • Another Guy

      Not sure how much food you can buy with 6 college credits.

      • ha ha We got job from you white boy! We can even get rice from company store! suck on that fat americans!

        • doowangle

          Enjoy your rice you slant. We will be enjoying our delicious steak, while grossing 10x what you make in a month. Get down and polish my shoes and I will toss you a few more balls of rice. You yellow skin rat

          • Jo

            Doubt he cares what a racist hillbilly, trailer parkin, alkee piece of shit like you thinks

      • Not a Retard

        You don’t look at the face value of the 6 credits. You need to know that you are NOT going to graduate because of that 6 credits, and you may not be able to take an extra course to earn that 6 credits to get you your degree. Next time when you comment, please think more carefully of what you’re really trying to say. I am not sure what you do for a living, but I can guarantee you that ANY university student in North America would rather “volunteer” on a short-term basis if they’re forced to, than to mess up their long-term future career. If you’re smart, you’ll fight back AFTER you’ve established yourself in society. Only the impatient and the unintelligent would say to themselves “gaining a year of “non-volunteering” freedom is much more valuable than a brighter future”.

  10. Maple

    So your family spends their life savings sending you to a university in hopes of breaking you out of poverty.

    You work hard and you finally get there.

    The university forces you to work at a factory.

    Such is life.

    • MapleLover

      I love your mind.

      • MapleLoving

        I want to BE Maple.

  11. loci

    My PS4 better not have tears in it.

    • Diamonds

      Just blood and hunger pains.

  12. Grim

    How is this Sony’s fault.It is known that Foxconn is known for bad Labor practices.The reason why some of you are jumping on this like idiots.Is cause the name Sony,and PS4 came up.I am also sure there are many other products being made there.Not just the PS4,this is troll bait article.

  13. WhatTheFuck

    I can’t believe how many people here are defending a company using “free” labor. No other company is mentioned in this article because the students are probably assigned to manufacturing Sony’s product. There is a difference here because factory workers actually earn money for their labor; here we have an instance where students are forced to work in an assembly line for absolutely nothing or they fuck up their future.

    I don’t give a shit about the ‘PS4′, but it seems many in here care a little TOO much about it, to the point where they’re willing to push aside human dignity to save face for a company that, wait for it… don’t give a shit about you.


    • Dtyr

      The students are getting college credits for general warehouse and assembly line work, and credits cost money and time anyway. It’s not like it’s a total loss. And the tone of the article makes it sound as though the company is making them work by force, and that is not the case. Nobody is defending Foxconn’s shady actions by giving IT students manual labor for college credits, just Sony as a company because Sony is not Foxconn, and because to target Sony in an article like this is silly as dozens of other electronics companies use the same company. Most of the comments backing Sony are just pointing out facts, that’s all.

  14. Bright Bart

    The Xbox One is being manufactured by Pegatron Technology not Foxconn.

  15. Not surprising if this is true, the demand and pre-orders for the next gen PS4 console is unprecedented, it is the hottest product this Christmas, it is sold out in most countries due to huge pent up demand and Sony are trying to build as many as they can. But these sames stories were said about Apple, did it make any difference to sales, no.

    • Free hat

      You have said almost the exact same thing twice here, are you on a payroll mate?

  16. Predictable as ever

    I see NeoGAF are here to help out with the Sony PR!

    • loci

      and excited Xbots with newly acquired morals/principles :)

  17. I tip my hat off to these proud students. I hope they got all the credits they needed during the internship. A job well done!

  18. This has happened in the US for ages… we’ve had (and celebrated) unpaid internships for years. Most of these students end up getting paid staff coffee or doing something so trivial it helps them not at all in their major. There’s a reason there are many major engineering schools now not supporting unpaid internships for students by not giving credit, because they know it’s insufficient. But to say it’s so different than here is sadly a lie.

  19. Saul

    Can’t wait to buy my Slavestation!

    • Along side your Slave Box One and Child Labor U, don’t forget the ICommitedSusideWhileMakingThis Phone and the famous Google NexusOfSlaves and the iLostAFingerMakingThis Pad.

      Get over it, all tech companies use Foxconn and Slaves is one the least worst things that have happened there, slightly ahead of the Mass Sucide

  20. lifejustice

    So let me get this straight…A Japanese company is hiring a Chinese company…and a bunch of people from the USA are complaining about how it’s done.

    I just had to make sure. Because it seems like a lot of Americans are trying to Americanize eastern politics.

    • Dtyr

      Isn’t that what American politicians are doing to the Middle Eastern politics as well?

  21. Vidya

    Pretty sure Nintendo was engulfed in some scandal regarding the source of the materials used in the Wii U for a while.

    Also Microsoft are using Flextronic/Pegatron, not Foxconn.

  22. Brian

    This isn’t slavery. This is what an internship is….work in a place related to your field doing grunt work completely unrelated to the intended use of your major…. It’s the same way in the United States at technical/trade schools. You must do an unpaid internship to graduate, working the same hours as normal employees, doing grunt work, getting paid nothing. That’s what an internship is. If the students didn’t want to do an unpaid internship they should’ve found a school that doesn’t require one to graduate. The only way this is a problem is if the school sprung this requirement out of nowhere all of a sudden as a temporary measure to help Foxconn meet demand from Sony.

  23. @yosp


  24. M-muh Social justice!

    Throw away these itmes associated with these companies

    Acer Inc.
    Apple Inc.
    Motorola Mobility

  25. will we get a slave as part of PSN+?

  26. I have no problem with this. I’m planning on getting the XBox One, and if I found out that the same thing is happening, I’d chuckle. Seems to me that there are unhappy workers/students everywhere you go. If any of them have problems with whatever life throws at them, I don’t see how that becomes my problem.

  27. someone

    lol @ Slavestation

  28. Why are people making this about Microsoft? This article is about the PS4, last I heard Microsoft doesn’t have a product named PS4.

    You know we CAN discuss this without bringing anything else into to the picture, especially if it’s completely irrelevant, but hey, console warrior gonna warrior.

  29. doowangle

    I will be preordering a second ps4 now. Why should I give a crap about the Chinese. They don’t care about you. If they won’t rise up and demand fair treatment, then they get what they get. This kind of thing is why western countries can’t compete when it comes to manufacturing. If the Chinese people are willing to be treated like slaves to give China an unfair advantage in the world market, they deserve to die like slaves.

    • obvious troll is obvious

      Or maybe you really are that retarded. Everyone who is oppressed deserves it for not fighting back. if a father abuses his children, its their fault for not punching him in the face, right? What a clown this guy is.

  30. When I was an intern I had to do all of the following: go to the grocery store to buy the snacks for the office, photo copy things, clean up water and a mess when the roof leaked in our server room, teach people how to use a printer, put paper in the printer etc. Despite 3 years of Security focused Computer Science study. Everyone (read: many of us) has shit jobs until they’ve been in their career for about 5 years.

  31. Tom Freeman

    I can’t believe the lengths of Sony fanboys…willing to put human dignity in the back seat and instead try and again somehow blame Xbox. unbelievable. go back to neogaf! please.

  32. thats a first..?

    Sounds like a lot of the unpaid internships out there. More or less. Hell I’ve heard worse from students in universities, and it didn’t even help him graduate it just went on the resume.

    Not that I’m for this. But there are unpaid internships that are required credits in colleges, that even in America we have to take even if they’re degrading or simply not related to our focus exactly, while still not getting paid. I haven’t heard a complaint from them other than “Glad that’s over.”

    This sounds more forced upon them, but they did apply in the first place; Just because something isn’t what you expected doesn’t mean you have to play the blame game. There’s thousands or even millions of people who have done exactly that.

    They’re also university students. We’ve always been manipulated, even school is a sucker for money, like labor is a surprise..

  33. Diamond

    Slavestation exclusive

  34. Joshua.M

    At-least they get a job easily, unlike AUS.

    By the way, that (image) is a food factory of some sort, not an electronics/PS4 assembly plant. Look at the image closely, they are holding what appears to be knives, I do not see anything to do with assembling electronic components, Soldering irons, wires, overhanging power-leads, screwdrivers, air-lines. I see weighing machine’s, each cut meat to specific lengths/width later for packaging. I know because I have been to one while work exp as an electrician.

    People, fucking think, one big thing I don’t like about people is that they don’t think, much like the fucktard who put up this false article along with the image. My opinion, if you think the Chinese people are under these work conditions, go there yourself and look, don’t get bullshit off the web, like Doowangle does all the time with shit friends telling lies.

    I know that Fucksconn have been using the deprived.

    Sincerely, Common Sense

    • Firas

      It’s a stock image obviously, Foxconn and Sony aren’t going to allow pictures of their slaves being taken on the production line now, are they.

      Sincerely, Common Sense.

  35. Mark


  36. milano




    Only on Slavestation™

  37. Alex

    They should rebrand it as the ‘PS4ced Labour’.

  38. Truth

    That’s typical $0N¥. A Paupercompany building a PauperStation console for N4Gtard NeoFAG paupers that can only afford slave labor made crap!

    • Sony apologists

      Awww I guess that means that Sony using slave labor for the Slavestation IV is okay then.

  40. FrdJck

    If you translate the source of this article, It’s said that the deadline is today (October 10th), so not all PS4 will be made with student labor. Also, nowhere in the article it is said that this is limited to PS4. Probably that the workload were bigger for the PS4 line, but It’s not limited to PS4. It’s clearly say that they are treated like normal employee, so unless all foxconn employee are working on PS4, the student are not limited to PS4 work.

    Foxconn are well known for their bad practice in term of working condition. I hope that I don’t crush your pinky cloud dream that the only reason electronic product are relatively cheap ( a computer used to cost as much as 3000$ with no graphic card and no sound card in 1990 ) is because all the company use cheap labor from country with no or minimal law relative to employee condition.

  41. ummmm

    So. Confused…. I did a CO-OP Education course… I worked in a local place for free, received work experience, but received credits. Had I refused to work or show up, I would not have gotten said credits.

    How is this slavery? Cause I don’t wanna shock you people, if it is then we have widespread rampant slavery all across the US and Canada….

    • Incredible.

      Did it involve work completely unrelated to your studies?

      If you chose not to participate would you be flushing your degree/future down the drain?

      These kids do not have the luxury of choice.

      • ummmm

        Yes – it was unrelated. Work experience has universal truths regardless if it is your field of study or not though.

        I didn’t see anywhere in the article saying they had to take these “internships” – it read to me more like people agreed to it then had regret afterward about what they were doing.

        Losing credits =/= losing degree? Unless the Chinese education system is very different from what I think. Just sets em back 6 months….

        We do this here all the time.

        • Incredible.

          Please READ the article before commenting:

          - “One student, for example, majored in finance and accounting but has been assigned to a job that entails glueing together parts of Sony’s Playstation 4. ”

          - “Students have been told if they refuse to participate, they lose six course credits, which effectively means they will not be able to graduate.”

  42. Incredible.

    People defending Sony, a corporation, in here in the face of human decency is disturbing. Maybe you should do 6 months of unpaid forced labor so I can read the story about it online and make some stupid comment about “well it’s okay that you’re being exploited by Sony because other companies do it as well!”. Just simply astounding.

  43. p14th-[1490thj

    mutha fuckin Slavestation

  44. SteveJobsFromBeyondTheGrave

    Slavestation 4.

    Not in my name.

  45. Cancel the cancer

    No wonder it was so cheap; the mother company is cheap.

    Its painful to me, but I despise this kind of policy, and I must cancel my pre-order. My pre-order cancelling hurts me less, than supporting slavery hurts those people.

    I demand salary and I am saying no to slavery. Only investor parasite could support this.

    But this is actually the beauty of capitalism;
    people CAN finally stop slavery, just don’t support it by buying slave masters products, they don’t earn the peoples money if they don’t pay salaries to the people. Its the ridiculous amounts of money that investors and bosses get that must start to be cut before cutting the peoples share; its the people who make the profits after all.

    I stopped buying Apple as well so I must stop buying Sony as well.

  46. Funny

    This is sooo funny to read all this hypocritical comments. As funny as to talk about USA as of democratic country which plan to bomb another country. This is stupid. All of us count every fucking dollar to buy every day shit that we don’t need at all like new iphones (every fucking half of year), new consoles and all that shit not even realizing WHO and HOW did it and assembled it. fucking silly. just shut up an go buy another ps4 (no matter what device). don’t even try to show how you sorry for that poor chinese people. you can’t do this. because you can’t stop to consume shit.

    • Cancel the cancer

      Speak for your self.

      I have stopped consuming every product, that has been made by slaves. One by one. Your kids will be slaves one day, if you don’t put stop into this now. There are a lot of products, that you can buy, that are made by paid labour.

      For example I’m not an american, but I have worked a bit harder my self, and saved just a little bit more to buy an american hand made product, instead of staining my hands to blood of slaves.

      Thats no hypocritical at all. I want to get paid my self so I, the people, am the only one to fight this problem, because your kind, the astroturfers, the lobbyists, the investor parasites, are certainly not going to give a damn.

      • bobdobbs

        “I have stopped consuming every product, that has been made by slaves.”

        If you’re using any piece of modern telecommunications equipment, then this statement is false. What kind of phone do you have? You obviously own a computer. Do you have a tablet of some kind? If it’s electronic, it contains rare earth elements, and those elements were hauled out of the ground by underpaid Chinese labor and then assembled by underpaid Chinese labor.

        You can’t absolve yourself of responsibility so easily. This is a global economy. It’s a pyramid scheme of oppressed and oppressors. As much as you might want to feel like a victim, the fact is that your lifestyle is keeping somebody else in chains.

        The real sad truth, though, is that unless you completely break away from society and go live in the woods, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

        • Cancel the cancer

          You Speak only for your self.

          I use cheap Finnish made Nokia, that has Symbian. I use finnish made clothing. I eat finnish food. I don’t absolve myself from responsibility, I do as much as I can. Your kind is not doing anything. I stop buying anything, that I know is not ethically right, one by one. I work more to buy products that are as good as possible. I don’t stop speaking about these things, even when your kind try to ridicule me!!! You only make me more mad. Every one who is defending slavery is my enemy. I’d rather die, than see my self and my kids being slaves, so those who defend slavery are my enemies, actual mortal enemies.

          When some one is defending slavery, he is selling my kids well being for quick profit, and even when I know its futile, I will do more than average to hinder your actions.

          • Funny

            Respect to you. Actually there is a few people that can be in opposition to all other idiots around. I know some guys that even can make fun of you because of old iphone or something like this. They don’t even know that they are fucking zombies that just did what apple told them to do.
            Actually you are not american and this is makes sence. Maybe default will force them to think about shit they did for the past 100 years or so.
            BTW fuck Steve Jobs. That fucking retarded did one thing – made chinese people suffer. PS4? This is drop in the bucket.

  47. CRAZY


  48. bobdobbs

    If you clowns don’t want your fancy electronic gadgets made by underpaid Chinese labor, I have two words for you:

    Too bad.

    Those gadgets require rare earth elements. Right now, 95% of the world’s supply of rare earth elements comes from the People’s Republic of China. So if you want your precious smart phones and game consoles and tablets, you have to do business with China. And since they have all the supply, and we have all the demand, they can do whatever the fuck they want. We’re too lazy, craven and comfortable to do anything but whine fecklessly when we find out what obscene practices our avarice has wrought.

    • 808 mohican

      No you are a whiner, astroturfer. This is why we cannot have nice things.

      This system where we live in is not at all necessary, it, as every other system before it, can be improved.

  49. Sony exploit their fans as well

    Unpaid students manufacturing their console.

    Unpaid manchildren marketing their console for them from Neogaf and Reddit.

    • Crazy


  50. PC Master Race

    SLAVESTATION! hahahahahahahahahaha

    • CRAZY


  51. Roosling

    They get to intern for free? My wife is doing her internship right now and not only does she not get paid (for the hours to count she is not allowed to be paid), she has to pay to work for them to get her hours needed to graduate. You get what you pay for, so if they are getting their internship for free then what quality of job do they expect?

  52. erudito87

    Aren’t apple always using foxconn with MASSIVE orders on their annual iphones?

  53. CRAZY


  54. lol xbone


    Then again, Xderps have been so desperate for bad PS4 news they’ll latch on to anything. Sad.

  55. dat Slavestation

    Fucking lol. It’s perfect!


  56. Crazy


  57. Dick Fantastic

    Better put all my stuff in the box Chang.

  58. Anon

    Surprise, Foxconn is run by pieces of shit who should be tortured to death by a lynch mob.

  59. company is trying quality

  60. foxconn an indispensable brand

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