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Rumor: Ferrari_430 to join Team DK…but who is he replacing?

Rumor: Ferrari_430 to join Team DK…but who is he replacing?

| July 28, 2014


TI4 has barely been over a week, and already the post-TI Chinese shuffle seems to be taking off. Today’s news: Chinese Dota legend ZSMJ has apparently said on his stream that IG player Ferrari_430 is set to join Team DK.

It’s a move that would further strengthen an already-stacked DK team, but if true, the 430 move also raises questions. DK does have an open roster spot following LaNm’s retirement, but LaNm was a support player whereas Ferrari_430 is a core. His joining the team means that one of Mushi, iceiceice, or BurNing would likely have to move to support, or leave the team roster entirely.

Actually, the most plausible scenario might be that Ferrari_430 might be coming in to replace BurNing, who could then step into a coaching role for the team. There is some thought that BurNing does not want to retire before winning The International, but having failed again this year, BurNing would be nearly 28 years old again before he gets his next chance—that’s pretty old for a pro gamer. It’s possible he has decided he has a better chance of winning it as a coach, and 430 is being brought in to take his place on the team. That would mean DK will need to recruit another person to replace the retired LaNm in support, though.

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  1. lanm could be

  2. its fake ferrari is a mid laner but team dk they already have mushi as their mid

  3. He will :D

  4. role still can be change :D

  5. Mushi will go back to Orange with ice3x

  6. Burning said He will retire And YYF 2 :)

  7. bk41

    Stop Posting inaccurate or even no point posts, even though you say its a rumor it affects iG’s Morale. You guys should know that this admins here. What where did u get this? did you even heard it from the ZSMJ stream got evidence or video?

    Or you just got this news from Mali who doesn’t even know how to speak chinese?

  8. mushi is not going to play for dk anymore he is going to either coach or cast


  10. Ferrari, iceiceice, MMY, Chuan………… Meracle?

    Unless some stable teams also go through a reshuffle, it’s hard to get a good Chinese carry player.

  11. WTF

  12. He’s replacing LaNm I guess…

  13. Or he’s going offlane and Pei Xiang will go back to the 4 role like in TI1.

  14. he replace mushi and mushi is coach of dk

  15. If this will happen its like putting Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in 1 team

  16. lol OVERRATED,,

  17. If just DK makes chuan into their support, china will win TI once again

  18. YEAH !!!

  19. Lanm? and then what? 430 support? no way!


  21. mushi support??…hmmm

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