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Son of world’s richest Chinese family causes Dota 2 commentator to cry and apologize

Son of world’s richest Chinese family causes Dota 2 commentator to cry and apologize

| July 15, 2014

For Dota 2 fans in China, The International 2014 (TI4) is like their version of the FIFA World Cup. And we all know what it’s like staying up late to watch our favorite teams play, only to be met by horrible and completely inept commentators.

Now normally, we would just complain to ourselves. Some might even take it up on social media, but in the end nothing would happen. Well, that’s unless your name is Wang Sicong and your father is the richest person in China, in which case the commentator will end up crying and have to offer an apology on video.

wang sicong

Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong is like your normal Chinese Dota 2 fan. He loves his country, he loves the game, and he watches streams of TI4 matches in Seattle, despite the 15-hour time difference. Except he also happens to be the son of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, and he was really pissed off with the commentary by two lovebirds, Mik and her boyfriend Xiao Tian. So he decided to take it up on Weibo:

wang sicong weibo 1

The commentary from these two is the worst in history. There is a complete lack of any game analysis or match information. It’s just Mik flirting and rattling on about foolish nonsense. Do you think we stay up late at night to listen to you and your boyfriend chat? Please have some respect for eSports, for the players, as well as for those who stay up late at night to watch the matches. I have no idea how people like this were even invited to Seattle.

Ouch. Even before this case, commentary from Mik and Xiao Tian was already met with ridicule by players, with some saying that Mik’s unique yell while casting could “make a dog deaf”. Double-ouch.

But as a professional who knows how to deal with criticism, Mik responds in a standard fashion, saying that everyone should just respect each other:

mik response

Via her live broadcast, she also added:

Our commentary style is how it is. We’re not going to change because of some spoiled rich kid. If you don’t like it, just mute us, or switch commentary. I will give myself some self-criticism and provide even better commentary to everyone.

All is good, and Mik is clearly done with the topic. Or so we thought, until she took off her headset during a live broadcast and said to her partner: “is that Wang Sicong guy retarded or what?”

How do we know this? Because her microphone was still on. In fact, all of her viewers heard it as well, including Wang Sicong himself. Triple-ouch.

His response:

wang sicong weibo 2

And you’re going to badmouth me on a live broadcast. Who the fuck are you trying to impress? I won’t say any more about the fact that you don’t understand Dota 2, but to display your lack of intelligence and manners on a live stream, stop losing face for China.

And of course, when someone screws up as royally as Mik did, especially when the other side is money-incarnate, you can bet there’s going to be a public apology involved.


Mik (left) and boyfriend Xiao Tian (right).

So there are two important lessons to be learned here:
First, ignore what anybody says online and learn to take criticism, because you can’t be liked by everyone. Second, make sure your microphone is muted.

  • Kim Alfred Brieva


  • Donald Yeo


  • Abiel Joshua Callao

    the girl kinda deserved it if you read the article lol

  • Billy Chin

    Kyril Soulx Bishen Ripper Patel :o

  • Luke Dela Cruz

    lol. what com

  • Alphard Jack Yana

    not his fault though… and why only blame him? it was the whole dota 2 community watching the chinese stream of ti4.. they were really unprofessional flirting in stream and keep laughing. really irrelevant from what the stream is all about.

    • Raymond Yan

      Exactly I agree with you~ Seriously the chinese commentator keep talk something not relate to the game which is going on and keep only cast and support about one side which is only team newbee and ignore what the opponent doing and their well play.

  • MasAryo Bahbah DamarAdi

    go pro, or get a room…

  • Siddhesh Khatri

    She deserved it XD

  • Francis Bagabaldo

    Nice. She deserves it

  • Mailyn Ocampo Taruc

    Lol! Lesson! Make sure the mic was muted.

  • Ylian Lawlett Marque

    that guy

  • Gynandra Thapa


  • Gynandra Thapa

    Im with that Spoiled rich guy

  • Ericzo V Britania

    I normally don’t agreed with a spoiled guy but in this case she fking deserve it

  • Anonymous

    I know other casters who fit the same description the only difference is they get away with because hype sells.

  • Alvin Mel Flores

    its like chinese version of PBB teens -_-

  • Joshua Narsico


  • Roger Inting Tan Jr.

    listened to their commentary once… never did again… >.<

  • Darene Demandante

    wang sicong is right

  • Yokodera Youto


  • The Guy Who Lost His Penis

    Lesson learned: Take control of your lust.

  • Charles Chiong

    Lol his name is Wang

  • Ako Si Sam


  • جون مارك بون

    his name is Sicong, Wang is his Last name…

    and about the topic: Keep crying and STOP commentating… ^_^

  • Mcoven Fujikawa

    haha S A D B O Y S

  • Berry Stark

    she deserved it xDD if she goes flirty-flirty with her boyfriend, she could’ve just played Aura Kingdom

  • sarmanps

    wow, this amazing, SO How Much you richest in your country…

  • Larry Tok

    she completely deserved it. if i were the billionaire’s son, next time i would buy the company and make sure she wouldnt even exist in the community.. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Yong Chean

    The point is that most chinese dota2 player cannot do anything about this but when you have the status, u can change things.

  • Lucas Almeida


  • aron

    As awful and unprofessional as the female commentator was, the spoiled rich guy was also a dick. I hate it when rich people think can get away with being needlessly rude to other people just because they have a lot of money. I’d be mad if someone called me “retarded” on air too….but I wouldn’t curse and insult them online where the public can read my comments. That makes him no better than her, imo.

    • BouNcYToufU

      The Mandarin translation was taken completely out of context. This guy isn’t a spoiled rich guy, he is the founded of one of China’s largest DOTA 2 powerhouse, brought DOTA 2 into China and has a strong reputation in the DOTA 2 scene.

      He is like David Beckham to China’s DOTA. and I’m very sure when David Beckham says a commentator sucks, he has his reasons.

      • Mass Affection

        The difference being, David Beckham earned his money, he isn’t the son of some super rich person. This guy is nowhere near David Beckham. DB has done a lot of charity work for real world problems, not first world problems.

        • hur dur dur

          cause making charity work is sooooo much better

        • ghurein

          So what if he didn’t earn his money? Yes, he got the money from his dad, but he’s actually using the money for concrete stuffs that generates its own revenue. His starting wealth being his dad’s does not detract the fact that he puts effort into what he’s doing.

  • Dick

    Technically, the rich guy didnt curse or insult. that translation went overboard with the word usage. And their casting really suck. just go listen and you will understand why the rich guys mad.

  • Dillion

    I’m not sure why they have to mention that the guy is China richest man’s son. It has nothing to do with wealth. The commentator is unprofessional and even used foul languages on her audience, which, in fact, is their paymaster. If nobody watches the game, they would lose their jobs. The guy may be blunt and outright, but he has his rights to comment on his expectations on someone who suppose to be paid to do their job.

    • ghurein

      >It has nothing to do with wealth.

      Yes, it does. As pointed out in the article itself, the most that other people can do is to criticize on the internet, that’s it. His wealth and influence is what puts him in the position of actually being able to get that girl TOLD as she should.

  • weqweqwe

    People, he is not “just a rich guy”. The article failed to mention that he is the founder of IG, the chinese dota team which won The IT2. He basically opened the dota2 scene in China, and he has every right to criticize. His status and money have nothing to do with this case.

    • Mass Affection

      Off course it does. DO you think without his fathers wealth he could have done any of that on his own?? wake up to the real world.

  • Jay

    This woman probably dont know what to do when this guy who is actually a founder of a organization tells her to stay professional. Compare thos cadter to other casters they talk all about game related no flort personal topics related. Valve should suspend this whore for awhile

  • DesuCat

    ? If they are shitty casters, get rid of them. I’m agreed with the “spoiled rich guy” all the way

  • Andre

    Hey Jing Zhang. This is an absolute ridiculous report. You didnt even investiage who Wang Sicong is and his actualy presence in the whole Esports community. Sure his rich but he played a large role in establishing the Dota 2 Scene in China. Garbage jounalism.

    • DOTA2FTW

      Which he did with all of his father’s money. It’s not like he worked for that money. He asked his father, and used his connections to make it happen. Sure he has knowledge about the game but he used his fathers wealth and connection to make it happen. Stop giving him too much credit.

  • Andre

    Oh and here us the Reddit link

    You can see how your “reporting” was received internationally. Pretty poor I say.

  • Mugi

    I guess being rich does have its benefits after all. Not sure about the spoiled part here; he did acted within reason. But that commentator had it coming.

  • Chau

    Chinese commentators are always biased though

  • BouNcYToufU

    The other side is not just a rich kid… Wang Sicong is the owner of Invictus gaming (aka iG, TI2 winner and one of China’s biggest and strongest DOTA 2 team). So he isn’t just another rich kid, this rich kid knows his stuff.

  • Nishant

    Totally Wrecked!

  • Mass Affection

    First world problems.

  • SkyDancer

    As a girl gamer I am appalled by this Mik caster!
    Firstly, Dota fans join to listen to intelligent play-by-plays and comments, not to hear you and your boyfriend flirt. You can do that in your own time!
    TI4 is the time to be professional and give it your all!

    So disappointing…
    Please never cast again Mik.

  • Zaza

    I never thought I’ll see the day when I’ll root for the rich brat.

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  • Curious

    What language are they casting in? Is there any videos? I wanna see what the fuss is about.

  • Evan_x

    You guys should just stop discriminating the guy cause he’s just rich. All he did was say his opinion about the quality of the commentary and he’s justified as well since they sucked so much. He may be rich but you don’t know him so you can say he’s just a spoiled kid, ffs

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