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Team Titan signs Yamateh to complete Dota 2 roster

Team Titan signs Yamateh to complete Dota 2 roster

| January 27, 2014

After Team Titan parted with their carry player Galvin ‘Meracle’ Kang who moved to Scythe.SG, people wondered who would fill the void. Now, the wait is over, as Team Titan names their fifth member to be Ng “NWP” Wei Poong or more popularly known by his previous game handle ‘YamateH’.

According to NWP via the Team Titan website:

Joining Titan marks the turning point of my career from semi-professional to a full-time professional player. I hope that I can achieve my dream with Titan, which is to stand on top of the world of the competitive gaming scene, as well as to hold up the winner’s trophy. Bring it on, I am ready for any challenges that this journey will bring!

Things are slowly starting to look up for the Southeast Asian Dota 2 scene with regards to the formation of teams. The addition of NWP could be the change that Team Titan needed to get back into form after a series of lackluster performances. Unlike when Scythe.SG was formed, we have already seen Team Titanplay with this line up when NWP played as a stand in in the Asian Cyber Games (ACG) and even won 4-0 in the grand finals. As for the roles, NWP is known for playing core roles and will probably play the solo mid role, as he did in the ACG when Kang Yang ‘kyxy’ Lee played carry.


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