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Teenager allegedly kills his own grandmother because she interrupted his Dota game

Teenager allegedly kills his own grandmother because she interrupted his Dota game

| March 10, 2014


A 17-year-old Filipino beat his own grandmother to death in Quezon City last Friday night, after she interrupted his Dota game and scolded him.

The teenager said he could not remember what actually happened, but his grandma was found dead at the scene with wounds to her head, neck, and chest, with additional wounds inflicted from defending herself on her arms. Bloodstained ceramic, likely a vase, was found in a dustbin in the house’s front yard, while a washbasin, presumably used to clean up the house, was found next to the grandmother’s body.

The boy had been playing Dota at an internet cafe when his grandmother fetched him at 6:00 P.M. Already interrupted mid-way in his Dota game, the kid allegedly snapped while his grandmother was scolding him, and attacked her.

He told police that he had blacked out during the attack and woke up to find himself cleaning evidence of the crime. He then went to his aunt at about 10:00 P.M. to tell her what had happened. Aunt and teenager returned to his home together, after which she called the police.

Apparently the teenager came from a broken home and was raised solely by his grandmother. He has been turned over to social workers.

This is the second case of Dota-related violence in the Philippines this month. Hopefully, it can also be the last.

(via ABS-CBN News, image source)

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  8. Dota 2…. caused it.. because of it violent graphics. ;)

  9. whats wrong with the world mama??

  10. Patrick Quinto Ruiz

  11. Sa clash yan siguro carry siya eh baog siguro hahaha

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  14. Obamu

    I agree w/ smh, killing his own market or desperate to impress a boss sort of, this kid must be an intern.

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  24. Patrick

    Yeah, that’s right. Let’s blame everything on gaming and forget the fact the he came from a broken family. I bet having no real parents had hardly anything to do with it at all! Gaming is a more major factor than his current social environment.

  25. DMel

    I feel bad for those involved. Games are games. Just have fun!

  26. Wendy

    The hell? Is anyone not noticing that the poor boy came from a broken family? It’s more than obvious that he killed his granny NOT CAUSE OF SOME VIDEO GAME. He probably snapped due to the verbal abuse/overall stress from his family or something! I myself had times when I snap because sometimes I feel that people are too cruel, repeating things you don’t want to hear…though things havent gotten too bad, so that’s fine. But it can happen.

    But the point is its not the freaking game at fault! IT ISN’T. Which is why I’m mad that everyone chooses to blame gaming, when the blamers especially are actually the ones at fault!

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