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“Thank you to all the haters,” says Newbee’s Hao, “and sorry to disappoint you.”

“Thank you to all the haters,” says Newbee’s Hao, “and sorry to disappoint you.”

| July 29, 2014

Chinese regional newspaper Xinmin Evening News interviewed newly-crowned The International 4 champion Newbee about its $5 million win last week as part of a larger piece about Dota 2 and China’s successes this year in the competition. The interview was transcribed and posted online by Chinese gaming site Duowan, and ran with the headline “Newbee: eSports are not addictive games”—a bold statement in a country that has a storied history with gaming addiction, and where that negative perception has even led to criticisms of e-sports players only a few months ago.

(See: What’s the best way to deal with game addiction?)

As the paper notes, the winning of a world record prize pool by mostly Chinese teams, and especially the first place win by Newbee, has captured the Chinese media’s attention, with commentators calling Dota 2 a “get-rich-quick game”. The paper was quick to compare each member of Newbee’s after-tax winnings: 3.9 million RMB (about $630k) each, with that of the recently-victorious German soccer team, where each player earned €300k ($400k). Granted, the latter team had many more players than Newbee’s five-man squad, but then one competition is the world’s largest single sporting event, and the other is a video game—something a lot of people are still resisting even calling an eSport.

In its interview with team captain Zhang “xiao8” Ning, the paper focused on his having taken part in the dating show “One in a Hundred”, as well as that he was the only married member of the team. Some people, it claimed, have asked xiao8 whether he’s still going to play Dota 2, to which he replied instantly, “I definitely will, I can earn so much money from it.” When asked what he planned to do with the money, he said he planned to buy an apartment in Shanghai. “And the remainder?” The writer asked, to which xiao8 jokingly replied “pay off the mortgage!”


The interview took a somber turn with its segment on Wang “Banana” Jiao, the oldest member of the team. He discussed the relatively short peak eSports athletes experience, claiming to be already considered elderly in the scene. He also acknowledged that his “map awareness and reaction times clearly can’t compare with younger players’”. “Once you’re past 24,” he concluded, “your ‘golden age’ is already over.”

Banana is one of the last remaining active players from the first generation of Chinese Dota, though the idea he touches on has been an issue in the (far older) fighting game scene for a number of years now. Issues related to ageing might well be something we see more of in eSports in general in the years to come.

On a lighter note however, perhaps the best comment of all came from Chen “Hao” Zhihao, who joked: “thank you so much to all the haters, you helped me to keep up my fighting spirit… to those who look down on me, I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

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The consensus outside China seems to be disappointment in a lackluster final series between Newbee and VG. But what did Chinese fans think?

  • Francis Tumibay

    worst international, not worth it

    • putosiopao

      hate me more! -hao

  • Donald Yeo


  • Reanbrant Rojo Pacaldo

    You’re not welcome

  • Jonan Gan

    Never saw the match was it that bad?

  • Jenno Pineda

    Hope he doesn’t get boycotted by fans with that attitude.

  • Veigar Pro

    I should really hire some rapist to rape all his relatives and girlfriend because of this. B|

  • Ryan Arvi Mogado

    Game is not that bad, but very boring indeed you can actually predict who’s gonna win, and the hero picks are limited to 10 or so.

  • Jet Rainel D. Estrella

    @veiga pro: mushi is the answer for your problem

  • JM Aguilera

    I like Newbee, I think they’re good. I just don’t like xiao8 is all.

    • http://djd LeeRapi

      Lol , i thought xiao8 is the only reason newbee hasnt been assassinated
      He was quite an ‘ace’ in LGDGaming

  • Gu Nawa

    Racist Dota Best Dota

  • Gerry Rodriguez

    T15 = Rape Newbee

  • Wilfred Linsangan

    Still racist bastards.

  • Kim Alfred Brieva


  • Joen Bade

    boring Ti sigh :(

  • Eric John Bellosillo

    Select your favourite color scheme for facebook layout.

  • Eric John Bellosillo

    Select your favourite color scheme for facebook layout.

  • Exield Aie Wan

    DoTA 2 is boring this TI. lol

  • Michael Jonathan

    Communist Alert!

  • Dale Ivan P. Navarro

    respect newbee,, thay played it fair…

  • Heart Striker

    So noob ti4 . I pray

  • Giv Jeson Dayondon

    haters gonna hate ..hahaha..

  • Mark Jason Sibunga

    Lucky they never face DK in the finals

  • Billy Ray Papa


  • SAm VM

    “thank you to all the money” -newbee

  • Cheeseng Oh

    Clement Ho

  • Calibur Gensou San

    Noobies ti4 non-champs

  • Steven Duran


  • Troller

    haha, so many butthurt fanboys here. They won is a fking fact, they play to win, not to entertain your ass. Still unsatisfied? make up your own team, challenge them in Ti5, sound easy right? but it will be too hard for you guys that trying too hard to ACT pro when you don’t even know the feelings of the players facing world class rivals, still not enough? thanks for the rares fanboys, ez skins ez life…lololololol

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