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WeChat v5.0 Update Arrives on iOS With Social Gaming, Mobile Payments, and Sticker Store

| August 5, 2013

The long awaited update to WeChat, the popular China-made messaging app, has arrived. This morning WeChat v5.0 for iOS is rolling out (to be followed by the Android iteration soon) with social gaming, mobile payments, and a proper sticker store. Plus a flatter iOS 7-style WeChat icon.

The WeChat sticker shop is the only surprise feature, making it easier to find the animated emoticons that have been a feature of the app from the beginning. WeChat’s mobile payments and social gaming integration have been anticipated for months, and for now are only really useful for Chinese users of the app. (Update: Indeed, a Tencent representative points out that only China users of the app – where it’s called Weixin – get the social gaming center and mobile payment functions).

WeChat has nearly 400 million registered users around the world, with just over 70 million of those outside of China.

WeChatting and gaming

WeChat gaming

WeChat’s social gaming linkage works a lot like in Line or KakaoTalk, with supported games letting you sign in via WeChat so as to share scores or challenge friends inside the messaging app. The creator of WeChat, Tencent (HKG:0700), has also updated its Bejeweled-like game TianTian Ai XiaoChu this morning to support WeChat gaming, with more third-party games expected to do so in due course. We’ve yet to see an English-language game incorporate this.

WeChat sticker shop

(Update: Added in above image of the sticker shop and new Hold Together feature). Mobile payments can be done in WeChat by scanning a QR code or barcode. We’ll test that out once we find a Chinese retailer that supports it.

According to WeChat’s iTunes Store page, the updated app also adds the ability to save favorite content clippings from chats or Moments, and now you can add friends nearby easily with the new Hold Together function.

WeChat v5.0 is now in the iOS App Store.

(Editing by Anh-Minh Do)

  • NiceNIC

    There is an old saying in China that Tecent Company became the biggest rival of China Mobile Communication corporation.And now, It seems that We Chat has been the most competitive rival to Tecent Company,also CMCC.I can’t help to say the world changes so rapidly and unpredictably.

  • Raj

    Hi I updated to iOS 7 then unwords my we chat shaking opstion not working it showing distance wrongly and also showing repeated people from only one area only.. And search by we chat I’d opstion not available any one plz help I deleted old one and installed new one even though it showing same problem.

  • Garindia

    After IOS7 updated, I am also facing the same Location issue in Wechat .However the people nearby feature is showing location based data . Before the IOS update all features were working fine ..
    Please help

  • [email protected] Sheine.paningbatan


  • http://1246 aisyah

    Hai,boleh kita berkenalan..

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