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What we think of S2 Games’s Strife, plus beta key giveaway!

What we think of S2 Games’s Strife, plus beta key giveaway!

| October 6, 2013

S2 Games’ next-gen MOBA game, Strife, is playable in Singapore this weekend, and for the first time outside of PAX Prime 2013, too. For those of you who haven’t heard, Strife is S2 Games’ second attempt at building their own MOBA ricebowl; the American company previously made Heroes of Newerth.

We’ve got the lowdown on Strife’s new features right here, so we’re going to jump in with our impressions of it. We also got to have a quick chat with producer Tim Shannon, so expect to see delicious nuggets of information from him peppered throughout.


When I first sat down at a demo station, I was immediately prompted to click on the button that said ‘Caprice’s Story’. This, I was told, was a tutorial to ease new players into the game. It would teach them that right click would move the character, W would cast a spell, etc.

Apparently, the MOBA genre isn’t as big in America as it is in Asia, hence the need for such a comprehensive tutorial. Producer Tim Shannon told me that the S2 team has had “very different experiences at expos in the States,” and that he was surprised at how easily we Asian gamers take to MOBAs. Nonetheless, they’re still releasing a full three-part tutorial when the game launches.

Anyway, since I’m an Asian gamer and thus a natural at MOBA games, I skipped the tutorial and jumped into a 5 v 5 game with bots (albeit on easy mode). Strife is an accessible game, and that’s not just marketing spiel. Right from the character select screen, I knew this would be a game for both casual and hardcore players. Its art style is the first thing that strikes you. Shannon told me that the team had made Strife bearing in mind their experience developing Heroes of Newerth and watching the genre in general, and they’ve clearly learned their lesson here.

Where Heroes of Newerth was designed for the hardcore player, with its dark, extremely detailed art style and complete and utter lack of tooltips for noobs, Strife comes across as casual, fun, and not at all intimidating. In the character creation screen alone, cute characters and well designed menus keep the game open to even the newest of MOBA players. I was able to select my character, choose one of four available outfits, and change that outfit’s colour, all in the same screen. You can also choose from one of two combat pets to bring into the field.


The game kicks off like any other MOBA. You’re given some time to buy your necessary items and then you head into one of three lanes fanning out across the map. What Strife has done differently isn’t immediately apparent, but poking around shows you the difference. You no longer have to stand before a physical shop to buy items, and there aren’t any secret shops either. Players can press B and shop from wherever they might be on the map, even while in mid battle. However, receiving your items require you to be at base – else they are stored in your stash and can be delivered to you via courier. You also don’t have to purchase the courier, but S2 Games made me sad because the courier button says ‘panda’, but you’re greeted by a raccoon instead…

But I digress! The shop menu is hands down the best I’ve seen in a MOBA. Items are split into categories, with an extra ‘recommended’ tab. You can also search for individual items by typing their names in (yes!) and useable items are denoted by a little red circle on their icons. Item bonuses were clearly explained with percentages and as few numbers as possible. Now people like me, who are bad at math, can finally understand hero builds. Speaking of builds, it also seems possible to save your item build and store it for your next game.

Of course, we’ve already mentioned the biggest change to the game, but here it is one more time. “Strife comes down to teamwork and execution in fights,” Shannon told us. The game is not about the individual carry or the sacrificial support, but how well a team can work together. In this sense, it’s truly the second generation of MOBAs, because current gen MOBAs breed a culture of individualism and selfishness with their emphasis on carries, and MOBA players…well, some of them can be pretty vicious. Strife, on the other hand, is a little like the ideal of communism. Anything beneficial achieved is doled out to the team, so that all may rise together. Of course, we all know communism only works in theory, so it remains to be seen how players will take to the game.


What surprised me was that producer Tim Shannon actually wanted me – wanted players – to have our own take on the game, rather than swallow what was being marketed. I asked him if strategies like jungling/neutral creeping were feasible any more, given Strife’s current game mechanics. While he said that was really to be decided, there was also “a lot more room for experimentation’, and that S2 Games wanted to “have people spend time to figure out how things work.”

As for whether the game would be competitive or not, given its less than competitive concept? “People are going to find there are a lot of things that make it competitive,” he said, while Caprice and Moxie duked it out in the background, and given the nature of current gen MOBA players, I doubt they’ll take too long.

If you’re interested in Strife, the game is playable until this afternoon at Campus Gamefest, a mini gaming convention held in ITE College Central. There are nine demo stations with each demo lasting for as long as a game with bots, so be sure to get there early! This is the last day of the Singapore S2 Games tour stop – they’ll be heading out to Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand after this.

For those of you who can’t make it down or who aren’t in Singapore, we’ve got a bunch of beta keys to give out: nine to be exact. Leave us a comment telling us which Strife feature you’re most looking forward to experiencing and we’ll pick the best answers. Good luck!

  • Kuanyi

    I saw a trailer for this game last week,and although I am doubtful if this game can reach the popularity of Dota 2 or LoL, one of the features I actually think is a big plus in this game is that apparently, you don’t need to buy wards. They have designated towers that light up to provide sight in an area so you don’t need to have a support hero who buys wards and runs around planting them, which I find very boring.

    • CChairman EddyAzn

      I really want to play this game and showcase it on my youtube channel CChairman EddyAzn. I’ve been a playing Heroes of Newerth since it was in Closed Beta and I would feel honoured if I had the same feeling and nostalgia of being able to play another one of S2GAMES games again!

      - CChairman EddyAzn

    • Iuri

      I really want to play this game, it looks so amazing.
      Could u send me a beta key plz? :((

  • NoobishNoob

    The feature that I look forward to is being able to choose your hero that you want to play beforehand. This feature finally allows me to test a new hero out without the toxicity of my team either: choosing that hero first, or choosing heroes with similar roles (e.g. carry), then forcing me to play a hero they want (e.g. support) or else they will rage like there’s no tomorrow, and probably throw the game.

    Not only that, I like the idea that if you’re good at the said hero, you’ll get to queue with players who also has some experience with their chosen hero, which makes up for some challenging yet fun match. Additionally, if I want to test out a hero for the first time, I get to queue with people who are also new to their chosen heroes as well.

    I really love this feature they’ve added since S2 finally addressed one of the most toxic process that many people go through in every MOBA game.

    • http:/ Oleg

      This game I saw in friend. She immediately impressed me, as it players who play together in a team is not fighting for gold at line.Tvortsi this game for sure this prahnuly.Pavylno done that, by the end of the game you can not see the overall score. It does not damage morale. The game is very good despite the fact that quite a few characters to play.

  • Carlos Ramos

    “Krytos” is such a game changing feature! Looking forward to test him in my lane!

  • Rique

    I have a lot of expectation to play Strife, what else seems cool in the game was the ability to have a pet of my own and be able to have his help whenever you need it.
    Also share my gold with my team should be somewhat interesting, many classes sometimes can not make gold since not skilled enough, or because they are spending their own gold as support. So I think it looks great to have a game where everyone can help!

    • omar

      “Krytos” is such a game changing feature! Looking forward to test him in my lane!

  • Goodsson

    The best strife feature will be the watchtower’s! Not having people complain about wards will be a nice change in a Moba! :D

  • Edmund

    The grand desire of a game without ubiquitous toxic experiences. That is what I am most excited for.

  • Silvio

    I am most interested in the shared goal for last hitting creeps and how will supporting work in the game that way.

  • Brennak

    I am looking forward to the gold being shared between members of the same team to reduce intra-team competition. I think that really makes a difference when plying mobas.

  • Roll Haber

    I’m a legacy hon player and I’m pretty excited about the graphics and the fun characters. Thanks in advance!

  • Bloodseeker

    I really want to try the shop menu. Strife is a new game, and a good shop menu is really help.

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • Louis

    The new warding system. No longer having to rely on the support or using up gold on buying wards for map vision, because we as MOBA players, don’t really like buying wards.

  • Anthony Newlin

    I’m most excited for the more beginner oriented style. It will be a nice change from other MOBAs and hopefully the community follows the same suit, choosing to help players rather than talk them down and hate.

  • Sky

    I am most looking forward to the karma system! I love the idea that I can give positive feedback to people that I enjoyed playing with and negative feedback to people who hindered my ability to enjoy the game as much as I should have. I’m hoping its implementation will cause Strife to be one of the friendliest communities in gaming – only time will tell!

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • davin

    Really want to see s2 shop and of course play the most anticipated moba !

  • StrifeapediaAdmin

    Thanks so much for writing this article! Very informative!

  • cminor7

    I expecting balance MOBA which every heroes are balance.

  • Michael Michaels

    I am very curious about how publisher make money with Strife.
    It seems that LOL doesnt do this well.
    It’s one of the hardest thing in MOBA to keep the balance but still profitable.

  • Johan

    That shop feature seems interesting. Cant Wait to play the game!! :D
    À beta key would be awesome! :3

  • Riley

    I am an avid MOBA player, having played League of Legends for over 3 years, Smite since its beta released, and the original Dota back in the Warcraft III days. The one thing that all the MOBAs i have played shared, was the toxic playerbase. Yes the game archetype is a blast to play, and one of the most competitive in the market, but trying to work with bad mannered team mates is quite a struggle.

    I believe Strife will fix this! With their innovative strategy with how last hitting and gold sharing works, teams will work together to best the enemy, rather than undermine and grief each other by stealing creeps. Not to mention this will help solve the boring role of the support. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to sit in a lane running back and forth waiting for your carry to farm up the last hits, relying on them to do a good job. Now every single member of the team and work together without worry of getting behind. I am sure this will alter the standard
    META game as well! Can’t wait to get my hands on the game, hope I can get a beta key! Cheers, -Riley

  • MarkyX

    I think the most amazing feature in Strife are the objectives themselves. The problem I find with current MOBAs is there is plenty of ways to stall the game, whereas Strife is much more active. For example, Krytos forces team fights by going one of the towers and disabling it.

    Finally, the stat system is pretty well done. From what I understand, Power increases the percentage of all your damage while Attack Damage is simple Attack Damage. There are no weird ratios to memorize or static builds to follow. Because of this, it’s far easier to have diverse characters while being easy enough for new players to MOBAs to understand.

    I’m pretty excited about the game itself and can’t wait until it hits closed beta.

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • Pedro

    Nice article. I am obviously interested in a key, so I am obliged to leave a comment. (=

    The ”feature” I am looking foward the most is the way S2 plans to deal with toxicity in the gaming environment, something that MOBA players are so used to when playing.

  • Leo M

    I like the apprehensive features to give the casual player a chance at contributing to the team, rather than having one person completely take charge of the outcome.

    This is a game for everyone, not for a 1 versus 5 scenario. Equal farm = equal values.

    I play HoN casually, so many naysayers in that game make the experience a little more harsh. It’s time for a change

  • rubber duck

    I want to know how this 2nd gen MOBA feels. As a long time player of HoN, I really like to play competitive. However this game looks like I can feel at ease playing it, even if I’ll play it for the first time.

    Also, that white ape prisoner (Kongor’s brother? lol) looks great along with its utility.

  • Lyle Rosen

    My favorite new feature in smite is the ability to mute jerks on your team, mostly to keep me from retaliating. I’m also excited about the crafting system, and the ability to personalize your item shop.

  • Lyle Rosen

    *strife. I posted the comment thinking about being able to avoid the jerks I deal with in smite.

  • makis

    I am really looking forward for the shared gold mechanic in the laning phase.It will stop the whole “stop lasthitting i am the carry” and finally support heroes will have some gold to work with and stop being an one shot in the later stages of the game

  • nick

    Im really looking forward to pets, as its a unique step in the MOBA generation of gaming. Maybe S2 can look into making the pet viable as the courier also, that would be awesome!

    awesome article and im now looking more forward to it than ever!!

  • Andrew

    I really love how the role of the “warding bumpkin” has been eliminated–everybody shares gold from last hits, and there is NO MORE system for WARDS! Hardly anybody enjoys the role of running around destroying sticks with 3 hp. It’s not nearly as enjoyable as directly owning your enemies. No more POOR support makes me happy!

  • Thaddius

    I really like the Albino Kongor mechanic, brings back good memories of old Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft. I can only hope it leads to similar epic battles fun for both sides.

  • Jonathan

    I love how the role for support will be a lot easy for us who mains them in other MOBA’s. I wont have to worry about buying wards every time I go back to base and never have any money for other items. Can’t wait to play this game.

  • Sunner

    Addressing the problem of toxic players is a badly needed improvement for the genre, and redesigning the core elements of DotA around team play is indeed the most noteworthy feature, personally, when I have found myself in the kind of situation where I’m being harassed by my team-mates throughout the game, not once that made me perform better, actually, the effect is quite the opposite, forcing me to take counter-productive decisions where the split of a second matter.

    Anyways, I’m quite excited for Strife and I’m looking forward to trying out the game, and seeing how this new community develops :)

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • relai

    “The game is not about the individual carry or the sacrificial support” This! So that warders and babysitters have more late game presence + I wanna see those super creeps that can help you push the lanes when you killed their guardians, I think it will make the game more dynamic.

  • xzelrodz

    Key plsss

  • Cody

    Really looking forward to grief prevention. I have been playing HoN for so long and the trolls are driving me insane! End their reign!

  • Niclicious

    It would probably be the teamplay aspect of Strife!!
    The gold is seperated among teammates which makes working as a team more important, and also the out of combat regeneration along with bushes is one of the best feature to encourage better coordination fights, which is what is lacking in most MOBA currently. XD

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • Narantaka

    What I like the most is the gold shared feature.
    It’s super brilliant idea to share our gold with our teammates.. So there will be no more “Hey you’re the support, stop stealing my creeps!” – “Give me kills! I’m the carry !”thingy.
    By reducing friction between teammates, the game will likely become more enjoyable. ^^,

  • Darius

    I’m most looking forward to the “out of combat regen” bringing in different elements into the game. And how the last hitting gives gold to the other person in lane, so you wont be crippled as a support champion. Cant wait!!

  • William Clos

    I’m excited for the gold sharing in lane Strife has. It takes away the huge burden supports usually have, basically because they cannot last hit in order to gain gold since that’s that carry’s goal. I think it will ease up the laning phase and make it more fun. MOBA’s are in need of something new before they get too saturated, and I think Strife is willing to deliver that something.

  • Sqin

    I’m excited for the pets, I think it’s an exciting way to make the gameplay more unique and more tactical, without compromising the balance of a game, and giving people a choice of how they want to progress into the game with their heroes based on pet choices.

  • policymaker

    First of all, thanx for this article, its hard to find any strife info these days, and I am really into this game. I have been following S2 since HON’s beta, and really enjoyed their remake of dota.

    There hasn’t been much detailed info around, but I believe that shared gold and pets/crafting is a real step forward in evolving the MOBA genre, which imo is becoming a bit stale after the success of LoL and Dota2.

    Sure, dota2 is a new game, and LoL competition has never been more fierce, but neither game has offered any real gameplay progression, LoL being the same game released in 2009 and dota2 essentially dota1 remake with a promising micro-transactions model, its only real innovative part.

    Back to strife, shared gold is a nice precautionary measure against obnoxious player behavior, at its core. Sharing is caring after all, and this system could really take away from the “play for the carry” role of most moba games around. Everything that works towards equality in a team game is a major “plus” in my list.

    Now, because of lack of more details, I am not sure how the leveling system of pets might work, but anything new offered in the moba genre is worth a shot, because the genre itself is somewhat “confined” as far as gameplay/gamestyle is concerned, which was totally cool 10 years ago, but probably not anymore. Incorporating features of other games(leveling/runes etc) is something that worked for moba in the past(LoL), so it should be hard NOT to actually make something good out of it.

    In any case, gratz to you for the hands-on, hopefully I might find my way into the beta and experience the new features as well.

  • Victor Thomas

    I’m really looking forward to seeing if the gold you get from neutral jungle creeps are also split across the team.. In that case to have a dedicated jungler such as a dps assasin like minerva who has a dedicated healer or sustain pet to help with cleartime ^_^
    I also want to see how crafted items can affect the idea of having a dedicated jungler

  • John Ralph Bogart O. Ygot

    Hi! I’ve been playing MOBA games since the first Dota. Played HoN for a couple of years. And played Dota 2 since the closed beta till now. Played quite a few matches in LoL as well. As you can see, I’m pretty open with all these moba games. They all have pros, cons, and differences yet it’s up to the player on how he perceives everything as a gamer. For me I’ve enjoyed and loved all these MOBA games. In short, when I heard about S2 games making a new moba and had the chance to see it first hand, I got really interested as everything seem fresh and new. I would really appreciate it and give feedback once I get in the game if you guys gave me one beta key. Kudos to all and Happy Gaming! :)

  • Sean C

    I can’t wait to play a MOBA like this, that promotes a far more intense laning phase by utilizing the pet/courier!

  • David Black

    The pet feature is looking awesome that is completely different from all the MOBA’s until now!

  • Mikey Daza

    What’s interesting about Strife is how they approach making a more teamplay dependent game. Sure, previous MOBAs require similar strategies, but eliminating the clear boundaries between Carry, Support and Ganker makes for an even more interesting meta in both casual and competitive MOBA gaming. In order to win, the team must truly play as a unified entity. There’s no room for toxicity and selfishness, because one mistake like that can cost the entire game. I’m definitely sold.

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • Adam Brewstar

    Well the hard work you people are trying to reduce toxicity in MOBA gaming is paying off I guess! Keep up the good work guyz

  • John Ralph Bogart O. Ygot

    Oh! I forgot one important thing about what you guys said. A feature from strife that I’m looking forward to are the Pets that you can bring with. With that it makes me think about pokemon. And this really caught my attention: “Strife comes down to teamwork and execution in fights. The game is not about the individual carry or the sacrificial support, but how well a team can work together.” So there it is. I couldn’t edit the first post I did. :P

  • Apple

    The pet function is really awesome !

  • Josh

    Strife is awesome cos its like an upggraded version of hon and lol 2.0!!!! It seems easy fun and best of all i love that mages arnt pure supports and are actually viable carries late game!

  • High

    i like what they did to the “Ape” in the jungle, when you can control it, push one lane. and both teams doesnt even need wards cause there is a certain tower ward features theyve put so that you dont need to buy one on the shop like in other moba games.

    and also what i like best is its free to play.

  • Daniel Lakutis

    I’m liking the fact there will be more time for action than running back to base. You heal in the field after out of combat for so long and such. As well the no need for a ward item with the jungle wards you activate in general. Very nice feature

  • Kavindra Suppiah

    I have been playing HoN since the beta version. I play 4 MOBA including LoL DotA 2 and smite. I’d love to try this new MOBA by s2 as it seems interesting. I agree HoN is a very hardcore competitive game which I try hard to win every game and even been tryin to enter the competitive scene after my exams this year. Wanna try a casual MOBA game. So please how give me a beta key :D

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

      • Kavindra Suppiah

        THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!

  • Luuui

    Im rly looking forward to this game , especialy for the crafting system and the new pet system.
    I rly want to try out how this will affect the individual gameplay.
    Cant wait to get the beta started.

    Greets lui

  • elo42

    The ‘Game System’ they will research and develop to make themselves the spotlight and competitive scene !

  • Jesper Sørensen

    I’m excited about the new pets and crafting feature(s) that will be featured in Strife. And of course, to meet the giant ape Krytos :P

  • http://None Bojan

    Equal gold distribution. No more arguing about last hits :).

  • Kory

    My favorite feature has to be the pet system and crafting, to me that sounds completely new and totally worth trying.

  • M Manzl

    I’m really excited to see how the lore that is being done as a comic book intertwines with the actual gameplay and characters in-game! The map looks incredible and the heroes that I’ve seen so far look wicked! From the comics, I’ve been keeping an eye on a hero known as MidKnight, I can’t wait to see what this mysterious hero is capable of in-game!!!! ;D

  • Porkepix

    Interested into team spirit highlight and less of this individualism you find actually, hopping this game is less commercial (no really “need” to buy things to still competitive) and, as S2 Games did with HoN, this game will from the beginning be playable on Linux and Mac OS. And that’s really important for me! :)

  • Ashenan

    I’m looking forward to the distribution of money on creep kills, I hope that it reduces as much toxicity as they say. Especially with the lack of a truly “play for fun” MOBAs on the market. Being able to play with my friends who aren’t as into them as me or maybe have no idea how to play them will be amazing, seeing as trying to play with someone who has no knowledge in the game is very difficult to do without tanky game after game.

  • D3zmodos

    Having watched TotalBiscuit’s review of the game at PAX, I think what I am most excited about is the customizable items as these allow players to play exactly in whichever way they most enjoy and can safely purchase just the bonuses they need, when they need them. I feel that this (along with the pet system) is the most revolutionary part of Strife so far as no other MOBA has allowed the player this much customizability to suite their play style.

  • Lui

    Really looking for a moba without, rage , flame and trolling.
    Hope the strife will go in that direction

  • Jax Hitchens

    They also have an in built courier function too! Thats pretty neat! And the recall function is pretty good too

  • Lawrence

    Well, I gotta say hands down definitely the features that I look forward to the most is Krytos mechanics (I mean who doesn’t love a huge ape leaping on towers and delivering crushing blows to heroes alike), as well as the Hero select/Avatar load-out screen, it kind of gives a bit of flair to the game allowing users to choose their “eye-candy” so to speak.

    Either ways, thanks for the article, hopefully I can also get chosen for the beta key! I’m just dying to play this game. Cheers!

  • Dimarr

    I hope for a good matchmaking, I believe that the developers have made many innovations in the game, and that it will be something new in the world of MOBA. I’m looking forward to the moment when I can play it, and try out the next breakthrough in the gaming industry.

  • Eska

    I am looking forward to play this. Its realy looks amazing. Can’t wait. Hopefuly i’ll switch to this from Hon.

  • McLit John

    i like to try strife , to be a tester and help the s2 games developers improve their game by giving feedbacks . Also i like the graphics of strife , its graphics wise , user friendly . The feature that i like is “pet” feature . i want to know how to this things “pet” can help and improve the players character in game and future of the game .

  • Benj Y

    The crafting system for strife is really diverse. It allows much more customization for itemization. I really want to experience this feature of strife. It really shows the diverse ways on how you can build your character and also items would not be restrained on certain heroes like for example in League of Legends. Items for supports are only for supports as the item’s main stats only benefits supports the most. But in strife, the customization for stats on items is really something to look forward into

  • Jani

    I think, that best feature is that epic monkey Krytos. Its very good idea for pushing to the base. Both teams need to consolidate and respond to this situation.

  • Sjoerd

    I am very much looking forward too seeing how the shared xp/gold system will influence teamplay and cooperation. I’ve been reading on ‘gamification’ in businesses and it seems that making certain rules/incentives will make people behave different. Better if implemented well! So perhaps through design the people will treat eachother better also. We will find out! :P

  • Ska_

    The pets seems very interesting xD

  • ShadoofJumper

    Most of all I want to see a new balance where a support is also finally be able to fight with team. Not be a cannon fodder.

  • Alexander

    I am looking forward to the crafting system, it sounds really interesting.

  • Zen

    My favourite feature would be the gold sharing! As an unexperienced MOBA player, I can testify that last hitting is not the easiest task in the world for newer players, so not having to fight over last hits is a great feature!

    Also, on a side note, “red pandas” look like racoons :P

  • Victor

    What I like most about Strife is that straight-forward action-oriented concept. It’s small thinks like picking the hero before joining the matchmaking queue, a smaller map, out of combat regeneration or the new gold mechanics, that hopefully make a totally different game expirience.

    I don’t want to be forced to play a certain meta, I don’t want to be forced to play a certain type of hero. I don’t want to argue with other team mates on which hero I want to pick to win the game, but just enjoy it the way I like to play it. And most times a game that lasts more then half an hour gets me bored (huge plus for Krytos) and waiting for about a minute to respawn nearly kills the whole motivation.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love playing in a team and doing strategic moves, but in the end, I want action, I want fast food.

    I hope that strife is doing for me, what dota (2) was doing for those hard-core players. Providing exactly the game expirience I was looking for!
    Without all the toxicity or short-comings of other existing mobas.

  • Jani

    Im looking forward to new comunity, with better interaction of other players…

  • André Oliveira

    The fact that it’s almost possible to never go base is fantastic. It forces the match to be more fluid and active, because you can just stay out of combat for a while and regenerate your health, while you might also be preparing a certain strategy or attack.

  • Cheshire

    Honestly i think that this new and up-coming MoBA would be worth trying out … For all those MoBA players of DoTA, LoL, HoN and so on and so forth, are constantly iffed by Characters especially when it comes to their balancing.

    Personally, in most game genres especially MoBA games, not enough emphasis is given to each characters backgrounds and history which hopefully will not be the case for Strife.( A better balance between, competitiveness, history, characters and style of gameplay is required to really enhance the game) and to be creme- de-la creme,

    I’m sure most of the MoBa gaming community would like wise agree to what i have said.
    Pinning high hopes for Strife,


  • BadSpirit

    Most excited of:
    SECOND GENERATION FEATURES that STRIFE will provide us!)
    Good luck to all!

  • Dreamshock

    Really looking forward for the pet system as it stands unique and never seen in other moba.But i think it would be good if the pets could be killed tho, would add more dynamic atmosphere.Also i really like that S2 – Strife is gonna have big story, i have always been lookin for the story of the heroes, hope they make some epic cinematics like blizzard, this is gonna get their game even more popular :)

  • Daryt

    The game looks rather interesting with his low respawning time, krytos, Plus the crafting systems. this game truly looks promising. a fresh breath to the moba scene.!

  • Robert

    Really looking foward to karma system! Hope it will help just a bit

  • KrytosSlayer

    My favorite new thing in strife is the amount of life regeneration you get while out of combat. This ability is going to make laning a lot more fun, while not disrupting the late game phases too much. This is also going to make the early phase much more exciting, and much less redundant. It will also make jungling easier, which may cause more casual players, (like me) to be a jungler.

  • Aleksander

    Can’t wait for this new moba! Really looking forward to checking out the toxic decreasing mechanics!

  • Re1z

    Awesome graphics, heroes arts and kinda interesting pets system/

  • Basukua

    Looking to how they are doing The crafting and how the % based chances to get another / improved effect and how that will be balanced out :)..

    Also pets seem kinda cool and the fact its casual

  • hhrocha000

    i see the gameplay but i need to try it first but i like the look of the game ;) need a betakey

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  • McLit John

    strife GUI is graphic wise and user friendly , the feature i like and i want to know is the “pet” feature . i want to know how this pet things will help the players hero and its role on the future meta of thos game :)

  • Boris

    The reduced toxicity so i play against my opponents and not against my team and the “constant action” oriented game mechanics such as kratos.

  • Kory

    I’m excited to see balance, the pet feature and crafting system. I’ve never seen pets or crafting in a MOBA like this. I feel that this could push this game over the top, and i hope it does. I can’t wait for this game to come out. I hope this game has great balance, that is usually a problem with mobas, they are not balanced right. I hope this game is great with that, and can balance anything with just a simple update.

  • Melih

    Hello, GiA Team,

    I actually work in a game company and i’m closely following all the MOBA games, also playing HON since 2009. I just wonder that new systems in Strife. Especially, i’m most looking forward the pet system and wanna try and test ASAP. :)


  • Arcane

    I cant wait to finaly get my hands on this game!
    Im curious whether S2 realy managed to lower the toxicity of the players compared to other MOBA games :)

  • Keez

    I really want to see how the “friend” mechanics are gonna works, also like the way it looks. Really think this is gonna have a good impact in the MOBA scene

  • Rasmus

    Crafting! I think it’s a very interesting feature and would bring alot of uniqueness to the MOBA genre!

  • Povtek

    The best feature that got me really exciting is that supports will be allowed to last hit and finally be able to buy full set of items. The problem with supports in MOBA games is that you are forced to not last hit, ward the jungle and you are rarely able to buy all the items you need because of lack of gold income, also you spend most of your gold on wards). So no one want to be forced to be a ward buying slave, especially when you get to support a cocky adc who blames you for every mistake he does and expects you to have infinite amount of gold for wards… It’s an old issue this genre suffers from and this game is finally getting rid of it!

  • Goose

    The thing that excites me most with strife is S2 has had exp in the genre and have thought thru how to make a better game taking huge steps even changing components that were seen as standard in an effort to reduce toxicity shows a clear understanding to me but really STRIFE looks AWESOME and i want to play it

  • Exroath

    Shorter games and a less toxic community? Damm sign me up.
    Dota is extremely toxic at times and the games last too long so its one game a day for me sometimes.
    Lol is just disgustingly toxic, its just not an option for me anymore.
    Every last thing is see about this game appeals to me, The cast (superhero cat ftw) To crafting and pets?
    Im throwing money at the screen and nothing happening!

  • DFAnton

    Honestly? My most looked-forward-to feature? It’s not a part of the game at all. I’m very active on the Strife subreddit, and the involvement of the Strife development and community staff is beautiful. If there’s anything I’m looking forward to, it’s how S2 has shown themselves, going forward, to be a company that you can actually TALK to. Riot’s employees are belligerent and Valve is forever silent.

    • Mary-Anne Lee

      Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]

  • Kristoffer

    I look forward to the bit more laid back casual like game, with less rage and more fun :D

  • Roman RAANARA F.

    First of all, I expect this game will be a new cyber discipline. The idea of HoN was translate WC DotA to a new engine with cool graphics and physics, but now S2 games doing their own MOBA game, and they can realize any good ideas, which could not be realized in HoN.
    I played a lot of MOBA games, from Wc3 Dota(since 2005) to HoN,LoL,D2,Prime World,Strife. And my favourite game was Hon(2009-2011 versions).
    Now Im very interested in new S2Games project – Strife. I have experience in competitive gaming, and I want help to help developers to make a really perfect cybersport MOBA game.
    Big thanks to your site, with I have a chance to take part in the formation of new cybersport discipline :)

    P.S. Very sorry for my bad english :)

  • smokin24

    I am looking forward to play Strife BETA because of the casual gameplay and reduced toxicity that most MOBAs dont have. The animations, pets, and the pace of the game just fits the genre.

    I have played most of the MOBAs such as Smite, HoN, Dota 2, and HoN – and now i want to test the brand new creation of HoN’s publisher, Strife which i expect to be the next “big thing”.

    I hope for something big,

  • Zazaweh

    I can’t wait to get a feel for the map, the new system of warding combined with the smaller and more interesting map is going to lead to some incredibly fun/agressive gameplay! Go S2 and can’t wait to see everyone in the beta! <3

  • Wilson

    Viewed trailer, and wow, attracted so much by the graphics. Cartoonised is one of my favourite. THe features also mentioned that Strife focusing on TeamWOrk more…That would be a worth much to try. Can’t wait to get touch to it… Looking forwards to PLAY!!!

  • MelaX

    Graphic more nice and 3D compare to dota 2 and LoL, gameplay rely on teamwork but not solo player. New feature of game mechanic and feature such as pet and money gain by team, sharing the money. communication system is nice to eliminate those chat abuser. The gameplay is more attractive =)

  • Andreas Poulsen

    I’m most excited about the customization aspect of items and pets. What i really enjoy in dota 2 compared to LoL and HoN is the fact that you get individual items so you can customize your looks instead of getting entire skins. Customization makes for much more interesting individual looks, which i think is essential in a game which in all other aspects is ALL about the team.

  • policymaker

    Half your comment picks for the beta keys are just outrageous. I can’t beliece comments like mine or a couple others did not receive a key, and some two-line comments asking for a beta were favored. Really disappointed with you.

  • David

    After watching the PAX videos im interested in seeing the map size. with the smaller map the team fights seem to happen more frequently and earlier which would really make the game more action packed

  • Ephrem Patisserie

    I’ll be most looking forward to the reduction in toxicity in the game. In my 4 years of experience in MOBA games like DotA, Heroes of Newerth, DotA 2 and League of Legends, I have always experienced toxicities no matter what games I’ve played. One more key feature I’m really excited about is how Strife is trying to reduce the importance of your team at the same time hold the value of teamwork in the game. This will definitely reduce the effects of players intentionally feeding or not helping their team in any way. I’ve seen many MOBA games coming out quickly like Smite, Infinite Crisis or even Dawngate, but this is one game I’ll be looking out for.

    Cheers !

  • Sakart

    i m looking forward to playing strife to test the new features they will present us with cause many claimed the new and exciting but little managed to actually do it.

  • Alexey

    I will not write too much … I just want to say that I love MOBA games … 7 years of waiting for this game all the best) I just want to enjoy spending time with friends and other people playing this game .. I hope this time and I get the key …

  • CChairman EddyAzn

    I really want to play this game and showcase it on my youtube channel CChairman EddyAzn. I’ve been a playing Heroes of Newerth since it was in Closed Beta and I would feel honoured if I had the same feeling and nostalgia of being able to play another one of S2GAMES games again!

    - CChairman EddyAzn

  • Steve

    Im rly looking forward to this game , especialy for the crafting system and the new pet system.
    I rly want to try out how this will affect the individual gameplay.
    Cant wait to get the beta started. <3

  • Ryung

    I played every MOBA out there and I was never so much excited for a game like Strife. Ever since then it has been a tumultuous and passionate love affair. And that has lead me here, like many of you. Please help a lifetime MOBA lover and gamer get to experience his hopes and dreams materialized in this incredible game.

    I think the best feature is to pick your role/hero before you queue up for a game, it’s really great and will fix most problems that everyone experiences in the pick phase. The shared gold also makes every player on the team important, it will be actually fun to play supports, finally :).

    Strife brings more love to my heart than any sparkle princess ever could!

  • Khaled

    Well I am one of those fans and I cant tell more nor less but I do really like this causal game (strife)and I hope the game’s mechanics are nice and cant wait until I play as Vex and my friend as Ace and we rock up :D..

    Also cant wait until I get shocked by reading,

    *Hello, congrats on winning yourself a beta key! We’ll be emailing you at the address you provided when making this comment. If you do not receive the email kindly drop me a line at malee[at]*

  • cjbou

    The feature I look forward to the most are the pets, they are not only the most creative way to put other in-game skills, they also look amazing. I also love how they evolve and level up. That catches my interest so much as a feature, to not only play a fun MOBA but also have pets that evolve along my journey, it is the ultimate feature! So unique, I can’t wait to play this game!

  • Midss

    Hello I am an hon old player :D really liked your new premier second generation MOBA
    Strife,My humble opinion is I liked this game and I don’t just hope but I am kinda sure it might be one of the most if not the best MOBA its cause ya but that what most people want now cause game

    And I like the way this game based on team work its one of the way to make a lot of online friends hope I can meet and make some friends in your game

    And Congratulations for teaming up with Razor

  • David

    I think I’m looking forward to the idea of keeping the game play flowing and always having some objective available to take, like freeing a gorilla that will charge down a lane for you. Also, I love that they are having a limit in mind of how many champs there will be, since this allows them to have everyone’s kit be extremely versatile, instead of a bunch of specialized champs and a couple of champs deemed “op” because they are more versatile than others.

  • SuppoCheng

    Honestly, one first look, Strife did not appear to me. However, the more I look into it, the more I want to play it now. HoN’s Australian community is so dead, it sometimes takes almost 40 ~ 50 minutes to queue for a game and even then, you can get laggers with 400+ ping.

    Hopefully Strife will bring together a stronger Australian community so that we together can enjoy the game without all the waiting.

  • HungryHyppo

    I cannot wait to play this game. New games always interest me especially when they are so unique. i love the idea of pets and the champions in general. The different things that will set this apart from dota 2 and LOL i am exited to see.

  • Chinh C. Trinh

    I personally love the the gold system that will be implemented into Strife. In League of Legends, I mainly played as jungler who focus in ganking very heavily. Due to my style, I usually fell behind in creep score and eventually lose out if the lanes fail to utilize my ganks. Therefore, the gold system in Strife gave me a new hope of being the invisible force in the jungle that should be fear not only in the early game, but also in mid and late game.


  • Ryan

    Hey! the aspect of strife i am most looking forward to is the item crafting! getting to customize your own items looks amazing! cant wait to try it out!

  • Vystein

    I’ve only been playing MOBA games for about a year now, and I’ve had mostly bad experiences with the communities, I’ve learned to deal with it a little and seeing toxic players behavior teaches me not to stoop to their mentality. I’ve met lots of good people too who are willing to give out advice and help. I always enjoy the game as much as I can, but what really draws me to MOBA games in general are the characters. Each of them are so unique with they’re own looks, skill, personalities, it really brings the game to life. I find myself playing every game pumped with adrenaline I guess because it’s all so striking to me.

  • Mikhail

    please give the key to the game, I strongly like heroes of newerht
    i love S2

  • Sean

    I’m looking forward to a new moba to stomp the current generation of mobas. My favorite part of strife is the vector type of graphics they are using, and how they portrait a new generation of design and modern graphics. Their is a lot of cool things about strife and to pick only one is hard, but definitely the cutting edge vector graphics tops my list!

  • kevin

    The ability to level your pet/companion and bring much more experience to the game is what I am looking forward in Strife.

  • Justin

    Need another MOBA and Strife has me interested in playing i like the idea of a pet and being able to level it and having all heroes unlocked to play with this should be enough to get people to take interest in Strife.

  • Blaxor666

    Cause i want to see if it possible to have a moba without toxicity! And im interested in the shop menu. I really want to help to shape this game in the beta state like i did in HoN last time!

  • flyrom99

    I am really looking forward to the reduced toxicity program that they are trying to implement. In all mobas I have always experiences bad communities and it ruins the game for me. If I find a moba with a great community, I am going to play it to the maximum for sure!

  • CrazedJedi

    But, but, how?!? How will I know I’m playing a MOBA when me and two other players no longer spend all our time babysitting the two carries while simultaneously being yelled at by said carries for feeding kills as we use our faces as meat shields for them??

    How will I handle the foreign experience doing damage instead of being a ward-toting heal/CC bot because having something that resembled a cohesive team composition demanded those of us who didn’t get first pick in the draft go support roles??

    And for the love of god, how will I know when people are having improper relationships with my mother because the prepubescent trolls who keep me forever updated on the mother situation are never around due to some hair-brained ‘karma’ system?


  • joshua todd

    “MOBA” is at its heart a team game, my favorite thing different about strife from other moba games is it will actually be a team game.

  • Alex stevens

    The warding system is improved in this! And the farm sharing will make the whole team even! No one hero will go over-powered due to that! Well done s2

  • Kingalexander56

    The pet system seems to be very interesting! S2 games I love you <3



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  • Hanako

    Hi there, wanted to try this game out cause Strife brings so much new things in to the genre, like pets, out of combat regen, split gold, craft system etc etc.
    Sorry for bad English.
    With love, Hanako!

  • Anton

    I’m looking forward to the non-toxicity community. Have you ever showed a MOBA to one of your non-moba playing friends and as they want to try it out the community shouts at them. This is going to be very different. I am going to be able to get all that FPS loving friends to try out something new without getting mad at other people raging and flaming on them even though that person is on the same team. I think this community is going to help out each other if someone is bad they will teach him how to play, and that person can give the mentor a thumbs up, the thumbs up system will help reduce toxicity also. When you are nice ingame you get a thumbs up wich will result in prizes and rewards, while you are mean to the community the community will give you a thumbs down wich can result in a ban or perma ban. I am really looking forward to this game, I really want a beta key :D

  • Estrellian

    Good day.

    I’d like to play Strife Beta`because it shows a real time progress between the original DotA map (early stages) times and the present. DotA 2 is here, but overall nothing has changed. We all see that harassment going in each MOBA game and tons of miscommunication. This is not a failure of players. Developers just didn’t give any stimulation to act as a team, to do your best, to win. S2 has the same experience with their first MOBA (HoN) and they know what they’ve done wrong and what also should be done to make a better MOBA experience.

    Let’s go, Strife.

  • blomstR

    As a support play, I can’t wait to see/feel the new changes they made regarding toxicity(shared gold from Lasthits, the new “warding” system and the new pets they made) I’ve been playing moba’s for almost 10 years now(HoN for the last 4 years), starting with the Wc3 map “Tides of Blood”. Im looking forward to see what this new generation of moba got to offer.

    Thank you for your time and this opportunity :)

  • Max

    I love moba game’s and i love you too ^^ :***

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  • Wolf

    Well, I’m a fan of all ARTS/Moba games I love them all and I just test different ones and play a bunch at the same time, all of which I love.

    I am most excited to see how the community is, less rage? will their changes and efforts work? A non toxic game sounds to good to be true…but that’s why I want go in, I could go on to say things about the graphics but in all honesty I say graphics are great on any game.

    I want a key so I can see the community for myself.

  • teevn

    I really like the hon me five years before I played it, so I guess I will also look forward to strife S2 games I was a big fan, thank you very much like to get a beta key!

  • Meister-Yoda

    Im interested in the crafting part.

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  • yipwreck

    i love the fact that you made the game more friendly especially for new players as i have experienced how mean people can be especially when it comes to more established MOBAS dota 2 ,league of legends …..just way too much bullying which less experienced players not wanna play the mobas but on the other hand strife look more fun and gamer friendly :)

  • Jon Bon Jovica

    As a suport in HON sometimes its hard to play w/o farm, but i like this new system where u don’t need to kill creeps in order to get gold, help ur teammate to get creeps and ull get gold too, new “warding” system is also fun for a suports because we dont need to spend gold on wards in order to ward, and bigest part is that big creep in lane that help u push it, i dont know its name. Its gonna be fun game, but not for all players.

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  • Martin

    Strife is still being developed and now is the time to advertise it. As a hon semi-competitive player I’m interested in becoming a part of strife’s competitive scene and streams as soon as possible to help the game grow faster. I also want to see the new mechanics of this game, im a player who likes to try new things, specially when talking about mobas

  • Andrew Moorehead

    I really want to see what their special way is of making the game less toxic.

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  • CheZuz

    i like the shared gold for team! it mean support will not be back behind with item compared to team carry!

  • Iskandra

    I love MOBAS! I am a rellay big MOBA-Fangirl! ^-^
    I played HoN, I played LoL, I played DOTA and I loved them all!
    I would love to play strife as a beta tester and Im very interested in this discribed new playstyle and this new idea of community!
    Perhaps i will love to play with my gamingclan!I’m so excited!

    Sorry for my bad english:-)

  • GreatSoul

    Khan online was one of the first MMORPG that i played before, i would definitely would like to try Strife and see the difference…. :)

  • Boy Dota 2

    beta key plzzzzzz

  • EXStrifeX1

    S2 Games Rocks!

  • Anthony

    I’m most looking forward to the lane gold share. It should promote more frequent and proper use of support roles!

  • iSupreme

    I’m looking ando hoping that strife has something… Different, from the classical moba (Not only DotA2 and LoL)I hope there’ll be a real sistem of punishment for hackers/trollers/feeders, not like those game, and I hope for a MOBA that, like I said before, something different, because at theese days Moba are all the same things, only change of playable character, and actually,I believe others, and me, are pretti bored of this.

  • infidel

    No more lol!!!!!

  • Robin G

    The feature that I look forward to is “pets”. I mean, they are so cute :)

  • Selametia

    i am really looking forward to the new fresh feel to the moba genre, with something casual and “normal” yet new and skillfull.
    + i’ve been playing in a lot of closed beta mobas
    Dota 2
    cuss i simply love the genre :D but i need a new one atm :C since the others aren’t “it” for me atm.

  • Jason Caternolo

    I am thoroughly pumped for this game. No more competing with team members, now teams can fully work together. I always hated playing support in other games because I got little or no gold. The distributed gold system solves this nicely.

    I’ve been playing mobas for years, and I think I finally found my dream game =D

  • sam

    i want to try this game because i think this is the one who can compete to Dota2 and LoL.i think this is easier and that what makes it fun.other mobas say their game is the best because they are more difficult but they are not realy difficult,they just have less features..this will be a fun game i hope..

  • Gladson Barbosa

    I’m definitely looking forward to the Krytos team fights, they look so exciting. They did a good job of making Krytos look cool and intimidating, can’t wait!

  • mike k.

    I’m really looking forward to getting into these type of games, i played dota and found id too hard, and this is a good one to start with!

  • Francesco

    Strife got many curious things to be discovered as showed in the preview videos.
    Has plenty of outstanding illustrations and animations created by talented artists that put entuxiasm just looking at them, even before playing the game.
    Then how excite would it be starting to play this game with All new features?
    I wonder how many players could desire to get into it…and i am one of these.

    DoTa…Lol…HoN…HotS…why to keep playing old games, since there’s a Newest and Perfectioned game?
    No time to waste…game needs players, and players need Beta Keys.
    And i would have one…^_^”

  • Виталик

    Норм игра,дайте ключ

  • Kabalyero

    If you need a close beta key for strife then I’m currently giving away 100 keys. My blog has the info. Thanks.

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  • CEOExpressBlog

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  • flying

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  • Mirabel

    The new feature I’m looking forward to is defenititley playing a second generation MOBA game! Strife has amazing features and is exactly the kind of game I’m looking forward to playing. I finally found a game that has everything I like!

    Thanks again if I get a beta key,

  • blog affiliate programs

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