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Xiyang tweet hints he’s really leaving OMG

Xiyang tweet hints he’s really leaving OMG

| May 31, 2014

The LPL off-season rumor mill continues to churn, and while the hottest topic may still be Styz’s yearlong ban, an OMG rumor seems to be ramping up.

Netease Games is reporting there’s increased buzz around the “Xiyang out” rumors after a well-known Chinese ADC whose handle is “衡阳第一艾迪西丶” told friends that he’d received an offer to join OMG as a sub, and that Xiyang had already left the team.

Xiyang hasn’t officially confirmed his departure, but he did post a cryptic tweet Thursday that some are taking as confirmation of the rumors, which reads:

I’m going to split up with my roommates, not sure when we’ll next be together again, [so] tomorrow we’re going to an amusement park to have some fun, gogogo!

Although he hasn’t said anything directly, many of Xiyang’s fans have taken this to mean that he’s leaving OMG, and that the “roommates” mentioned in the tweet are his OMG teammates.

Since Allen has already announced on his stream that he’s returning to the jungle for the next split, that means that OMG’s new lineup would be the following:

  • Top: GoGoing
  • Jungle: Allen
  • Mid: Cool
  • ADC: San
  • Support: Pomelo

Of those, Pomelo’s role seems the least certain—he’s played support before, of course, but many OMG fans blamed him for the team’s loss to SK Telecom T1 K at All-Star, and many think he’s likely to be replaced. With who, though, is an open question.

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LGD's AD carry and arguably their best player, Styz, just got banned from competitive play for a full year.


    you said allen steam, where can i found the chinesse stream for the player ?

    • Emryx

      They use a app for streaming in China called YY I think.

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